Spring 2018 - Test and Tbol

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    I'm already like halfway through this cycle but thought I'd throw up a log just to have a Meso record of of it. As of today's post date i'm in week 7 of this.

    38 year old
    10-16% bf range (only done cheap pinch tests or the electric magnetic but anyone can tell from looking at me that this is my range)

    Maintain my badassness as long as I can. Basically try to hang on to all the hardwork and gains I got from ages 18-33 years old (all natural).

    Cycle history:
    2 x 10week Test only at 500mg/week (both in 2016)

    Current Cycle:
    500mg week test cyp for 12 weeks
    Anastrozle 0.5 eod (started on aromasin 12.5 eod but like 95% sure it was garbage and I implied such on BOP source thread and got banned).
    Tbol finisher 40mg/day starting week 7 and then up to 60mg/day week 8-12
    Test Prop Bridge to pct at 150mg eod starting with last Cyp injection and for 14 days
    hcg at 500iu week (split two doses) starting 35 days before first dose of clomid/nolva
    Clomid/nolva PCT
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  2. Texas.Redneck

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    Results so far:
    went from 183lbs to 200lbs in 6 weeks. I started a little leaner than I normally am at 183 so I jumped up pretty quickly because my natural bulking weight (not on drugs) is usually around 190. STill I am happy with 2.3lb a week average growth rate. it's a nice steady pace.

    I'd give more measurable strength statistics but I didn't do a very good job taking my squat, press, bench maxes at beginning of cycle and I can't really do too heavy squats anymore due to degenerative disc. So it's hard to measure lifts anymore as I sub in lots of different stuff like split squats and do RDL's a lot more now rather than traditional deadlift and had to cut out a lot of Olympic lifts.
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  3. Hendred

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    How you finding the tbol?
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    So you gained 17lbs on 500mg of Test Cyp in 6 weeks. Oh and your 10-18% BF...
    Cool story!
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    Alright, you caught me. I only weighed 198 when I weighed in Saturday. And I think you missed the part about that I'm normally at around 190 all natural (meaning before I ever touched an anabolic in my life), that is, when I'm lifting regularly (3+ days a week) and eating cleanly. So, what I'm trying to tell you is that I don't even really count that first 7 lbs (from 183-190) of me just bouncing back to my regular weight. I was a light because I had got a puppy around December and only had been working out once or twice a week for a few months. I'm the body type that tends to slim down when not working out regularly rather than turn into a fatass. I assume your the type that turns into a fat disgustting puke when you don't workout for 3 months and grow boobs.

    So if it makes you feel better lets go with I put on about 8lbs in 7 weeks for roughly 1lb a week.

    Happy you fucking douche bag? Get off my cycle log if you don't want to participate. I haven't been jacked up my whole life on anabolic steroids so I get pretty damn good results. I started when I was 36 years old and this is my 3rd cycle in 2.5 years.
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    STill TBD. First time on it so not really sure what to expect. I've always had a baseline to measure testosterone against because I had some TRT scripts so I could always compare results/body feelings to legit Depot Testosterone from Pfizer.
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    Oh and it wasn't just the test Cyp. You act like all you have to do is pin yourself full of drugs and get results. I been doing this workout thing for a long long time. I know exactly how to get results quick...

    I completely revamped my training program. Went for 3 days on and 1 day off program for first several weeks until my body need more rest time and then backed off to 5 days a week.

    And Didn't quite double my food intake but probably added about a 1.5x multiple to it as follows::

    Breakfast- Whole oatmeal with blueberries and 5-6 eggs Kale/power green omellette

    Mid morning snack - gainer powder, whole milk and banana

    lunches/dinners - (1) choice of 10-12 oz of either chicken, steak, or salmon; (2) choice of vegetables; and (3) choice of sweet potato or long grain rice or regular potatoes.

