Stacking Orals + Test for recovery and athletic purposes

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by jangoux, Nov 18, 2016.

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    Hello everyone,

    I am in the middle of my 2nd-ish cycle - I first ran doctor-prescribed TRT (Nebido) + 50mg Anadrol cycle and now I am in the 6th week of 500mg Test-E cycle. Since starting both cycles , I feel much better than before. But I feel a little difference between both 'cycles': recovery was MUCH better and my body felt a lot younger (I am a beaten up 34yo). On Test alone I just feel like a better myself - stronger, recovery is a little better, can do more stuff on the gym. I also play basketball and while o Adrol, I felt a lot more explosive than with Test alone.

    That being said, Anadrol also gave me some sides: gyno, terrible calf and shin pumps and by the 4th week I felt sleepy, my hunger vanished and I always felt really sick (probably due to my liver overworking). My E2 also went over the roof at over 140 (since it was doctor prescribed I didn't care up to the point my symptoms were too bad, then I researched and got tested). The calf/shin pumps were terrible, I would need to stop walking every two blocks because it was TOO painful.

    So, given all that (and not forgetting aesthetics purposes lol), what orals would you recommend to stack along with Test ? My sources have Adrol, Dbol, and Var (although I am not sure of the trueness of this Var). I also got recommended Deca (injectable, of course) by someone who also said it would give me similar recovery and strength to Adrol.

    Best Regards.
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    Anadrol wasn't the source of your high estrogen. It doesn't aromatize at all, although it can definitely cause gyno (nobody really knows why).

    I'd go with dbol, personally. You have to watch your E2 carefully while on it, but it's pretty side-effect friendly aside from that. Where anadrol will make you feel like shit, dbol will make you feel great.
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    Not to hijack thread but how is adrol for the hair compared to other AAS? I don't notice any extra shedding on superdrol stacked with test

    As for OP I am also looking for athletic performance and I think a low dose dry compound is always best for that. Try low dose var
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    Do you already have an ai on hand? If your prone to gyno dbol may not be for you as it aromatizes at a high rate (for me anyways). I also get back pumps and hamstring cramps bad on var so I don't know if any oral would be good for the goals you are seeking. Also, what's you diet and training schedule look like? What are your goals with this cycle?
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    I took this for granted when recommending dbol. I have enough AI for several cycles on hand at all times. I tend to assume that others do the same.
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    I've seen too many times on here when guys don't even know what an ai is and then wonder why they're on the way to titty town.