Sp Laboratories - Sp Tropin - lab test by janoshik


Label claim 10 ui
Lab result 7.74 ui
Purity 89%

My friend send a vial of sp hgh without any label so the tester didn’t know the brand and the dosage . We decided to send this hgh for testing after some bloodwork... the value of hgh in the blood after 10 ui was 15/16 ng ml in some our friends, these isn’t a value of a top hgh. Usually a top hgh give over 20 ng ml in the blood after 10 ui injection.

So this result Is not surprise. I was also too pessimistic, thinking it wasn't more than 7 ui, my friend thought it was 8. Instead it is 7.74 ui.

what is my thought on this result?

Sp hgh is not a top gh as is the aas line balkan/sp that are really well dosed, but considering the low price (less of 100 eur x “100 ui”) can be considered good result (anyone will draw its own conclusions).

as I have already said, I will share all the lab results even when the results are not perfect, and even when regarding brands of which I am a fan.

That’s all.


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Yes that is apparently correct, I have no proof but been told the same thing by multiple connected people....
Shame about that HGH test though compared to all the good tests/reviews on their other gear. I suppose it’s just rebranded Chinese generics not synthesised in house.