    afternoon snack - two hardboiled eggs, two cheese sticks, cashews, apple

    Bed time snack - cottage cheese, peanut butter, banana

    Wednesday nights are always texas Roadhouse 11oz sirloin.
  8. Texas.Redneck

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    And finally for the last month I'm on this cycle I'll cut it to super strict Keto and shed all the waterweight and trim some fat and boom done and roll into some pct...
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    Simmer down, you don't do this in cycle logs. Be respectful.
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    AF0E8CD0-B51D-49E2-8B29-008C0CAD6102.gif Listen homie your posting in a public forum if you can’t handle questions and a little criticism then meso isn’t for you. Your story is confusing and yes I got the part about you normally sitting at around 190lbs. The reason why I was interested in your log was because we’re about the same size and gaining 17lbs in 6 weeks is a shit ton regardless where you started and naturally sit at. By the way your not special because you didn’t start anabolics untill your mid 30’s. I started when I was 39 and now I’m 45. Sad you had to resort to insults because I questioned a 17lb weight increase over 6 weeks. Stop being so insecure and let’s see puppy pics!! :)
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    There just numbers @Eman, very interesting numbers. I meant no disrespect bro..
  12. Eman

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    I must have taken it wrong, thanks for clarifying.
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    hey this is Meso and exactly the reason I can resort to insults. It's uncensored over here. So if you can't handle it go to another forum.

    HOw about this, let's amend my original posts and say between my bodyweight fluctuating from 183 - 198, let's just say my BF is anywhere between 10-20%? happy?

    I'm not going to pay for a legit bodyfat percentage test at the coopers clinic or somewhere because I don't really care. I can see my abs popping and that's how I measure how fat I am. It's the eyeball test. and I'm not posting pics on a public forum.
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    Hey Eman. Thanks for participating on my log. I assume i can do whatever i want on my own cycle log? :) And you know my style is stir some shit up.... hahahah
  15. Eman

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    I've been known to be a shit stirrer myself. :cool:
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    Maybe you should clarify why you think my “story” is so far fetched? Or do you just not understand how BF percentages work?

    I just went back into my fitness pal records and April 2017 (3 months off cycle) i was 197 and 16% bf according to one of those cheap ass handheld things the trainers at gym have and you can buy on amazon for $50. And then june 2017 after 1.5 months strict Keto i was 184lbs and 12.7% bf according to the exact cheap handheld device. So let's just assume those POS machines are +/-3% error rate I'm still within range I suggested. And again, let me reiterate, I'm not a fat ass so bf % always been least of my concerns. I basically look the same all the time. My 198lb self is just a larger version than my 185lb self.

    And I Squat a ton and do a lot of posterior chain heavy compound lifts so I carry a lot of bulk through the legs and posterior chain.
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    Nah, I’m good here thank you..
    It’s not that your story is so far fetched. Its more so the timeline and the fact the Test c doesn’t really kick in until week 4-5 and the diet you posted is weak as fuck for someone to gain 17lbs in six weeks. Why can’t you just post fucking cals and macros like a normal person, instead 1.5 x as follows. Wtf is that shit?? You said you use fitness pal so it should be pretty simple. I wish you the best with your gains that are between 180lb and 203lbs and I hope you reach that goal of 10%- 20% BF! o_O
  18. Texas.Redneck

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    It's really quite simple. I weigh myself on the same beam scale at the same gym wearing the same underwear. And Bodyweight unfortunately was the only metric I cared taking the time to track this particular cycle as I have a life. I was too busy actually working out, designing my training programs, meal prepping, and having kick ass workouts like every day. Go keep counting your calories and macros like some gay ass bodybuilder who wants to prance around and take selfies in his speedo and spray tan. get the eff off my cycle log and unwatch this thread beeeotch.

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    And your original post makes no sense. You are the biggest effing moron I've ever seen. I never said 10-18% (my original post said 10-16% and that was when I was 185lbs you effing idiot). God you are the dumbest person ever. I might very well be pushing upwards of 18-20% since I've spent the last 7 weeks purely bulking. Like I said above, I'm saving the last 3-4 weeks on cycle to go strict Keto and cut weight. You are one idiot
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    Anyways, more about the cycle to those of you I can actually stand to have a conversation with. I appreciate Eman and Hendred not being complete morons. So the Cyp is for sure legit because it was 3 10ml vials I collected over the period of 18 months of seeing a TRT doc just to get labs run on myself while using underground product for cycles. So this Test cycle for 12 weeks is purely Pharm grade Pfizer Depot Test.

    The Tbol I don't know as I've never done it before so I can't just use the "how I feel" test on it. I went ahead and got one of those $25 roidtest kits just to check it.