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  1. MSG labs is going through a restructuring. There were 47 people, including myself, on the team.

    For example, one guy held the key to the raws room. Another guy held all of our passwords on an encrypted, top secret file, on a thumb drive, chained around his neck, but he took a shower with the thing on and now i can only access this handle. The other 63 are lost and unrecoverable.

    Then there's the labeler, packer, shipper, funds collectors, raws handler, ba handler, bb handler, carrier oil handler, crimp tool handler, pressure cooker, i mean, autoclave operator, box fan, whoops again, i mean, industrial exhaust fan operator, then there's the tub scrubbing guy, the tub rinsing guy, the tub sterilizing guy and the list goes on.
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    Or it is bop Olympia labs and he named himself the same shit so when people came in here asking if he was the same he could respond with “why would I do that name if I exit scammed on another website”

    Not serious btw
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    List or pastebin? I'm interested
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    I was wondering why it’s not ok to just use a coffee grinder?
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    Quick update:

    - Raws arriving today.
    - @Weights & Measures has reached out to me. Compounds will be sent for testing right after brewing is complete. (1-2 days)
    - Once lab results are received, I will be opening shop.
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    Delete your super-specifics my man.
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    Lmao. Hes a go getter, but huge security risk. Did we ever go over customer info and all that with @Olympia Labs?
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    I don’t know. I’d have to go back and look. This roll-out is taking almost as long as Myogen!
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    Yea, it's several pages up. I can re answer any questions you have.

    Actually read over and contemplated removing the specifics of that first line, then decided to leave it in so the community has a rough idea of the timeline. A mod can delete the specifics, since it's not letting me anymore.
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    @Olympia Labs it seems as though you are as green as a Summers Eve douche.
    I mean grass! A summers eve of fresh cut grass! :oops:
    Damn spell check! :p

    Still very much unsure about your endeavor here!! o_O
    To me it feels like you’re a young teenage boy that just hasn’t matured into a man yet. Anxious, enthusiastic, but still kinda dumb... :confused:

    I’ll certainly be keeping an eye out to call out any fuck ups! o_O
    Think, then think again, then write your thoughts down on paper before you post anything here! Not everything needs to be in detail. o_O
    Good luck, be safe and smart or you too can be on my list of dumbasses! :eek: The list is getting long, but still got room for you! o_O

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    I typically proofread my posts several times before posting up. This is some very sound advice to follow.
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    2 weeks on Olympia's test enanthate and tren acetate now.
    500 test enanthate, 280 tren acetate / week

    Very quick T/A - Shipped same day, arrived 2 days later
    Great customer service, Great packaging, only color code labels but this order is before he make new labels

    Am up 6 pounds in 2 weeks, strength and appetite going up by the day! This all from experience though, I will wait another 2 weeks to get bloodwork. So far so good @Olympia Labs
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    Thanks for the feedback! Glad to see you’re liking the gear. Please do post the bloodwork when you get it done, you will also receive store credit for doing so.
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    Your EMOJIS are Gay AF. You still in High school or some shit? And you act like you wrote the book on Sourcing? They either make it here, or fail. Everyone meet Mrs. Bolder the Source Teacher.
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    So did you order already?

    Sources don’t need to be defended here. We all want to see them be successful. GOOD sources are a benefit. But we need to weed out the shitty sources that are a danger to everyone.

    Would you rather just toss the dice and hope for the best?
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    None of which has anything to do with the gear you're taking. Good work though.

    Also you'd need 6 weeks on the gear to get good bloods.
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    I give my opinion. Just like you have given yours with this post of yours. If you don’t like that then don’t read it or put me on ignore, it’s that simple. :)

    You are only here for one thing and that’s to find a hook up! You could care less about anyone but yourself, and it shows... :oops:
    This is where you and I are different. I do actually give a shit for others as well as myself. So hurry and find your hook up so you can be on your way...:rolleyes:

    Someone who actually has the word Gay in his handle here calling my emoji usage gay... now that’s funny!! :D
    Many may not know how to take things when they read them on the screen. I add emojis to express emotions that may not be insinuated in some text. Thank you for noticing!! It really means means a lot! ;)

    Please enlighten the class on how you would want things done here! I’m all ears on how you want to make these sources as safe as possible, accountable, and whatever else someone of your intelligence has to offer! How and what will you do to try and make this a better place!?
    I’ll be waiting to see how you think things should be done... or would you rather just sit in the back of the class and criticize what I’m doing?? o_O
    Yeah, that’s probably easier for you to do anyway.... Wait... is that your brilliant plan!? Criticize members but not the sources!?

    Class dismissed dick! :cool:
  18. oceanus99

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    Well my diet hasn’t changed at all and weight was stagnant before! But you are right, only bloodwork is 100% true indicator. Let’s see what it shows in a few weeks! I was just sharing experience so far :)
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    Now something really isn’t adding up. If your weight was flat on X calories then that would be your maintenance calories. To gain weight you need to eat more, adding PEDs would increase metabolism and require you to eat even larger amounts of food to gain weight. The only way to gain weight with no increase in calories is if your metabolism slows down, which I don’t see test or tren doing. The only other option is you’ve gained 6lbs of water.

    But then again you said appetite is going up by the day and you aren’t eating more? So every day you’re getting more and more hungry but you aren’t adding food to your diet and you’re still gaining weight? Laws of nature don’t allow this to happen, you’re either lying or mistaken about your diet, I’d suggest you start logging every meal.
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    Sounds like water weight, which is typical for Test
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