Squats feet pointed a bit outwards versus closer to feet point straight forwards

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by 350lift, Oct 8, 2019.

  1. 350lift

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    my feet mobility is trash so my feet point a decent amount outwards,am I going to lose out on a lot of quad sweep etc overtime by not correcting this
  2. LeoTC

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    Mobility is the same as anything else.

    Work on it and it'll improve. If you're aware of the issue and do nothing, you're kinda just whining for the sake of whining.
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  3. johntt44

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    God you're a hardass. You're like a morbid life coach! :)
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  4. 350lift

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    Nah I know it can be improved but is there a difference in growth from feet almost forwards versus pointed out a bit, that was what I was wondering
  5. slyfox115

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    Are you training to get the absolute biggest squat you can achieve or bring up your quad sweep?
  6. 350lift

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    Just trying to get stronger now,
    Quad later
  7. slyfox115

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    If that's the case I would do whatever allows you to stay injury free and get the best leverages for the strongest squat. The hip capsule itself varies so much from person to person it's tough to give a blanket statement on what is the BEST squat for EVERYONE.

    Out of curiosity are your mobility issues in your hips or ankles?
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  8. 350lift

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    Mainly ankle
  9. slyfox115

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    I have had some luck with using the voodoo floss bands along with some banded distraction to make my ankles less "sticky" (if that makes sense).

    THICK[er] Anti-Fragile Floss Band

    How to Improve Ankle Mobility

    The thing about it is I would have to do this EVERY single session to get the benefits and it became too time consuming. Over time I just moved to a few other movement prep exercises to get ready for whatever lift I was focusing on for the day. Mobility is better than what it was before but not as good as doing it every single workout. I cannot do a single leg foot forward pistol squat in my bare feet to save my life but I can sure as hell out squat those same people :).
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  10. LeoTC

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    Just way to many people that whine about shit and don't do anything these days.

    Like the chick that bitches about her husband and won't leave. The fucking children that whine about being broke, but blow every paycheck at the bar. All the fat fucks on a new fad diet every month instead of making sustainable changes.

    Shit drives me fucking crazy. Like, yo, you can exit my life with all your toxic self defeating bullshit.
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  11. Delt123

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    I always squatted pointing out and my sweep is fairly good. Currently doing a lil outside shoulder width stance and a little bit point out.

    I used to squat wide and toes point out heavily with no problems too.
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  12. 350lift

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