Spirit mediums and the other side

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    I don't normally get into this kind of thing but for some reason I found myself agreeing to spend a few hours in an auditorium with a spirit medium. I was asked by my wife last minute because one of the girls in the group backed out. I was stoned off my rocker and had nothing to do that day and I only had one question: Do they have a bar? The answer was yes, there will be a cash bar. So, off to the races we go.

    We drive to Arlington MA and find ourselves herding into a small 400 person theater. It's an old auditorium from back in the 1950s or so. The architecture and decor may still be originals. The room is divided by two isles that run from the stage to the back of the theater, a very typical theater setup.

    The group is my mother in law, her youngest daughter, her oldest daughter (my wife) and myself. If you're looking at the stage we are sitting on the right hand side about 15 rows from the stage. The room is about 98% women. I think I counted 5 men in total.

    The medium is Maureen Hancock. She is local to the Boston area but I believe she works throughout the country. She is a very pretty woman with a soft touch about her. Very welcoming personality.

    She starts the evening off with some small talk and what not. She is speaking about how these things generally go and says don't expect to have anyone come and talk to you. She tells us that this could be very emotional even if she doesn't interface with anyone that you know in particular and that she has no control over who talks from the other side. Even if you have someone comes and talks to you they may be cast aside from another spirit with a louder voice that wants to be listened to.

    The reason we went in the first place was my mother in law wanted to hear from her mother. Outside of that, sucking back a few iced down tall boys would have made this event a total success. Lol, little did we know...

    So Maureen begins...

    The tap dance that takes place between the medium and the other side is curious. It's almost like a schizophrenic figuring out what personality they are talking to lol. She talks about names, and who the spirit wants to talk with, stuff like that until someone in the audience finally realizes they are the person that is being addressed. Some dialog is established to confirm that the correct party has indeed been isolated and the dialog begins with the other side. Some of the time questions presented to the other side received answers and other times they didn't answer. Very strange dance to say the least.

    She gets maybe 20/30 minutes into it and the person that she was talking to at that point in time was pushed away by another spirit. She was actually surprised at how abrupt and cold the interrupting spirit was, essentially zero regard for what the other spirit had going at that time. She is talking and giving specifics that the new spirit is telling her and a group of women on the other side of the auditorium are starting to freak out because they are saying the spirit that is talking is from their family. Maureen goes over to them and starts to talk back and forth and keeps telling them that they aren't who the spirit is related to. After a minute or two of this back and forth she starts to say that the spirit is telling her to go to the other side of the theater. Now, this whole time my wife is telling her mom that the spirit sounds just like an uncle of hers. The name, the personality, the age of the man all lined up. Well, sure as shit as Maureen comes closer my wife speaks up and she starts to qualify us as the spirits target and as luck would have it we were the spirits target. It was who my wife thought and we were all excited that the mother in law was potentially going to get her wish and be able to hear from her mother again. Unfortunately this was not the case for her. The uncle was just the spirit that opened up the line of communication to us from the "afterworld". Once the door was open a crack it was kicked wide open by the other side.

    Like wide the fuck open.

    What went on next captured me and since then hasn't let me go. Maureen is now being talked to from a second spirit. This spirit has Maureen in a sad state, it was obvious. She was asking us if we knew someone that died at a young age. She said that what she was seeing was a fast, hard and abrupt death. She said it felt like suicide, almost like they took their life with a gun. She looks at the younger sister and says that she was close to him, like dating maybe. She looks at me and asks if I had a good friend that died young. It was clear who she was talking to by this point. When I was in 6th grade one of my best friends took his life. We have train tracks next to our houses and he stood in front of the MBTA commuter rail one day. Fucking smoked him at almost full speed. I was at a very pivotal time in life when this happened and it was a major reason I went down the path I traveled until I cleaned up and became a better man. I spent well over 15 years visiting his grave and crying. I'd go and see him for no reason, when my world was collapsing or when something profoundly good happened. Mostly it was when I needed someone to listen to me and not have an opinion. Dead people are really good for that. I can't tell you how many times I sat next to his grave and drank, smoked a joint, whatever. Back on track here... We as a group know that it is our deceased friend and tell Maureen how he died. She was still in a sad state over this, still as obvious as it was when she first started talking with him.

    She asks us if we would, as a group, come with her to the front of the stage. Not on the stage but just more of an open environment in front. Not sure if she thought the rows were cumbersome to the spirit or something? I'll expand on this in a minute. I'm just sitting there in complete disbelief that this is actually happening to us and I'm trying to figure out how she would be able to connect us to these spirits. It's the type of situation that makes no sense but it makes all the sense in the world. Again, very strange situation to be in. I follow the herd to the front of the stage.

    She continues. We get to learn that he is happy and where he wants to be. He wants us to know that we couldn't have done anything to prevent it. He tells me that it's all going to be ok and he enjoys all the visits to his grave. He says he misses us and that he really like my wife’s boobs. That was kind of funny lol. The theater laughed when he said this. Keep in mind guys that this is a packed 400 person theater and I along with 3 other family members are standing in front of everyone, spot lights on us. Once she started talking with us when the uncle came through I was totally unaware of the other people. They all faded away and what was going on was 100% dominant in my mind. Have I said the situation was strange yet? A few more minutes of him telling us what’s what on his end. It was amazing.

