Split vs muscle group a day

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by 350lift, Jun 8, 2019.

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    i run a split and my back bicep shoulder workout managed to turn into like 2-2.5 hours and i think I’d have better energy hitting one body part a day for an hour.

    I’m still growing on the split but idk if the one part a day would yield better results
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    try it and let us know
  3. 350lift

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    Guess that’s all I can do
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    If you're taking over 2hrs, you probably need to either start paying attention to your rest times or you need to consider cutting a few movements out. I think some guys really go overboard with hitting every conceivable angle for a muscle group in a single session... hit a solid base movement and rotate a few different accessories and most guys will get the same or better results as they were with hitting a million sets of every shoulder, bicep, etc movement.
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    This is my philosophy. I do a chest/tri/shoulder and leg/back/bis split currently (taking a break from DC for five weeks).

    I do two exercises per muscle group and go as hard as I can, supersetting when possible to save time. I alternate between two different workouts for each split. My workouts are usually <1.5 hours. I find that when you do a million movements to hit each muscle group you can't give each movement the intensity that it deserves. I feel like there's also a point where you're just doing damage to yourself for no return.

    Training frequency > insane volume IMO. I've never liked single body part splits for just that reason. Protein synthesis is only accelerated for a day or two after working a muscle. Working it once a week is leaving gains on the table.
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    Yeah idk my back bi shoulder day is lat pull down 2 sets underhand 3 sets overhand dumbell curls cable curls over head press lat raises front raises reverse flys lat pullover, rows, think I’m gonna throw back on a different day since it’s def lacking in terms of exercises and Shoulders and bis can be increased and back also increased volume wise
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    If your back is lacking I'd definitely throw some deadlifts into the mix. They're about the best bang-for-your-buck back exercise that you can do. Even if you keep them relatively light and do sets of 8 or so, you'll see a big improvement.

    Maybe alternate deads and rows for back thickness instead of straight rows every day?

    Doing chins and pullups over lat pulldowns might also help. I have shitty lats and that has helped me a lot.
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