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    Greetings MESO!

    I'd like to introduce myself and the team. We are SpartaPharmaUSA, and I am Leo.

    We have been sourcing together for about 3 years in the online setting. We were previously under a different name, and rebranded out of choice to stay on the safe side of OPSEC. We all know that the average span of a UGL should not be over 2-3 years to stay as far under the radar as possible. That is why we chose to rebrand. Many of you may know, or figure out who we were, and that's perfectly fine. We just request to be known under this new name for higher levels of security, and OPSEC. Now, about sourcing on other boards. I know that doesn't mean shit here. We realize this, and know that we are starting from scratch with rep, bloods, T/A, and are the FNG. That's fine with me, as it gives us a chance to genuinely earn your business instead of floating in on a cushion of bullshit, and feeling like we deserve it. We don't. You don't know us, and we don't know most of you...yet! That's why we're here. To build a relationship, and EARN trust. We are currently on SST, and BoP if you want to check us out, and vet us. I know that being on BoP is like running a General Store in Mayberry. SST is a bit different, but still pretty easy going.

    We know that the members here like to do their own research, and vet sources vigorously when they are new. To that, I say let's do it. I will answer all relevant questions to our operation, and be as honest as our security allows(obviously).

    There are a few things that I want to lay out, and I know you guys will want to see them, so here we go:


    This is my main fucking concern in this game. Security > Quality > Quantity.

    Everyone makes it out free men.

    For security I run Tor with VPN at all times. I do not use multiple devices to access accounts. EX: I will not use wickr to contact or take orders. Even though every device is a burner device they are all compartmentalized for their own functions.

    Emails: We only use Proton, and Tutanota. I VERY STRONGLY suggest everyone does the same, and email the respective email domain. Remaining end-to-end encrypted for everyone's safety. PGP: I love PGP, you should too. Use it all you can, and I will as well. Layers of safety is the key here.

    We have a lab that is not in someone's goddamn garage. We are NOT okay with that. Every member of our team has a clean home, and it will remain that way.

    When if comes to security I live every day by "when you become complacent is when bad shit happens"


    We have a pill press, professional mixer, and several oil stations.

    I will attach pictures of each component of the lab so you can see that we spent a lot of time, and money in this operation as we plan on being around for a while.

    Filtering: We double filter every oil through a .45um and .22um filter with peristaltic pumps. All oils have color coded flip tops(with the plastic connector so no aluminum burrs to catch alcohol wipes), and they match the color of the labels. We use a calibrated Seripettor Pipette to uniformly dispense oils into vials to ensure all fill levels are 10ml.

    Pressing: We have different sized tabs and dye the binder so all orals are colored. This prevents mix-ups in case of labels being torn off or spilling in the hands of a member.

    Cleanliness: Any lab that tells you they work in a "clean room" is lying their asses off. No one is Walter White. We however do wear nitrile gloves, hairnets, and take off all jewelry to prevent and contaminants. We have a dedicated room just for oils that is separate from the press to prevent dust cross contamination. Good house keeping is the key to work safety, and cleanliness.



    We ship daily, in order to keep T/A very fast, and avoid any back-ups in orders. This helps prevent mistakes on our parts, and that allows us to keep moving forward. We have an average of 2-3 day T/A which should be expected of every domestic source. No excuses. If there is going to be a delay it only takes a minute to let everyone know.

    Testing: We have several tests run by an analyzing company, but will be getting more done by Weights and Measures, as he is the resident man here. We encourage members to submit our product, as tests submitted by the source don't amount to shit. You can look on the other boards, and see the testing if you please.

    I know I'm missing some things, and please let me know any information that we missed and we will gladly provide it as requested by the members.

    So I hear that tits are encouraged in a sources intro? SO...... there's two of our SP ladies, I mean when it comes to boobs the more the merrier right!

    Loved the tongue by the way....


    As of posting this intro we are very heavy on all products except Proviron. The pack was delayed in shipping, however we have more on the way.

