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    Dear guys on MESO,

    This is Anne from Steroidstour. We are a distributor of anabolic raws in China mainland for a long time, but starts the international business lately. We are currently a sponsor on Anasci .

    Our main products includes, steroid raws, sex enhancements raws, SARMS raws.

    Picture of the stock and lab equipment ,HPLC test reports attached.

    Shipping: Normally raws will be shipped from China . USA domestic shipping from our warehouse in US is also available .

    Payment:Western union,Money Gram, Bitcoin ,Bank transfer acceptable.

    Contact:Steroidstour at protonmail dot com

    By the way, I am a female. I have to emphasize it since my profile name is Bat23man and I can't change it.

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    Thanks for your attention.
  4. Bat23man

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    HPLC test report is attached.

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    Oh, I could care less tbh. If anything, I'm suspect of you. If I was a betting man I might put money on you being LEO. Lots of bad things happening recently and I think it warrants a level of scrutiny like non other.
  6. Bat23man

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    Totally understand your point.
    For clients who wants to test the quality and service at low cost. We offer sample order special.

    USA sample package (10g test E ) offer for free for American client , only usd30 shipping cost needed.Around 3 days door to door delivery. Post review after receiving the package , you will get the usd30 as credit for order.
    10 packages , first come first serve.

    Sample package (5g tren ace or 20g test E ) shipping Direct to world wide.Only usd50 shipping cost needed. ETA is about 15 days door to door. Post review after receiving the package , you will get the usd50 as credit for order.
    10 packages, first come first serve.

    Valid date from now to 20th October.
  7. BigNattyDaddy

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    Who sent you?

    How long have you been in business?

    What are your prices?
  8. Bat23man

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    Don't understand your first question. Sorry.

    I have in business for over 7 years, but just start the international business a few months ago.

    Send me an email, I will send you the price list.
  9. eje1990

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    who told you to come to meso.
  10. Bat23man

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    Nobody . As I mentioned we are on another board too. Tbh I also searched many other forums.
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    We want a Picture of your Cooter BEFORE we go any further. And GOOOO
  12. Steve84

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    Hells yes!

    Fuck wife's tits as normal... this one is source's tits ;)
    Personally if authentic I'd order :p

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  13. Gaynz39

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    Same here. I would suggest Meso in some sort of righting above the mound of Love to prove its authenticity, and I’ll put a Small first timer in!!!
  14. tattscp35

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    Domestic price list? So you personally have been in business for over 7 yrs domestically?
  15. SuperSwede

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    Web page?
    International Prices?
    How can we trust you?
  16. Bat23man

    Bat23man Member Supporter

    Domestic USA price list can be offered. Please email me.

    Yes, I have been in business for over 7 years as a distributor in domestic China .
  17. Gaynz39

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    You can’t ignore the Demands Lady. It’ll get you off on 1 hell of a start here. You have to take 1 for the Team sometimes to be successful.
  18. tattscp35

    tattscp35 Member

    So if I email you now you can send me a US domestic product and price list within the next hour?
  19. Bat23man

    Bat23man Member Supporter

    Honestly I can't. It's night here now. But I will reply you with list tomorrow morning of GMT+8 time.
  20. Bat23man

    Bat23man Member Supporter

    My site is Steroidstour dot com
    International price list available, email me i will send in the morning.

    We offer to start with small sample bag . Or you can wait, time will prove it.