    Surprisingly. she starts to get some dialog from another spirit that wants to directly address me. No one else, just me. It's my father’s old man. She starts to tell me about him, very specific things. He went to WW2 in the Navy, yes. He lied and enlisted when he was underage, yes. He was in the South China Sea, yes. She even goes as far to tell me that he was on the same boat as her grandfather. She said to do some research on the subject and I will find that last part to be the truth. So at this point I am hook line and sinker. Herbie is saying hello. He wants to tell me that I have an amazing woman by my side and that I need to never fuck it up and leave her, or make her leave me. He says we are supposed to be together and to treasure her.

    This was a few years ago at this point. I had just had a knee surgery a few weeks before so keeping body weight on that leg wasn't the easiest thing to do. I was crossing my legs on and off to support myself. To expand on the 'too cumbersome for the spirit' comment from earlier, I will say that she had asked me twice to uncross my legs because it makes it harder for her to communicate to the other side. I noticed that when the open line of communication ended I had my legs slightly crossed for the 3rd time. Coincidence? Maybe?

    Well, the show goes on and other spirits come through and the tears and booze flows and the earth continues to rotate. I'm left sitting in an uncomfortable theater seat wondering what the fuck just happened to me. It was closure, reinforcing and yet left me with so much more to say and ask. It was one of, if not the biggest mind fuck of my life. I spent days trying to figure out how she got this info about my family. How did she know? Some of the details that she was expressing could have only come from the real source. The entire thing is insane and I don't know why it happened to us but all I can say is that after that evening I can't help but believe. She is correct when she said that her grandfather and mine served together in the South China Sea btw. Unreal.

    On a side note it's April 19th and I see snow falling outside. what the hell is going on with the weather???

    So on the way home we get into a little bit of traffic on a local highway. An accident happened in front of us and as usual all the cars have to slow down and or stop. As we get to the point where we can creep by the accident all you see is chaos and a dead dude in the road. He was just lying there, all sorts of dead. I think he was walking down the highway or something and got hit. What a fucking evening.

    I don’t' know why I decided to write this up. The event popped into my head this a.m. and I can't stop thinking about it. Funny how the mind works. Hope someone pulls something good from this....
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    One of my wife's best friends is a medium of some notoriety. I don't hold strong opinions either way on whether what she does is real, but I'm certain she absolutely believes it. Her clients believe her as well, even the previously skeptical ones, and they are largely wealthy businessmen.

    I made it pretty clear to her our first meeting that I don't want to be.. er, scanned? My interests are in the physical world. I prefer to let the dead rest. I figure I won't be interested in the dead until I'm dead too : )
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    I'm previously a skeptic, absolutely changed since.

    I didn't realize they listen and are around to the extent that they are. Felt funny every time I've jerked off since o_O
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    Who? Your wife or the medium? Both, lol?
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    Lol, both!
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    You always said you liked it when someone watches...
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    But not Grandpa....
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    Of course, lol...

    Is her friend on TLC??
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    You guys are losing your marbles, lower the gear dose for 4 weeks.

    HIGHRISK Member

    I just give you props for having a attention span long enough to write that. Lol I will have to say I was very intrigued in the story. My opinion is there just really good salesman that know how to key in on certain things. Everyone has a grandfather that fought in a war. Now I probably sound just like you did before all this. I will have to admit I would like to meet one face to face and let them actually give me some info that's not general or centralized. I have been fascinated with the afterlife and everything that's positioned around it. Either way good story
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    Id still be a skeptic but the personal details made it for me. Hard for me to not believe after that night. Like you said though, at least a good story came from it.

    Fwiw, if I had just been a participant and not involved at some point i would have thought it was a waste of time.
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    Great story and great writing style,@ickyrica. I'm struck by the serendipity involved. You hadn't planned to go and wouldn't have but for a last minute change in another person's schedule. Blows my mind when I realize I've been drawn to exactly the right place at exactly the right time without any planning or forethought on my part. Nice to be reminded life is filled with mystery. Too easy for me to grow jaded these days and stop paying attention.

    Passing the poor guy who'd just been killed just after leaving the theater also seems more than mere coincidence. Sometimes serendipity can have a dark edge while providing insight I guess.

    When I read the part about jacking off I laughed so hard I couldn't stop coughing. After my grandmother died my mom told me "She'll always be watching over you from heaven." As if I didn't already have enough guilt and anxiety about masturbating...

    Thanks for the post.
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    I’ve actually heard of mediums that will plant dead bodies on major highways near an event they have performed at to tie the freaky event all together. I’m guessing this is what happened. Actually I just made that shit entirely up. Cool story...
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    Once I was in an old hotel in Mesquite, Nevada. I was out in the casino all night partying it up. When I went back to my room and was lying in bed, I looked towards the door and saw a women and little girl standing there. I told myself I was drunk and it wasn't real so I rolled over and passed out. The next day I went to breakfast with my buddy who was in the other bed, and he proceeds to tell me that during the night he woke up and looked to see if I ever came back, and saw a woman and a little girl standing above me in my bed....

    I got the chills just typing that out or any other time I think about that.
  15. That's a pretty cool story. i can't say i truly believe in all the paranormal stuff, but i do love reading about it. Thanks for sharing.

    You too @ickyrica great story and thread. Thanks for sharing.
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    @ickyrica thank you for sharing. Your ability to type all of that speaks to it's impact on you. I don't really question whether or not "the other side" can be contacted, I just question how one can trust the entity speaking through them/to them or guiding them.
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