    [​IMG] 1.jpeg upload_2019-5-17_12-53-7.png upload_2019-5-17_12-54-25.png upload_2019-5-17_12-57-14.png upload_2019-5-17_12-58-34.png upload_2019-5-17_12-59-53.png upload_2019-5-17_13-0-55.png

    Here is our product line-up and technical information:

    OILS 10ml/Vial

    Price Dosage Stock

    Test E $35 300mg/mL HIGH

    Test P $25 100mg/mL HIGH

    Test C $30 250mg/mL HIGH

    Sustanon $30 250mg/mL HIGH

    TNE $25 100mg/mL HIGH

    tren A $40 100mg/mL HIGH

    Tren E $50 250mg/mL HIGH

    masteron P $40 100mg/ml HIGH

    NPP $30 100mg/mL HIGH

    EQ $40 300mg/mL HIGH

    Deca $40 300mg/mL HIGH



    TABS 30tabs/pack

    Price Dosage Stock

    Winstrol $45 50mg HIGH

    Dianabol $45 50mg HIGH

    Anavar $30 20mg HIGH

    turinabol $25 25mg HIGH

    Anadrol $45 50mg HIGH

    Superdrol $25 10mg HIGH


    Ancillaries/AIs/ED Meds

    TABS 30tabs/pack

    Price Dosage Stock


    Proviron $25 25mg OOS

    Accutane $25 20mg HIGH

    nolvadex $25 20mg HIGH

    viagra $40 50mg HIGH

    cialis $25 20mg HIGH

    aromasin $30 12mg HIGH

    adex $30 1mg HIGH



    Price Dosage Stock

    98% GMP Blacktop - $155/100iu Kit - Kits are 100iu/kit - IN STOCK

    99% GMP Bluetop - $165/100iu Kit - Kits are 100iu/kit - IN STOCK

    HGH carries a separate shipping fee of $10


    Pre-Made Cycles:

    Hercules Cycle: 4x Test E, 3x EQ, 2x Dbol, 2x AI, 2x Blacktop HGH: $569

    Hebe Cycle: 1x Blacktop HGH, 2x Test c, 1x Anavar, 1x Proviron: $205

    Hoplite Cycle: 2x Test E 300, 1x dbol, 2x nolva, 1x AI of choice: $175

    Captain Cycle: 4x Test E, 4x Deca, 2x Dbol, 2x nolva, 2x AI of choice: $415

    Brigadier Cycle: 5x Test P, 5x Tren A, 2x Var, 2x winny, 2x nolva, 2x nolva, 2x AI of choice: $570

    Supreme Commander Cycle: 4x Test E, 4x Tren E, 2x Dbol, 2x TNE, 2x Nolva, 2x AI of choice: $505

    THE KING LEONIDAS CYCLE: 10x Test P, 10 x Tren A, 3x Winny, 2x AI of choice, 2x cialis - $

    If you want to give The King a try email me and we'll work out a price.

    Hedonistic Cycle: 2x Viagra, 2x Cialis, 2x Prov: $175

    Orals can be interchangeable with equally priced ones, no problem.


    Here is the technical stuff:

    Blood work:

    We offer bloods, and testing incentives as follows:

    1st UNCAPPED bloods ran $500 credit

    2nd UNCAPPED bloods ran $400 credit

    3rd UNCAPPED bloods ran $300 credit

    Every bloods ran from now until infinity after the 3 big credits are claimed: $100 credit


    We will compensate every test ran $250 per compound in store credit

    All orders have a $10 shipping charge

    We will provide shipping info after 5 days

    Our PGP key

    -----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- Version: GnuPG v1 mQINBFv16TEBEADIHG5tt -



    BTC/ETH/LTC, WU. We will always prefer Crypto for safety and speed of processing, but as we grow so does our responsibility to you. If you have other crypto you'd like to use we will facilitate your needs as best as possible.

    We realize that crypto has been very volatile lately, so when we give an amount of crypto that number stands no matter if it drops.

