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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by woodstench, Jun 3, 2020.

  1. woodstench

    woodstench Junior Member

    Hey guys,

    Anyone here familiar with this source?

    heard they are a EU source and they carry Balkan goods

    im already in conversation with the person via email and he responds fast but wanna know more about the reputation
  2. Kingsmountain

    Kingsmountain Member

    Just a friendly heads up/ psa.

    Your probably going to get flogged by the other members here for that question.
  3. woodstench

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  4. TNotch347

    TNotch347 Member

    @Toni72 any insight? He knows a good deal. But god damn why not just go with a known guy from here, there’s eu to eu. Never makes sense to me when you guys ask these questions. Stick with what’s proven.
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  5. Kingsmountain

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    See the post above this one.
    More to come most likely
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  6. woodstench

    woodstench Junior Member

    because they operate from the same country where i live, and dutch sources are very rare. buying from the same country minimizes seizes and i dont wanna risk this while buying pharma grade stuff
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  7. woodstench

    woodstench Junior Member

    also, an eu source selling Balkan pharma stuff is rare. so i thought it merits a question. if this source is bad ill just stick to PharmaSource EU
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  8. TNotch347

    TNotch347 Member

    I hear that but there’s no eu sources here that will guarantee a reship to your country?
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  9. woodstench

    woodstench Junior Member

    there is, but this source sells Balkan pharma Anavar. im happy with any input and if @Tony72 chimes in thats also great :)
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  10. Dr JIM

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    EXCELLENT QUESTION but here's why some, almost all being newbies, chose to leave the farm:
    - it's the money mate
    - he's a cool dude
    - rapid response to INITIAL emails
    - this lab has nice labels
    - they were recommended by a bro on another forum
    - faster, as in hurried, shipping with minimal surcharge
    - "guaranteed" quality
    - they accept credits cards or PayPal
    - this source was mod supported .... elsewhere
    - this lab has Janoski analyses posted
    - It was MOM's choice
    -- --- etc, ect, etc
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  11. Why? He's in the proper forum asking for input on a source that he's not familiar with.

    He's only in contact with the source. He hasn't made a commitment. Now had he said that he placed an order and now wants to know if they're any good, then yes, a flogging would take place at high noon in front of the saloon.
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  12. woodstench

    woodstench Junior Member

    the guy is solid. hes nowhere to be found on clearnet and has an excellent reputation on the darkweb instead.

    check him out on Redcon or darknetlive

    i will update this thread soon once ive received the goods
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  13. Kingsmountain

    Kingsmountain Member

    Oh , my bad. I just thought Meso wasn't a source board or place to ask if a supplier (especially one that's not on Meso) is "GTG"
    I guess I misunderstood the idea of doing your own research even if the supplier resides here.

    And only after like four posts on Meso (one asking if a source is GTG) and ZERO responses from members, we get the green light all okay from the OP that the supplier is dark net but "solid" along with an advertisement where to find the supplier who has not been vetted by the members here.

    Reminds me of the "all clear net gear is bunk" guy.

    But it's okay, after all the OP is also going to let us know all about the source as soon as he gets the gear. I'm sure it will include how the gear is "fire" after two days of receiving it.

    You should have seen this one coming from a mile away.
  14. Source checking is a good idea. We have a ton of members here that frequent other boards, so their input could potentially help others with sources that Meso only members have never heard of.

    i'm totally with you on your second reply. OP didn't get any info regarding the source and already deems them solid because they replied to his emails. Patience wasn't part of the plan i guess. Hope it works out for him.
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  15. woodstench

    woodstench Junior Member

    it wasnt meant as an advertimement, but more a way to prove what im basing my GTG conclusion on: 3000+ positive reviews that you can find at the places i mentioned.

    which to me looks the same as the positive reviews the vendors get on this site. its just a different site.

    but hey maybe youre right and its bunk, luckily theres an actual website that lets me check if its a real Balkan pharm product (its their website)

    ive sent the funds to the guy and because he lives in the same small country as me, ill probably get it tomorrow.

    so yeah youre right i gave the green light too early but i applied the same standard for saying someone is GTG as if i was buying from a reputable vendor from meso.

    stay tuned
  16. Kingsmountain

    Kingsmountain Member

    You don't get it do you?

    Why would anyone take the advice of someone who has been a member for TWO whole days and a grand total of NINE posts, most of which has been on this subject?

    No one knows who you are or one shred about your credibility.

    You have no credibility here. That takes time.

    As far as 3000 reviews from people on the darknet I do not know carries zero credibility and it shouldn't have carried any for you either.

    Addressing the "website to check it's legit" ... those barcodes are counterfeited all the time and if you had done some research you would know that. So, once again not credible. Might make someone feel a little better but does not guarantee anything.

    Post like your original post have been seen hundreds if not thousands of times on forums. And usually the OP will disappear inside of 1 to 2 weeks after the schill job fails.

    Maybe you are being honest but I'm pretty sure I have hit the nail on the head here.

    If you are still here in 3 months with helpful contributing posts, I will apologize to you in open forum.

    A good helpful contributing post could start with before and after bloods on this brand you blindly bought from the darknet.
  17. woodstench

    woodstench Junior Member

    well if those reviews shouldnt carry any weight to me, then neither should the reviews that are on this site carry any weight to me. to me, both are from people i dont know.

    but i get it, im new so you have to be suspicious and i totally understand that. i mainly just made this account to ask about the source.

    i actually didnt know that. how can they be counterfeited? i thought buying pharma grade stuff was foolproof.

    i did do some research and my conclusion was, the reason why over the years dosages for (oral) steroids are so overdosed is because nearly all UGL roids are underdosed, so laser focused on pharma grade stuff. but i guess thats just a matter of opinion

    im not a shill, just a newbie. but i understand your skepticism.
    either im a shill, or im a newbie that just happened to find a new source.

    i would like to know how you think this system: Balkan Pharmaceuticals - PRODUCT VERIFICATION isnt legit when the batch code is written on the blisters themselves. Then again, i can just post photos of the blisters and ask the fine gentlemen here if its legit, right?
  18. 17Alpha

    17Alpha Member Supporter

    They have a rather large feedback section on dreammarket and empire i believe. You could check there. I got some Phen a while back and it was as exspected.
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  19. woodstench

    woodstench Junior Member

    thanks for your reply. ill check it out for sure
  20. Kingsmountain

    Kingsmountain Member

    Right. You don't know them because you have been here a total of 2 days. However, there are longstanding members here with a provable background of reputation. Not like a one off post on reddit or some sketchy darknet website.
    Of the two examples above, which of those two would carry weight of legitimacy for you?

    Scammers purchase the product, copy the barcode and then produce packages with a handful of the copied barcodes on their counterfeited products. You go to check it out and of course the website recognizes it as a good barcode.

    And then go on to promote that source with absolutely ZERO experience with them. Nothing says schill more than just not having common sense.
    Trying to be cute won't get you any bonus points here either. At least not with me. I have already explained how the barcodes are duped.

    You are either a schill or just very inexperienced.

    Either way, I digress and welcome to Meso. Enjoy your time here.