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  1. shreddedlabs

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    Will work on that. We plan to make it at 100mg/ml -60ml instead and have it at the same price. Hopefully that will make the taste more tolerable and the consistency a bit better. Unfortunately we were sent the wrong bottles but we should receive replacement ones sometime next week.
  2. Zfrazier24

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    Does shredded reply on the weekend? I sent him money for an order Wednesday, but accidentally told him the wrong amount I sent, I sent a follow up email correcting the amount. Now I have Yet to hear anything back since
  3. BroFelony

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    He'll get back to you, just be super patient lol
  4. Biggerp73

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    Mixed a bottle of Shreddeds tren with some of my Test C and have been running it at 75mg EOD... haven't done blood work but can tell it is working... Second day after staring it, I did a full upper body workout, and my chest/shoulders/tris had that nice round wolverine shape to them... I'm actually going to come off it because the Tren just seems a bit too much for my heart at this point.... So I ordered some Mast from shredded and I am going to run a small amount of that with some test instead... The mast isn't on his list yet because he hasn't got it tested... I guess I'm the guinea pig then lol... If I don't post a review of it within a couple weeks somebody tag me or send me a PM and I will post up my thoughts
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  5. Nike_Town

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    Var and injectable winny doing their job. Test 400 is smooovvv
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  6. nlite2k

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    Wait, Shredded has mast?
  7. Biggerp73

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    It's not tested yet so it's not on his list yet.. it's supposed to be roughly 400mg/ml...
  8. shreddedlabs

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    Yup it's going to be one of the new products I'm adding just need testing done on it. Should come back good I'm running it right now. Should be 400mg/ml and will cost $50 if it's underdosed by like 12mg or more we will reduce the price on it.
  9. Thorbreaker

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    Couple of things. I’ve made 3 orders with shredded. Always got my stuff, always quality stuff. The DNP maybe a little varied in dosing... but it’s DNP. You can’t just walk into Walmart and buy it, and you shouldn’t be dosing anywhere above 700mg a day anyways - if you need that much then you’re diet is fucked and you also might as well say goodbye to life.
    I run it at 400 per day. This last cycle (just finished out two days ago) I ran 400ed, good solid calorie deficit, high protein. And light workouts. Went from 194@18% to 184@14%. Those BF % are based on a bullshit in home scale- i know it’s not accurate but it is consistent so I can watch the changes with somewhat of an idea of what’s happening in my body.

    His t3 and clen are also good. Fucking shakes and Shits.

    Good source, terrible response times.

    Anyone have a good experience with his Var? I’d be interested in that next.

    Is he still using the proton contact?
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    The var is solid dude!
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  11. BroFelony

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    Got my package today.

    Forgot to include the winstrol I ordered.

    Check your emails bro.
  12. nlite2k

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    yeah it's good var. I've never had it tested but have a lot of experience with var and am always pleased.
  13. TacoTuesday

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    Updated stock/price list?
  14. shreddedlabs

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    Hello just checking in and apologizing for any delays sorry for any delays in orders we had a spill which ended up breaking some test vials and DNP bottles and ruined a bunch of labels.

    @BroFelony winstrol was shipped hopefully its gotten to you by now.

    @TacoTuesday here is the price list lot of new items coming to it soon though
  15. nlite2k

    nlite2k Junior Member

    What are the new items going to be other than Mast E?
  16. Burleyboyz

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  17. Wrekem

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    Waiting on email reply for a couple days now to order @shreddedlabs
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    You should have a reply now if not try sending us another email :D
  19. shreddedlabs

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    @Burleyboyz we are getting testing done on some injectable clen we have. Hopefully everything comes back good.

    @nlite2k we will have oral mtren, injectable mtren' superdrol, TNE, proviron, injectable winny, Injectable dbol, injectable mk677, test c, clen and maybe some more stuff I'm forgetting about. Ill post the price list with all the products we will have sometime tomorrow so everyone can see.
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  20. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Injectable clen? Holy fuck...

    I’m not sure that’s such a good product to provide.
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