[Source] GODTROPIN--HGH promo: satisfaction guaranteed or refund

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    we are the owner of HGH brand 'GODTROPIN',we have own lab to produce our own brand,that's why we can control very well the quality.

    we run this brand for 8 years, it's one of most popular generic gh brands in the market, we have a lot of loyal clients and new clients,
    we produce with big amount, that's why we can control the produce cost, and we can offer very cheap price in the market.

    we are the brand, the reputation is the most important for us, we can guarantee high quality HGH.

    We are on eroids since 5 years,it's the most popular gh there .
    you can see houndred blood tests and lab analysis on this brand:
    Source discussions: godt240.com
    you can also check thousand reviews:
    godt240.com reviews 2018. Is godt240.com scam, fake or legit steroid source?

    we are on meso france more than 2 years, we had many labs and reviews over there as well. pls check it out:
    Feed collectif HGH GODT

    ship info:
    we are international source, we ship worldwide.the customs is tough, normally we use stealth way,we guarantee reship if it's stuck in the customs. those countries with very tough customs as australia,canada, europe etc, we use stealth way.

    payment method:
    bitcoin, WU, bank transfer (bulk order)

    website: http://www.godt240.com

    satisfaction guaranteed or refund.
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    Don't you have a thread?

    Why create a new one?
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    Dude no. You already have a thread.
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  4. godt240

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    in order to collect labs and feedbacks. now we run special promo:

    120$ for one kit, one kit limited per member.
    we offer 5 kits with this price. high rank members are prior

    honest feedbacks are requested after use

    satisfaction guaranteed or refund.
    if u run blood test, 100$ off for next order.

    pls PM me for the promo code. thanks
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    Pretty sure this goon did the same thing about a month ago.
  6. Eman

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    This is the statement that fucked things up for you last time... You learned nothing.
  7. Dokk

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    What's the back story, Eman?
  8. mands

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    @godt240 you are posting simec reports from over a year ago and some 2 years old. Simec isn't even qualified to analyse GH IMO.

    I'm not sure if my buddy @janoshik ever tested your GH from an anonymous source and not you directly? I do see he offered you his services 8 months ago. But, I do know there were issues with your GH. Red welts and pain at injection site with your GH for many users. Lower concentration than advertised and high dimer.

  9. Dokk

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    That is simply miserable. I'm considering running HGH for a bit and was leaning toward this source. Forum members just saved me some money and pain. Thanks to all that posted.
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  10. Eman

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    He said the same thing.. "satisfaction guaranteed" and then didn't stick to it.. decided to argue his point when people weren't satisfied.

    Frankly, making that statement when you're selling GH is just stupid... And you would have thought he had learned that in his last thread but apparently not. People can very easily just claim dissatisfaction too... So I sympathize to a certain extent because I think some people took advantage of the disclaimer. But, don't say satisfaction guaranteed if you're not going to honor it.

    For instance, people were unhappy about getting red welts. GT argued that red welts can happen with pharma GH, which is true, but they were still unsatisfied with the product because of it and should have been entitled to refunds... But GT decided to make his refund policy conditional at that point, not a good look.
  11. janoshik

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    We have checked and couldn't find anything - however unfortunately the archives of old SST are lost.
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  12. Dokk

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    Thanks, Eman. One sign of intelligence is the ability to change in response to new information. He's going down the same again so the obvious conclusion is ...
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  13. godt240

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    one year ago, i run promo here to collect the labs, all blood tests on IGF1 came out with good numbers. its true that some members had red welt,and fade after a while.
    i stated that satisfaction guaranteed or refund. even some clients had red welt, but since its very cheap, no one sent back the stuff for refund. i take paypal as payment, they can get a refund very easily, but no one asked for refund, that means im liar?

    if anyone get red welt, just need send back to my stock in usa, i give full refund + shipping cost. if i dont keep promise, u can ask for a refund by paypal. i dont need ruin my reputation for 120$. thanks for understanding.
  14. godt240

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    in order to collect labs and feedbacks. now we run special promo:

    120$ for one kit, one kit limited per member.
    we offer 5 kits with this price. high rank members are prior

    honest feedbacks are requested after use

    satisfaction guaranteed or refund.
    after 3 weeks, if u run blood test, i pay the lab fee(100$)

    pls PM me for the promo code. thanks
  15. Eman

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    I think you're making a mistake by trying to go this route again.

    What about reship policy?
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  16. godt240

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    at least, i keep my words. before, all clients run blood tests,all came out with good numbers , and i offerred them free kit. of course, some clients got good number on IGF1, meanwhile got red welt. but they know its whorth , they didnt ask for refund. if they ask, of course, i do refund.

    actually since one year, we improved the red welt issue. we hardly had red welt reports, thats why i can guarantee that i give full refund with red welt.

    reship policy: if the package is stuck in the customs or lost, we reship until the client get it. we always do since 5 years.

    anyways, if u dont trust me, u can always pay by paypal, ask for refund thru paypal. u dont have any risk. im honest and sincere, thanks for understanding.
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    Dude you have a thread already. Don’t create a new one just because there’s a bunch of negative shit in the other one. Is this against the rules here @Millard Baker ?
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    thanks for your information.
    actually, i creat a new thread, not because of a bunch of negative feedback,just because 2 years ago, i was new here, i created a thread with price on the title,the promo changes all the time, but i cant change the title, so it could mislead the members when they see the title.

    i dont mind of negative feedback on that thread, as all members know it. now i come back, creat a propre thread without price on the title, so just intruduction on the thread, then i can change the promo price from time to time.

    from last time, already one year, we improved the red welt issue, so i'm very sincere to run promo here, to provide good stuff to members here.
  19. balco

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    I agree. If this is not against the rules it should be.; @god240 is basically trying to erase his history so past negative reviews won't be included.
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