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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by RThoads, Sep 1, 2015.

  1. RThoads

    RThoads Member

    anyone have any experience or heard anything good/bad on daddyroids?

    Someone recommended it to me but I am not seeing many reviews or comments either way on any boards. I am interested in a Balkan product they carry.
    but it looks like Kalpa is the main brand they have -- any opinions on the Kalpa brand are also appreciated.
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  2. Marcus

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    Best name ever...
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  3. Bighead101

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    Just the name alone would steer me away
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  4. RThoads

    RThoads Member

    Was thinking the same thing.
    If it were not for the fact that I really respect the guy that recommended it, I would not even ask lol. But with that said, just because one good bro says it is gtg that does not mean much unfortunately
  5. Bighead101

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    Also, he could be getting good gear because he's well known and you get ripped off because you're new. Or the guy rip both of you off yalls next buy. You never know
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