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  1. GucciGear

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    Hello Meso we are Gucci Gear. I am familiar with Meso(lurker for many years) and the vetting process so if you have any questions please don't be afraid to ask. We are a new source this is our first time opening up shop and we are US Domestic.

    Right now we have a limited stock we are ordering more raws and would love to hear what kinds of compounds you would like to see in stock.Our raws come from PurplePandaLabs I trust that all of his products are good as they always have been for me. To test them we preformed a melting point test we do have the ability to labmax our products and show you the results if you like.

    We do not overdose our gear for safety of the consumer nobody want to try and run 500mg test E but it actually be 600 or 700 and then you AI dosage is off and you start to get those puffy nipples. We do however try to overfill our vials to make sure you get at least the amount of product we advertise. If there is any amount of product missing or incorrect dosage we will refund the difference.

    All of our vials and stoppers are sterilized by running through an isopropyl alcohol bath rinsed with distilled water and then vials are put in an oven only used for sterilization at 350F for 2 hours and stoppers in an oven at 250F for 2 hours. Our oils are filtered through .22 micrometer vacuum filters

    For security we use a VPN, TOR, Tails and only accept emails from Tutanota or Protonmail.

    Price List:

    Test E 300 10ml $30 Gray Tops
    Dianabol 25mg 30cap $25 Green caps
    aromasin 12.5mg 30cap $25 Green/White caps
    nolvadex 20mg 30cap $25 Yellow caps

    Minimum Order: $50
    Shipping: $10 (Free if you spend $200)
    Payment: Bitcoin, Monero
    Email: guccigear@tutanota.com or guccigear@protonmail.com

    We ship US domestic only.
    Please use a Tutanota or Protonmail email address.

    I also figure since its our opening we should have a sale to celebrate so for the rest of the month it is 10% off all products.

    Attached is a photo of some of our product, raws and a filter to confirm I do in fact have product. I hope that I’ve covered everything if I have missed something or if there are any questions please let me know.
  2. UpNorth

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    1rd- Spot for sale.

    Edit: spot sold to Versace
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    So basically you spent $500, brewed some gear (aka test e only @300mg), call it ‘Gucci’ (which is the ghettoest fucking thing anyone could think of), and didn’t spend the extra $40 for some labels?

    Do you have gold teeth?
    Do you listen to mumble rap?
    Do you use weed ash as a filler in your pills?
  4. GucciGear

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    More like $1000-1200
    Yeah I decided to keep it pretty basic Ive got everything that one would usually use in a first cycle and I will include more products as time goes on. Nope didnt spend 40 on labels I personally think its better for security if a package gets opened theyre not going to know what it is immediately I would prefer to just color code things but if the people want labels I shall get them. No gold teeth, no rap i prefer metal and we use creatine as our filler for the dbol and nolvadex used maltodextrin for the aromasin it didnt work out the best so we switched.
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    Hi. Welcome o_O
  6. MindlessWork

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    Looks like you can get hit for a trademark violation, OP. Gucci is a trademark for luxury handbags and shoes, just saying.

    So you have to be kidding us :rolleyes:
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    I'm all for giving new Labs a shot and all but what the fuck guy? Gucci really?
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    Are you fucking kidding me! Gucci gear???? That’s the dumbest fucking name ever! Take a fucking hike out of here you jackass! Gucci gear......
    what a fucking joke!
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  9. Horimono

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    At least he has new source Friday correct.
  10. Morefyah

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    What a grand opening! Four items in stock!! No labels, gtfoh :rolleyes:
  11. MindlessWork

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    I wonder if this is some member here who's pulling an enormous joke on us...
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  12. bolder

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    With Test E as your only injectable it screams to me that you are an amateur brewer. And on top of that you say you have limited stock.
    I’d suggest you add other injectables and orals to your list and then maybe try back at a later date.
    To me it seems like you are cheap. What I mean is that you don’t wanna invest in your own products. Instead, you would rather sell the cheapest compound (test e and dbol) to our members so you can profit and then make an order for different Raws, have everyone then wait for said raws to get to you and then wait until you can get everything brewed.
    You are not ready to source here imo. Come back when you are better prepared and have something more to offer.
  13. GucciGear

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    well at least one person here welcomes me thank you.
    I know that gucci isnt the best name but come on guys its not that bad right?
  14. msl3862

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    @GucciGear I see that you are active in your account right now and are viewing this thread.

    I agree with @bolder. It is premature for you to come to Meso. I encourage you to tell us you're going to expand your product line and inventory and return when you are ready. Then log out of your account.

    If you remain logged in I will assume you wish to proceed with vetting now. That doesn't seem like a good idea to me but it's your choice.
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  15. GucciGear

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    True I won't lie I only have experience homebrewing a few times so before brewing to sell I asked around to see what the procedure is among other sources and i made some changes to my brewing and have the utmost confidence in the Test E that I did brew. I meant limited stock as in 4 items currently prepared I do have more vials oil,bb,ba ready for more injectables but I do need more capital in order to purchase the raws.

    I don't intend to have anyone wait I will only sell product I have god bless if there are people waiting just for me and my Test E if I happen to run out of stock but there are plenty of other sources on the forum so I dont see how this is a problem.

    I don't have much to offer in terms of product variety but the selection will grow with time. Everybody has got to start somewhere.
  16. Sp2.0

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    You said you were a lurker. Did you have a handle here before? I seem to recall a member kicking around this idea not long ago.
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  17. GucciGear

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    @Sp2.0 No sorry no handle.

    @msl3862 Yes I wish to proceed with vetting.I am here now I have what I have if you or anyone else doesn't wish to buy what I have then you don't have to.
  18. MindlessWork

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    OK so now you made your bed and you get to lie in it. Good luck and watch out for the potholes!
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  19. bolder

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    Unfortunately in this game you will have to spend money to make money.
    Maybe you should just sell locally until you build up more capital or find a business partner that would invest in you.
    Yes, everyone has to start somewhere but your inexperience in brewing is what will hurt your business.
    Anyone can brew up some test e, i say this because even I have lol. But when it comes to different compounds experience is what most look for, not to mention more variety, imo.
    If you wanna specialize in test e only because you’re that confident in that product then maybe just do that. Offer different sized vials at rock bottom prices lol.
    Like you said, gotta start somewhere...

    Something makes me think that you like that Gucci gang song, am I right? Lol
  20. Cityofgrit

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    This is Majesty Labs, this is Gear Factory, etc.. now Gucci Gear...you've gotta be fucking kidding me. A picture that shows what every other one if those fly by nights did. If you're serious we want to see setup and more than a picture of vial tops and capsules all of which could contain not a fucking thing.