SR Healthtech?

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by bambam333, Dec 15, 2018.

  1. bambam333

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    anyone ever grab any raw from them or hear anything
  2. Roco Bama

    Roco Bama Member

    What are their prices ?
  3. T-Bagger

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    I’ve heard they scammed a startup lab out of about $15k.

    Over at BOP several guys have posted up good bloodwork.

    They are the manufacturer of their raws.

    To create an account, they require a credit card number. Yeah - that doesn’t sound suspicious AF.
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  4. Nela

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    There semi finished oils are a hit and miss stay away from there tren and npp was absolutely Bunk!

    I'm sure they are using there own oils for the above If so then you have your answer
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  5. Gaynz39

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    They keep your email as well. I always get spam emails from them just for making an account on their site, and making a wishlist.
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  6. bambam333

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    sooo sounds pretty shitty to me in a few different ways thanks brothas greatly appreciated feedback
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  7. Bhairava

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    I know this is an old thread so this probably isn’t very helpful. However I ran some of their tren ace and that shit was hands down the most underdosed gear I’ve ever used. Didn’t do a single thing whatsoever. One of my buddies was working for them and catching packages to re ship and he recently just got popped by US customs catching their packages from China. Would not reccomend them to anybody.
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  8. Driftking

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    Ok that's terrible. The reason why your buddy was popped by the custom is because they shipped the packages to your buddy with international express directly I think but not the transshipment as they promised. When the package was seized in custom and your friend was exposed. I am not talking down on them but On this issue, this behavior is really selfish, they care nothing about their reshipper.