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Discussion in 'Political Discourse' started by Logan44551, Mar 24, 2018.

  1. Logan44551

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    What do you guys think about this new spending bill they just passed? When did Republicans give up on fiscal responsibility?
  2. rugerjitsu

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    Are you serious right now? You’re asking when Republicans give up on fiscal responsibility? Just want to make sure that wasn’t a type-o...
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  3. Logan44551

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    I guess it has been a good thirty years
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  4. Eman

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    That's really just an old talking point... I don't feel they have been fiscally responsible in quite some time. They create a big ass spending bill and say it's for the military to sell it.
  5. Swiper

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    when have they ever had fiscal restraint?
  6. Swiper

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    not one person who voted on the bill read the bill. they have no clue what’s in the bill they just made law. that’s the government we elected. it’s an absolute disgrace and embarrassment to our system. but yet these people still get voted back in office and the same thing will keep on happening over and over and nothing will change. And the politicians have no shame about that. it’s all a reflection of the voters. not too bright and just a bunch of blind sheep.
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  7. Sp2.0

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    Is this what draining the swamp looks like?
  8. Logan44551

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    Rand Paul read it, voted no too
  9. Logan44551

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    I totally agree, I hope to see some change, or at least hope my kids do.
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  10. flenser

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  11. Swiper

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    To be precise he started reading it but never finished by the time the vote came up

    you would have to read a page a minute from the time it was released to the time of the vote to finish it
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  12. Rand was giving a review on twitter if you're interested. Overall it does have some good but its dogshit and not going in the right direction.
    Line vetoes need to happen. Now.
  13. Right. They couldn't read it until recently, and then it was 2k pages. Typical "We can't tell you what's in it until we pass it!".