SpiderOak - centralized "zero knowledge" cloud storage provider recommended by Edward Snowden

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    SpiderOak is the centralized "zero knowledge" cloud storage provider recommended by Edward Snowden:

    "Spideroak has structured their system in such a way you can store all of your information on them with the same sort of features that Dropbox does, but they literally had have no access to the content. So while they can be compelled to turn it over, the law enforcement agencies still have to go to a judge and get a warrant to actually get your encryption key from you."

    I wonder what Snowden would say about SpiderOak in comparison to decentralized P2P solutions like Stoj?

    SpiderOak probably more secure. But it's centralized (single point of failure) and data can be deleted; it could conceivably end up in the government's hands even though it may be inaccessible due to client-side encryption.

    More about zero knowledge privacy:


    SpideOak website: http://zeroknowledgeprivacy.org/
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    I have heard of this and have been reading up on it.