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    Use at your own discretion homie

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    :D:D:D:D. Don’t play Mr innocent. Oh how easily we forget you got me last time. :oops:

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    (IV climbs into the white van.....)
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    Lmfao suckers and tren. I got IV all day lol
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    So he finally replied to me saying:
    “Go ahead and look at the lab results W&M posted himself. I only left out the caps results. All my oils are dosed as I showed. I’m not sure what else you want. Obviously my time as a source is up for not sharing that my caps weren’t distributed evenly. I’ve since bought a V mixer for mixing them and supply to my private buyers.
    I don’t know what else you want me to tell you. I’m sorry for not reporting that my caps weren’t mixed properly and instead just fixing the issue behind the scenes.”

    He also afterward offered me a refund/exchange:
    “I’ll send you 2 packs of the corrected batch tomorrow or refund you for the dbol. Let me know whichever you prefer. You’re using the old batch dbol so it’s likely not distributed evenly between pills. Your oil is beyond well dosed”

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    He left out the falsified reports. If I were you, I'd take him up on a refund, if he actually plans to.
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    I would second that. I only have his Test-E and that's really hard to fuck up but I am still hesitant. At least the labels are snazzy! ./s
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    I really want to be done with this; but I'm still so mad that I can't stop reading it.

    The guy sent 14 samples; and posted 15 results. Many of the results were of samples I did not receive.

    You have the information available to make an informed decision.

    I won't post here again.
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    Thanks for everything you do!!!
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  10. Take a refund. My ass he turned around, bought a V mixer and has already righted that particular wrong.

    The new batch is the old batch. He ain't sitting there pulling a million fucking caps apart by hand and probably doesn't even know how to use a V mixer properly, let alone have all the caps replaced that fast.
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    Yeah he’s still taking orders, I emailed him and he got back to me in 20 minutes. He thinks he’s about to make a 2k sale, I’ve been going back and forth with him heckling him about pricing discounts and payment options. I’m on a 16 hour road trip and I’m bored lol
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    Give him hell bud. Lmao
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    Go get him you crazy m'fer. Keep us posted!
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    This guy I like
  16. I see good results for oils, 22mg dbol, 15mg Anavar, and then some way under dosed other orals.
    Am I seeing this correctly?!? I see the oils as slightly over dosed still, which strikes me as weird...
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    You are seeing correctly. The biggest one was the complete hack job on the aromasin.
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  18. Thanks for breaking this down.
    I know you don't want to post here again, but now I see ONE report was COMPLETELY made up?!?
    Thanks for your transparency through this all. I know this isn't something you want to deal with as a testing source, but at the same time, were testing illegal drugs. Bull shit should be expected lol
  19. Should be 2k in orals then lmao
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    Two reports were completely made up. The reports for oral caps were changed to purity after he saw his mg doses were way off.

    Olympia committed fraud. Simple as that.