[SOURCE] Pharmaceutical Grade Anabolics (PGANABOLICS) CANADA DOMESTIC + USA/NT

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    I don't blame you, he did it to himself..
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    This is PGA. It’s very unfortunate that people such as LVBB are other handles owned by others trying to discredit me. The old adage is if your taking heat its because your doing something right and worry your competition.

    So alright - you claim that I have scammed you? Please provide proof of your order. I am sourcing on multiple other boards and have NEVER scammed anyone and would never do that.


    In fact, just ask @onetwonine - he placed an order just a few days ago. He’s clearly not a shill.

    Or many of the other older meso members that have ordered from me. @Rosconow @Nissan @Fitness guru @ChipperJones78 @ed@mtl

    If I’ve ever done any of you wrong, please speak up.

    There is obviously more, but I do not recall everyone’s MESO usernames.


    I’d also like to address guys like Cityofgrit, Ironwill and a few more that have never conducted business with me. I have no quarrel with you guys. In fact, I have no quarrel with anyone.

    Bottom line is - I came on MESO with a huge line of Pharmacy Grade products, coupled with my two UG lines. I was met with huge amounts of hostility from what I believe to be competitors under other handles. Soon after I was DDOS attacked. So I attacked back with their own game. Long story short, Millard banned me for using multiple handles. Fair enough. His board. His rules. I never came back after that. My fuck up for defending myself with such tactics, and the board has my apologies for that. Though that does not mean I am not going to intervene when the same individuals that were hostile to me in the beginning are going to create fake handles trying to claim I scammed them. This is the only reason I am posting.

    Bohns, Tim and a few others defended me on here as they are my clients. Some of you guys are under the impression that those guys are me or I put them up to this. No, I actually don’t think they conducted themselves in the best manner, but I guess that’s what happens when personal attacks are made to individuals.

    I am sure if those handles were me, Millard would of banned them long ago.

    I am posting these with the permission of Bohns and Tim. These are all encrypted, re-routed from Protonaccount to Info@pg account. FYI - Maybe Mr Northern Nutrition can stop thinking I am Tim....lol....

    This is my history with Tim. He’s been my client since January.


    This is when I even became aware of the BS going on MESO. I received an email from Bohns, saying that people are claiming scam. April 1st.

    This is the only reason I bothered sending a rep on here.




    Now whether some folks on Meso hate me or like me, does not make a difference to me. I’ve always put out the best products possible and took care of my clients. My way of fighting back against the individual attacking me as not smart, but hey, that’s my fuck up. Though as I mentioned, If people are going to make false allegations of being scammed, be prepared to prove it and I’ll gladly defend myself.

    I hope this clears somethings up.
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    Jesus Christ was is this thread not closed?
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    He made yet another account, read the post before mine. And he uses fucking gmail..seriously?!
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    I see that bro, that's why I suggested this thread to be shut down.
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    Please be mature. I thought leaving that in the original post was clear enough.


    As I said, I have no problems with yourself. Just came on to provide proof that Bohns and Tims are not me.

    And also to address anyone claiming that I have scammed them. I find it interesting that you claim to be about making things right and keeping the community safe, albeit you have no issues with individuals make false allegations?
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    You have scammed in the past..remember when you switched your name? Gtfoh
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    Never switched names. Not interested in going back and forth like children. I honestly don’t have the time for it.

    I will gladly address anything in respect to scamming or anything of that nature with proof.
  10. Throwing your buyers under the bus. Class act. You don't need to name names. If they want to talk about their dealings with you, they'll do so without you tagging them.

    What's the matter? You miss the easy scores that Meso provided you with? Your 7 page sleeping pill on SST isn't providing enough income?

    i don't care if your gear is pharma (it isn't) and you give a fraction of the proceeds to charity (you don't) you're not a source here. You and most of your shill army have been banned. Man up, accept it and move on.
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    I’ve had years of experience in this field and put together a platform that is very threatening to competitors. You’re a smart individual with long history. What is PGA composed of?

    1. Largest inventory of Canadian Pharmacy Grade products Possible.

    2. Global Pharma - Canada’s only line with the facility to manufacturer ampoules and blister pack orals. You tell me: What would be the approximate cost to set up a facility capable of making ampoules with a blister pack machine?

    3. Pharma Tech Labs - Incredibly well priced, awesome presentation, PAINLESS water based products. Again, you tell me since you’re a old school person. How many brands have the facility to produce painless Micronized Suspensions?

    4. Syn Pharma - Reputation speaks for itself.

    I have never not not taken care of a customer. My reputation is impeccable on every other board I am on. My only mistake is ever trying to defend myself to my haters. I am proud of what I’ve put together and I’ll gladly put my name behind it.


    The people that I tagged have already posted in this section in the past. I haven’t posted up anyone that has not openly stated that they’ve done business with me. It’s funny how I am always made to be the bad guy.


