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    Hello all we are ShreddedLabs. The only product we currently offer is Dinitrophenol(DNP).

    We sell the DNP both in capsules and just powder with no minimum order quantity.


    $.50 per 250mg capsule

    $1.50 per gram powder

    We are US Domestic only with a flat shipping rate of $10.

    We currently only accept payment through bitcoin.

    If after shipping you don’t receive your order we will refund or reship once as you like.

    If you wish to make an order send us an email at shreddedlabs@tutanota.com.

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    You should make the caps at 100mg. Makes it way easier to dose. Some people like it very low and some like it little higher then 250mg but not 500mg.
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    @shreddedlabs dp you have any lab testing done on your capsules or powder? This product has a high potential for danger if the actual content does not match the label claim.
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