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    (US Domestic)


    I am Jay from Sasquatch Labs. Dino and Becca will be helping me in the lab and with customer service.
    I have been creating protein supplements for 4+ years.
    We are here to offer the highest quality product at competitive pricing and with exceptional customer service.
    We will be operating with complete transparency. Emails are currently being answered all day. Our current T/A is 2-5 days.
    We are expanding as quickly as possible and will be offering new products to soon be your next one stop shop.


    All glassware is washed in liquinox and rinsed twice with deionized water.
    We wear hazmat suits and work on a sanitized nonporous surface.
    We use a custom-made laminar flow hood with a HEPA grade filter.
    Oils are prefiltered through a .45 micron filter and then through a .2 micron filter.
    All materials are washed and sterilized with our dry heat sterilizer.
    Products are labelled.




    Every order over $60 will receive:

    - Free shipping
    - 1 free test propionate
    - 1 free oral of your choice


    Product | Price | Concentration
    Test E | $20 | 250mg/mL
    Test P | $20 | 100mg/mL
    Test P | $20 | 100mg/mL
    (with EO)
    Mast E | $40 | 250mg/mL
    Mast P | $30 | 100mg/mL
    tren E | $40 | 200mg/mL
    Tren A | $30 | 100mg/mL
    DHB* | $30 | 100mg/mL
    Deca | $30 | 250mg/mL
    EQ | $35 | 300mg/mL

    Carrier Oil: MCT
    We use silicone stoppers and flip tops.
    All vials are 10-11mL.

    *NOTE: DHB is known to cause PIP. Use at your own risk.
    If you have an adverse reaction, it is because of the nature of the compound.


    Product | Price | Dosage | Quantity
    Dbol | $20 | 25mg | 30ct
    M Tren | $20 | 500μg | 30ct
    Anadrol | $20 | 25mg | 30ct
    Anadrol | $15 | 12.5mg | 60ct
    Anavar | $25 | 25mg | 30ct

    Capsule size: #4
    Filler: Baking Soda


    Minimum Order: None
    Shipping: $10 (Free if you spend $60)
    Payment: BTC
    Email: sasquatchsst@tutanota.com
    Current T/A: 2-5 days

    We ship US domestic only.
    Please use a Tutanota or Protonmail email address.
    Tutanota is preferred.

    Thank you.

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    Let me see your HPLC/Mass Specs on all your raws....or do you not know what the quality of your raws are before brewing? My guess is No!!!! .......Next.......
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    Business sucks now that SST is gone huh?
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  4. Sasquatch Labs

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    That promo seems too good to be true kinda makes me think “scam”. What’s the lab like? A kitchen some where or is it a real lab? Is this your first venture into aas sales ? If not what’s you old business name
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    Some of the lowest prices I’ve seen not to mention he is giving away around 60$ worth of gear/shipping if you spend 60$.
    How are your prices so low for domestic?
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  7. gr8whitetrukker

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    I am deeply offended you are using my likeness to pilot an illegal enterprise. You will be hearing from my lawyers ASAP!


  8. ickyrica

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    Be prepared to answer a lot of questions...
  9. Sasquatch Labs

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    We realize you need an incentive to order from new sources, especially with the risk involved. We're willing to take an initial hit to expand our customer base. That said, the margins of these products are huge and we will still profit from the promotion.
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    We have 4+ years of experience in this particular industry. We have engineering and physics backgrounds. We cannot provide anymore information than that.

    Pictures of the lab:

    Like we said, we realize you need incentive to buy from a new source especially when there are health risks involved.
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    His email literally has SST in it.
  12. The list and prices look similar to the guy that scammed some members recently. Other than that, welcome Sasquatch I'm certain u will do extremely well here and be received with wide open arms!
  13. Sasquatch Labs

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    Mixing it at that dose was an error by one of our teammates. (They're new.) We doubled the quantity of capsules and are offering it at a lower price than the regular Anadrol to get rid of it. It's at a good dose for female users, however.

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  15. Sasquatch Labs

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    Thanks Daddy!
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  16. Beccas boobs please.
  17. bigpoppachump

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    Let's start with some product pictures shall we? At least we get to see that you have something to ship instead of beating people. Preferably with date and meso in the picture
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  18. Beano223

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    I second this with meso and today’s date on them
  19. Sasquatch Labs

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    They're in the post, my guy! But here you go.


    We'll upload a timestamped picture shortly.
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    That’s quite the coincidence. What other boards are you on