Sources selling below Mexican retail prices = fake?

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by master.on, Apr 14, 2016.

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    I'm making new friends in a Mexican chatroom to see if they will mail me some soothing oils

    I found some mexican pharmacies
    These are plain pharmacies, not bodybuilding sources so we can openly discuss them

    Pesos exchange rate seems to be about 17.50 pesos/USD
    Mercado cambiario, tipo de cambio, Banco de México

    Sostenon (250 mg) 234.50, 253 mexican pesos = $13.40, $14.45
    Sostenon 250 Mg. 1 Ml. Ampolleta!/productos/descripcion/532f658c69702d5c612e0900

    Primoteston (250 mg) 201.50 pesos = $11.51
    Primoteston Depot 250 Mg. 1 Ml. Amp

    Nebido (1000 mg) 1542.50, 1717.50 pesos = $88.14, 98.14
    Nebido 1000 Mg. 4 Ml. Ampolleta!/productos/descripcion/532f65b869702d5c61521200

    deca durabolin 2x50 mg 494.95 pesos = $28.28
    Deca-Durabolin 50 Mg. 2X1Ml Amp

    Deca durabolin 50 mg 269.50 pesos = $15.40!/productos/descripcion/568d328a69702d24393a0000

    What's the usual markup % for mexican sources?
    Yet many "pharm" sources offer reship policy despite selling near or even below these prices
    So the only explanation is that they are scammers, fakes, counterfeits or all of the above?

    PS See if you can find info on some other roids legally available in mexican pharmacies and post them here so we can build a mexican price / availability database
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  3. those are per amp??
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    At least the alcohol will keep gear from crashing and bacteria from growing

    Yep just one amp except the one that says deca 2X50mg (just 2 amps)
  5. I thought I must have read it wrong....those prices are high my friend
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    You have to be a fool to pay those prices.
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    Those prices are clearly for gringo's only :D
  8. I got a couple EQ jugs last year and I think at the pharmacy they were roughly $28 usd...for 100mL jugs 50mg/mL
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    That's about the average going price in mexi
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    These are general prices
    If I'm not mistaken prices are regulated in mexico so pharmacies can't charge any higher than that

    There's no human EQ
    Veterinary gear is cheap (because it's crap compared to big pharma)

    If you want REAL pharm you must pay these prices there's no way around it

    That's about the average going price in mexi

    And so is the rest of the world
    Too bad I can't read those weird Greek signs to see how much gear costs legally in Greece
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    Guess you missed my sense of humor :(
  12. good luck man sounds like you got it all figured out
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    the primoteston price looks right, I never shopped for the others though.

    Do dr's actually prescribe deca at 50 mg/ml and do pharmaceutical companies produce that? Just seems like a waste of oil when you can get 200-250 mg per cc of test instead of 50 mg deca per cc.
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    When someone says shit like this, I just can't take them seriously. You should just buy up all that Deca 50 they have in stock...that's a great deal.
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    Yes doctors do
    but not often
    but that's pricey for mexicans earning pesos

    It's prescribed mainly for those with HIV wasting
    and older guys with injuries, arthritis, spine problems, unlike the FDA, Mexican doctors are finally realizing that Deca works. Certainly better than prescribing heal-nothing, addictive pain-killers.
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    I know this is old but / ho fuck.
    Those prices are good you can even get a cheaper price. Usually most of the doctor have their own pahrmacy so they get medicine at a better price.

    But still 14$ bucks for just 1 ampt.. hell no. I wish it was at least a 5 ml vial
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    Im from Mexico, Mexico City. in some pharmacies you can get a discount and you can buy test-e from bayer for about 10 dollars each amp 250mg.