    We will eat any price drop so you don't have to buy more to make up that few dollars.

    Currently there is no minimum for crypto WU minimum set at 250.

    -Superior product and great Customer Service can't be devalued. You get what you pay for.

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    Welcome brother!!! I know the meso crew is gonna grill you, but I will say you have been a good source on SST.

    For those unaware, he has great feedback and bloodwork posted on SST. I have placed 2 orders recently and T/A was 4 days with excellent communication.
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    Pretty good intro I must say... looks like you studied up a bit.
    Couldn’t see all the pics though. Some were X out?
    Did see the important ones though, the titties lol.

    First question... aren’t you the savior source that rescued members here a while back when a source disappeared for a month?
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    Who were you previously? Why the rebranding? Any lab testing on finished products?
  5. TX_Hempknight

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    Thanks for the review junior member since Sunday. It means a lot.
  6. bolder

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    What was your previous lab name?

    How many people is in your crew? I know there’s a couple girls so how many total?

    Pics of your brewing lab? Let’s see how clean you really are!

    Did you have a real dad growing up or a step dad? o_O

    Edit; maybe you posted those pics already. Idk. There’s pics that were X’d out. So may need posted again?

    Also your prices are a tad bit higher than some of your competitors on this board. Did you see what competition you were up against here? To be more competitive?
    Why would we want to spend more $ on a new source and not spend less money with sources that are already here?
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    Posted that shit fast af too!! Lol
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    Right, I created a account 5 days before just to wait till this guy shows up just to promote him? It's jerkoff responses like this that kept me from joining for so long. But I don't care now.
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    It popped up while I was taking a dump. Talk about timing. Lmao
  10. i <3 new source Fridays.

    Welcome Sparta. Good luck, you'll need it.
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    Did I say you did it to promote him? Projection much?
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    For real. Welcome bro!
    Don’t take things personally man! Glad you’re here giving your own feedback!
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    Hey thanks man, I spent a bit of time reviewing others intros and looking at the members questions and tried to cover them all in the intro. And savior, naa I wouldn't say that. We did help a few members with missing packs though. Just looking out for fellow homies is all.
    Yeah, I'm not too sure why those ones for X out. Weird
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    I'm not going to say who we were, as stated in the intro. We rebranded as the old lab had ran it's life span. The longer a name is around the more known they are..and not just to members you know?

    We do have a lot of finished product tested. Jano has tested quote a bit. We have those tests posted on both SST, and BoP if you swing by there
  15. You didn't want to join because you were afraid some dude on an anonymous PED forum that you're never going to meet would call you out for getting giddy at the arrival of a source?

    Toughen up, buttercup! We need soldiers, not... Whatever the opposite of a soldier is... a civilian, maybe? Nah, that doesn't sound right...

    Damn it! i'll try this again later. :D
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    Wtf man! Didn’t you know you’re not supposed to do any research before coming here? I mean no other sources do!
    You trying to be slick looking into things here and come in all prepared?

    For real. Your intro was pretty decent and well thought out. I’m trying to pick it apart though lol.

    Post up those pics ASAP !
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    What are the odds one of those pairs is @espt’s
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    @Iron Vett your tinfoil hat is needed in isle 5! ASAP! :p
  19. SpartaPharmaUSA

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    Ah asking the real questions!

    There's a few of us. Couple girls that stick on the labels(topless ofc while doing it), and bring up the moral ;)

    I had one father growing up.. Arnie man, all of our dads!

    The reason our prices are what they are:
    I refuse to play the "tank the market" game like some shit sources on other boards. We will not devalue our product and stand behind it. The thing is, when you lower your prices to make a quick buck that is a red flag imo. Come in,tank the market, get a ton of orders from newer member and bounce. No thanks on all that. We have a good product, and great customer service. I would rather get my teeth worked on at a good dentist than Ray Rays back yard dentist and taxidermy.
  20. SpartaPharmaUSA

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    Hey, I came into it knowing what I was in for. Let's have it, I'm ready.
    I need an avatar..
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