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    Hi Meso ,I'm Sam from Signature Labs. We are a 4 man team who all have had 3 years + experience in this industry.We sell locally and have been a private source online until this post. We do a melting point test on our raws as well as testing for purity. All glassware is washed and rinsed and sterilized in our autoclave. We filter our oils twice through a .45 filter and then a 0.22 filter. Products are unlabelled for opsec purposes. We have a high volume of orders
    in person and privately so our minimum order is $50 to help lower the volume.

    Product | Price | Concentration
    Test E | $40 | 250mg
    Test P | $25 | 100mg
    Test A | $25 | 100mg
    tren E | $60 | 250mg
    Nand C | $50 | 250mg
    EQ | $65 | 400mg
    Bold C | $45 | 200mg
    Halo | $55 | 40mg
    cialis | $25 | 20mg
    Accutane| $25 | 20mg

    Product | Price | Concentration
    clomid | $55 | 50mg
    nolva | $40 | 20mg
    Raloxifene | $85 | 60mg
    telmisartan | $65| 80mg
    letrozole | $50| 2.5mg
    Some of our pharma grade medication is low in stock, and we will be working on getting more stock and more variety of medicines.


    Minimum Order:$50
    Email: signature-labs@tutanota.com
    Current T/A:2-7 days depending on time of order
    Please use a secure email for ordering.
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    Don't you think if you do purity testing it'd be smart to post those results.

    And maybe try to hold the damn camera still;)
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    anyone from meso ordered from these guys?
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    Can we see a better picture of your clave, that looks like the top of a pressure cooker.
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    That Halo price and dosage is an eyebrow raiser.... The contents of your whole list are kind of an eyebrow raiser actually.
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    I said a better picture, not a zoomed in picture of writing.

    Your whole autoclave. A picture of it.
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    I will do my best to answer all questions and prove that I'm here to serve the Meso community.
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    Do you have a different handel here in meso ? Do you have lab work from your previews buyers ?
    Stock pictures? Date ?
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    Maybe I’m missing somthing but prices are nuts. Expecialy for an intro ugl
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    Halo dosed at 40mg for $55? Hmm. Assuming a standard 50 pill/cap bottle, that's about a hundred bucks worth of raw halo. That makes no sense.
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    Yea, um gonna have to lower the price point at least until you’re established. There’s TRUSTED sources here that are way more competitively priced. So maybe tell us why we would take a stab at an unproven source that charges more?

    And believe me, if your shit is good we don’t mind paying more for good stuff. But so far there’s ZERO hook.
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    So while looking at the way you wrote/typed out your layout like so,

    Product | Price | Concentration

    How it was wrote out it seemed so familiar to me. Like I’ve seen this same layout before. I went back 25 pages to see where I’ve seen it and didn’t have any luck lol. Then it kind of dawned on me, so I reread the first page of the
    Seems very similar in that regard. Or maybe it’s just coincidence.... idk. Just thought I’d leave this here to see what other members may think.
    Could this be Jay’s new endeavor? Hmmm o_O :)
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    This is my only account on Meso, and I don't have any bloodwork to post but I am doing a $150 bloodwork credit to my first 10 customers. All my photos of stock, lab equipment, dates are posted above bro. If you need any more photos, I'm always here to provide.
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    I'm in no way affiliated with Sasquatch, that's just a common way to write it, and a simple way.
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    I brew all my products with the upmost care. My raws all pass a melting point test, and are tested before brewing starts. All vials are inspected for any impurities before they're shipped out, assuring the customer is always receiving the best quality they can receive.
    In fact I'm so confident in my products, that a customer receives a impurity in their product, they can post on Meso proving it and I will refund their entire order. As long as the vials are unopen showing it was a issue on my side.
    I understand I'm a new source and all of you are taking a health risk ordering from me, but what source will refund your ENTIRE order if their's any impurities in one vial?
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    I also understand everyone's concern about my pricing, so anyone wanting to place an order, email me and I will sent you the new prices as I can't edit my above post.
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    I wouldn’t say it’s a common way really. Only because I went through probably the last 20some or so labs that were/are here and none of them had that style in common.
    Well except for one other lab, that is. ;)

    I could also mention that the title of each thread (Signature and Sasquatch) has similarities in style with,
    [Source] (US Domestic)

    Ok, now I’m reaching :p
    Of course this is all speculation on my part. Ya know, for shits and giggles :D
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    I completely understand on the vetting process so no issues with that. I just meant it was a common way to write on my private forum.