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    Salicylic Acid Is an Uncoupler and Inhibitor of Mitochondrial Electron Transport

    Here is another this one actually has to do with ephedrine alone, not with caffeine.
    Aspirin as a promoter of ephedrine-induced thermogenesis: potential use in the treatment of obesity

    Aspirin as a promoter of ephedrine-induced thermogenesis: potential use in the treatment of obesity. - PubMed - NCBI
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    Bottom line is that both caffeine and aspirin are both uncouplers. But aspirin has been shown to be superior to caffeine, however, when all three ephedrine, aspirin and caffeine are used that is where the benifit liees between the synergy of the 3 hence the world renown ECA stack, not EC stack or CA OR EA. I wasn’t proving anyone wrong I was just stating my opinion that I felt ephedrine should be used with both caffeine and aspirin, not just caffeine.
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    is this because there is almost like an illusion that is being created due to the body not being saturated with glycogen In a natural state. Also The body would be dehydrated to an extent too, right?? Sorry that’s the best way I know to ask the question.
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    Salicylic acid is an acne treatment medication. Regardless of the other study, the jury is still out on how effective aspirin really is...

    It doesn't appear to effect non obese users the same as obese users:

    Post-prandial thermogenesis with ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin in lean, pre-disposed obese and obese women. - PubMed - NCBI

    The only reason aspirin is included in the stack in the first place is because of its anti clotting properties. It's somewhat old fashioned nowadays, it's generally referred to as EC stack.

    It doesn't really matter if it is an uncoupler... fish oil is a mitochondrial uncoupler also but it's not a fat burner.

    Tyrosine is a much better option. It will help accomplish what aspirin has been studied to possibly accomplish.

    Aspirin can still be used but keep in mind that he comes with increased risk of brain bleeds, intestinal lining bleeds which are not going to go well with DNP, and other side effects.
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    I hear what your sayin however that study has nothing to do with men. I have never met a woman who’s body reacts to things the same way a man does, hence the different hormonal balances.
    Acetyl-salicylic acid is aspirin, which just happens to be a little more refined. Again there are tons of studies that are being does on aspirin’s fat burning traits the jury is still out on DNP being safe. Fuck the jury, and the judge. I make moves based on fact or test hypothesis’ . One of the only reason EC might be the new preferred choice is due to the fact that In Order to have in on the shelves the formulation Had to be changed That’s it. Has nothing to do with effectiveness, or the market taking a turn towards preferring the use with out aspirin. I live in california, not sure if it is the same everywhere else in the US, because I can’t leave the state. However, it is much easier to get ephedrine by itself then trying to find a supplement shop that carries ECA behind the counter. Fuck supplement shops anyhow. So being that most people here have to formulate the own version of ECA it no longer is convenient. So I truly believe this is yet another reason for the increased use of EC. This down not mean that it is better. It means someone is merely to last to go to the 99cent store and pick up a bottle of fixing aspirin. Otherwise they would be doing it. Even if their stack didn’t include aspirin. The smart thing would be to make sure you handle it yourself.

    I agree with you on most things, but this Is one I don’t see your side of the street, and it has nothing to do with being right or wrong for me. Because these are both opinions. @Eman I admire your knowledge, I think I have made that known. Later
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    But the study you posted was not about acetyl salicylic acid...??

    Post some of these alleged studies about aspirins fat burning capability, would love to review.

    You posted a study about mice... and you don't like the one I posted about human females? Are you kidding?
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    Everyone has the Internet the info is there as you know.
    Tbh, this isn’t at all what I wanted , so I am going to put a stop to it on my end, for everyone’s sake. A search on google will easily show many results for studies on aspirins fat burning qualities or search aspirin mitochondrial Uncoupler, even DNP vs. aspirin for fat burning, brought up some interesting results. Also, Reddit has some extremely good info regarding dnp, and the use and expiraments of other mitochondrial uncouplers such as caffeine, dnp, aspirin, etc
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    What didn't you want? To have a discussion?

