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So, my wife's ran 3 cycles of oral Var over the last year, with increasing levels from 5mg up to 25mg for a brief period on her latest cycle and has gotten great results and minimal sides. So, I'm starting to plan for her next cycle and we are thinking to try and add something else in because I'm not comfortable adding more than 25mg. I was just wondering what some of you ladies have stacked with var and what your cycles looked like?
Also any suggestions for a cycle of HGH and Var stacked?(She really wants HGH for all the desirable effects of it. She is not a fan of needles but is willing to get over it. However, I think another injectable at the same time as HGH would be too much stabbing for her to take and I read you don't mix two orals together so it seems we are limited to var and hgh)

Note- Main goal at this point is muscle gains without masculine side effects, with fat loss as a minor goal. Also, note I currently hold very little knowledge about HGH and need to research it before our next cycle which will probably be 10 weeks from now so any advice about it is valued. She's 29 years old btw.




Unless she is trying to compete I would just change her training up from the sounds of it. If after 3 cycles of anavar ain't got her the muscle she's looking for then something is up.

Gh is not really going to make her bigger just help the way her muscles look, but it's not something you just take for a month or two.

You could do var npp, var mast, var test, test npp, test mast, eq, primo, winstrol just to name a few.

It sounds like you guys need to reasearch more tho... not being mean just honest. I would probably just do var and gh if it were me. It's hard to know what sides she will and won't get, everyone is different.


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Oh yeah definitely need more research, honesty is fine. I agree, got 10 weeks before her next cycle to research and don't plan to inject her with anything without knowing what I'm doing first. I just think too far ahead sometimes.

First cycle was conservative but saw nice gains and broke through plateu's she'd been stuck at for a long time, 2nd was basically a waste because I was working 18hr days and was too exhausted to plan good workouts and make sure the diet was on point. Third was great, got great nutrition and workouts and by the end she's now able to do wide grip pullups for reps, parralel dips, weighted chinups, and improved her lifts too which is crazy improvement strengthwise from before starting her first cycle. Her attitude is awesome towards lifting now compared to before starting too, she views it more as a mental strengthening than physical torture.

So, progress has been very good. Var and GH is what I'm planning for now as well. Prob should narrow this to just if any women have done Var and GH stacks.

I guess where I'm confused is I've heard other people I know saying after a few cycles they started stacking and it seemed like that's what you are supposed to do and brief research told me GH stacks well with steroids and we got the money for it anyway. So, I just decided to see what the experienced people here have done.

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