    Never returned to MESO. Legitimate clients of mine got banned for defending me. I provided you with concrete proof that they were legit. What kind of none sense is that. How does someone get banned for defending their source, when they are met with personal attacks again and again.

    I only posted up, because if someone is going to try to attempt to claim that I scammed them, then I am here to address it. Fair enough?
  12. From the looks of it, your gear may be perfectly legit, but no one would know because you were using multiple handles (in an attempt) to give yourself credibility, (i believe we're at 17 handles that you created now) and the shill army muddied the waters so badly that no new member is going to sift through it all. i can guarantee you they won't.

    You had a good thing here that you tried to fast track and you blew it. Plain and simple. Now you're no longer a source here and we would all like to move past this and let this thread fall to the bottom of the pile where it belongs.

    Once the handle you're using now gets banned, do just that. Let this thread die. Use the energy you're wasting here to come up with incentives and better reasons for SST and CB members to choose you over the next Canadian source.
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    Hey fuck head you used the account @Wayacrucis to bash syn @Northern Nutrition thread plain and simple, you are the lowest form of scumbag in the industry. It’s been confirmed through @Northern Nutrition that you are wod, the owner of the mission2 email so yes you are a scammer.
    @Millard Baker get this piece of shit out of here
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    Solid and mature post. Fair enough.
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    @Northern Nutrition is a SYN rep.

    The owner of SYN Pharma and I have conducted business dating far back before Northern even became a SYN Rep. Northern is a re-seller for SYN. Nothing more, nothing less. Would you like me to get you confirmation of that from the owner of SYN, instead of a rep?

    As for everything else that you are saying, please - don’t involve yourself with topics that you know nothing about. It’s easy to run your mouth and pretend you know things when your sources of information are people that are a few lines down the chain. It’s all broken telephone and gossip.

    Use some damn common sense. If I had at any point, scammed anyone, would I be conducting business with some of the biggest brands and manufacturers in Canada? SYN Pharma, Global Pharma, My contacts for Omnitrope, Rotex Medica, etc...the list goes on.

    And hey, we’re soon to have North American sourced DNP. Exclusive for that in Canada as well. Must burn your ass that we’re so good. Oh well.
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    -You are a scammer
    -You used multiple fake accounts here
    -You were cut off by SYN
    -You are banned from Meso-Rx
    End of story clown...
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    Lmao...sure. Ask all the guys ordering SYN through PG or from my official SYN account - synpharmarep@protonmail.com

    What happened to no censorship and providing proof before spewing none sense?

    It’s easy to just bark when you don’t know what to attack and of course you’d love me to be banned. You wouldn’t be able to hold up a legitimate argument and put forth facts. So just bark bark..bark........

    Don’t get me wrong, I used multiple handles and strictly so on MESO, as that’s the only board I was attacked with undue hostility. Poor decision on my part, and I apologized to Millard and the board for that. But it is what it is.

    That doesn’t change the fact that I am gonna stand up to people making up blatant lies about me. I’ve been around far too long and have a reputation as a solid individual for years with longstanding labs in the country. So newbies trying to discredit me will fail, as it has.
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    Except when you DID come back to create the fake account @Thelegitone

    @Thelegitone IS you.

    I just did not know this until you signed up and posted under @HulkSmashYou from the exact same IP address

    This is easily proven false. Your dishonesty is appalling.

    Even if this is true, don't forget it has always been prohibited for you to promote and/or defend yourself using fake accounts on MESO.
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  19. Wod,

    What is it about that FACT that you're unable to comprehend? I get it, your business is crumbling and your reputation is shot once again Re: Mission scammer. Youre a lowlife douche-bag who is about to rat on his clientele. I have never, ever seen or witnessed any source behave in such a desperate manner like the way you are now. You must be broke.

    For the last time; ALL those handles that YOU created have the exact same STATIC IP number, inlcuding the one you used in your failed attempt to discredit me. Google "static' vs "dynamic". Youre a jealous loser who is scraping bottom right now hoping to sell a bag of Dbol to some unsuspecting newbie.

    And for the record, Syn Pharmaceuticals has effectively cut off Wod from shipping anything on has behalf. That's a FACT. Any product Wod has on hand is from a previous bulk purchase. Everything he states from here on-wards can be interpreted as false. This should not surprise anyone coming from Wod, a KNOWN scammer.

    Get off your knees and go back to whatever website that will put up with your nonsense and you're crying game. Thankfully, Meso doesn't put up with people like you.

    P.s. most of your clientele are with me now, the rest will find their way over. Thank you. ;)
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  20. I forgot to address another one of your lies; your reputation is NOT impeccable. If fact, it's down right deplorable. It was terrible when you weer with Mission and ripped off a ton people under the guise of a Mission Rep, remember that Wod? I sure do, and I'm willing to bet a lot of other folks do too, you piece of shit. And now your reputation here is just as embarrassing.

    Go take a toaster bath and do the world a favor. Oh, but pay your outstanding debts first, you fall-down loser.