    I don't know why you can't post a link to one of these studies you're referring to... doesn't seem that much to ask. I googled and found a few anecdotal articles that are far from studies.
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    Im done this upcoming wed 6/5. I've lost 40+lbs. Do you carb deplete for a couple days at the end then rebound a couple days after ending cycle? If I run superdrol, I'll probably do it a week after ending. I've got striated vascular hamstrings and veins running from my eye to my dimples. This shit is crazy! I'm up to 1000mg a day and still doing cardio every day. The night sweats are terrible now though! I cant even imagine when I
    drop the excess water next week.
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    How long did you run it for and at what dose?
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    5 wks. Started at 200mg and went up as tolerated. Except for night sweats after 600mg, I'm still.doing an hr of cardio a day in florida(97f today)
    I went 200, 400, 500,600,800,900, and a 1000mg for the last 3 days. I've cheated on my diet about 5-6 times. The fucking cravings got me but just went right back to protein and salad after. My cravings were peanut butter sandwiches, milk, and a couple of beers.
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    If I went that high, I might as well sleep in the tub because my bed would be soaked from my pillow out to the living room. You are going to love getting a full night's sleep under a blanket without any sweat.

    I've tried it both ways, with and without carb depletion, and I don't find a huge difference. Powder DNP seems to respond to a carb depletion better than crystal... crystal seems to be a little more unpredictable with the rebound, at least IME.

    If you want to go into a short phase of growth, I do like the idea of keeping carbs low for about a week and then pushing them up high for a week or so. This is something I'd like to experiment more with but it's tough to get a ton of experience with in a short amount of time.

    Even if you keep diet all the same, you're going to be happy with what comes over the next few weeks. I recommend a pump supplement... you'll feel like a balloon that's about to pop.
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    The superdrol seems like a good "pump supplement'. The cravings were weird, they'd hit me like a ton of bricks after I already ate. Im very impressed with the dnp so far. How long would you wait to take superdrol? A week after? I also noticed that my weightloss has been stagnant for 4 or 5 days. My arms and legs are still getting leaner so I think that I'm starting to put on more water weight for some reason. I ran it pretty long and high dosage.
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    Yeah, that would be about right... maybe a little less like 5 days.
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    I sweat in places I dont usually sweat. I'm usually a head, neck, upper torso sweater. On DNP, the inside of my whole arms and legs are wet. If I lay down, anything that touches sweats profusely. Pillows, sheets, anything that touches my skin. When I'm home, I walk around in my underwear 24/7. The heat and dehydration is ridiculous!
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    Powerade zero is my best friend!
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    Had a weird issue with tutanota where emails on the 30th and 31st didn't show up until today. Sorry to anybody that this has affected.
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    Long time lurker, first-time poster...

    I started on his DNP Wednesday last week. Days 1-3 I was on 200mg. Day 4-6 at 400mg (just took 2nd dose of day 6).

    Um, I feel nothing. I'm not exhausted, sweating, hot, and workouts are normal. I am eating at -500cal below TDEE (-1lb a week drug-free) and haven't lost much weight at all (maybe 0.5lb). Shouldn't I be feeling something by this point? I was thinking I'd stay on 400mg a full week before pushing it up but getting the itch to up the dose if anything to prove I'm actually on something.

    I did a burn test and the stuff is definitely got something in it you wouldn't normally consume (pops and sparks).


    Found this video of crystal vs 250mg vs 125mg burn tets. I replicated the way he did it and mine looks like the last one (125mg). Maybe my pack is 100mg mislabeled as 200mg, dunno...
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    I knew a guy who never did it before and started at 250 a day for a week, felt nothing. Went to 375, then 500. For some reason, his tolerance was high and he really didn't experience much sides until he hit 500. Me, I feel 250 a day and hate life.

    I would slowly increase dose, give it a few days, and reassess. Just because you don't feel sides doesn't mean it's not working. Be careful.