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    Hello all we are ShreddedLabs. The only product we currently offer is Dinitrophenol(DNP).

    We sell the DNP both in capsules and just powder with no minimum order quantity.


    $.50 per 250mg capsule

    $1.50 per gram powder

    We are US Domestic only with a flat shipping rate of $10.

    We currently only accept payment through bitcoin.

    If after shipping you don’t receive your order we will refund or reship once as you like.

    If you wish to make an order send us an email at shreddedlabs@tutanota.com.

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  2. Iron Frenchie

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    You should make the caps at 100mg. Makes it way easier to dose. Some people like it very low and some like it little higher then 250mg but not 500mg.
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  3. SweetTooth

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    @shreddedlabs dp you have any lab testing done on your capsules or powder? This product has a high potential for danger if the actual content does not match the label claim.
  4. ironbone

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    @shreddedlabs is this crystal DNP?

    So 250mg would equate to roughly 200mg of actual DNP?

    You’re not doing a very good job of answering other questions.
  5. T-Bagger

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    Where are you getting this from, since it seems to have been banned in a China?
  6. ironwill1951

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    without testing don't buy from this guy,
    DNP is far to dangerous to buy from an unproven source.
  7. T-Bagger

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  8. MindlessWork

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    I sure would worry about Janoshik testing DNP
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  9. T-Bagger

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    After the whole PL incident over at BoP, I’m not convinced he makes up numbers, but that’s just me.
  10. janoshik

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    Yeah, I do test DNP.
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  11. G.I. Bro

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    Can you bring me up to speed on that? What exactly happen edibles or is alleged to have happened?
  12. T-Bagger

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    A member or the UGL itself sent Jano a blend to test. When it came back, it was missing Mast from the blend. They went off on him, calling him a liar and even brought threads about him from Meso into BoP. THAT shows how pissed they were, since BoP hates Meso lol.
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  13. MindlessWork

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    Lol no doubt as I remember that several mods from BOP came on here and started shit then got chased off. Bunch of riffraff over there.
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  14. T-Bagger

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    LOL, when was that, prior to 2016?
  15. G.I. Bro

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    The sample he sent back wasn't the sample he'd received to test, correct?
  16. janoshik

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    wat. not sure what you mean.

    Guy sent me blend that was supposed to contain mast p among others, didn't contain any mast p. PL admitted mistake. Then PLs mentally disadvantaged rep assumed it would be easier to throw shit at me because that will make their fuck up look so much better.
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  17. MindlessWork

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    It was around 2016 or so.
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  18. Posted on December 7th, last seen December 8th. We got a real motivated source here, folks. Fuck this guy.
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  19. Kpaxi

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    DNP source sounds like he doesn’t mind risking killing people to make some money. Fuck DNP honestly. Not worth the risk. clen is barley worth the risk. No thanks I’ll stick to diet and cardio. Maybe some ECA. Clen if I get ahold of pharma clen. Definitely would never trust somone to dose DNP caps. Hell no.
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  20. Eman

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    Nope, not even close.
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