Stacking Tren on top of Tren equals infinity stone...

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by penche, May 12, 2019.

  1. penche

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    Been running a mild stack of 500mg Test/week, Eq 500mg/week, 400mg tren E/per week. Fairly low doses and the strength is amazing. Got a wild hair up my ass and began to stack Tren Ace on top of Tren Enanthate. Only 100~150mg Tren Ace/week and gawd dammit I feel like I got a hold of a infinity stone. The strength is ridiculous. 3iu of HGH ED at night too. Only side effects is lethargy but I have some modanifil in route to see if that helps.

    So my question is has anyone used modafinil for lethargic side effect? Caffeine only works for couple hours.
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  2. Urgentfury12

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    I use 5mgs of cialis on the days I’m dragging ass. Works for me.
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  3. bambam333

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    Crazy cialis makes me more tired
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  4. bambam333

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    When I need an extra mild kick and the caffeine doesn’t do it I add in a couple primatenes with my caffeine for lethargy and works pretty good
  5. Delt123

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    Been on gh for 11 weeks now.

    First 4-5 weeks I was well rested and very energetic.

    But now, 8hours of sleep and 2naps is needed. Usually only get 1 nap tho.

    Modafinil should help yeah
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  6. penche

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    Oh yeah extra rest always help big times. Seems it’s Monday and tuesdays I need the most help. Truth hoping modafinil will give me the kick I need along with caffeine.
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  7. Ophydian

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    I’ve used Modafinil from time to time. Unless what I had was counterfeit it really didn’t give me any kind of go. I’ve been curious about caffeine + l-theanine.
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  8. Delt123

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    Really like that combo if your tolerance for caffeine is low. It does wears of if you use it longer (likely due to tolerance to caffeine).
  9. mr_meanor

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    I've been running 4iu a day for awhile now and was having serious lethargy issues. After a round of bloods realized my thyroid levels where too low. Now I'm on a t3/4 blend and the lethargy is no longer an issue, except on cheat meal days, and I think that is a coorelation of the carbs and sugar possibly.
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  10. penche

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    Thank you I almost forgot about the T3/T4 combo and I have that on hand. It’s for sure the tren that makes me lethargic because I’ve been on HGH for a good while now. So I power through but now I’m gonna try different methods to help
  11. mr_meanor

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    If it is a thyroid issue you will see improvements in a matter of days, or at least I did. Dosing thyroid medicine must be done properly to be effective. Fasted in the morning with 8 oz of water and wait at least 30 minutes before consuming anything, even black coffee. Per my Doc this is very important, I'm not exactly sure why but when I go in for some mid blast labs in a few weeks and I'm gonna ask him.
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  12. Logan44551

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    Which would you use t3 or T4?
  13. mr_meanor

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    I was prescribed a blend of both by my Doc. It is my understanding that excess T4 is converted to T3, so I would assume T4 would be optimal over T3
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  14. Vipera1

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    Normally a Dr would prescribe T4, and indeed the body will convert it to t3 as needed.

    All depends on your thyroid lab results to be able to effectively choose a dosage.
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  15. Mr.B66

    Mr.B66 Member Supporter

    So what do you run with tren........ MORE TREN !!

    If you find something that helps with lethargy that would be great, the one thing i hate about running gh is how exhausted i feel no matter how much sleep i get.
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  16. penche

    penche Member

    Haha Tren is a game changer for sure. Def keep you posted on the fix for lethargy. I got a few tricks up my sleeve ;)
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  17. 88GENERAL88

    88GENERAL88 Member

    Bingo, I think anyone running tren and not supplement t3 is going to run into trouble, same with GH except with GH t4 has been shown to be the better choice do to t4 being converted to t3 in the liver also cause a giant release of igf-1 during that process.And the fact that you have managed to combine tren and GH I think would definitely be negatively impacting your energy. There is no human study regarding tren and thyroid however, the study that has been run on heifers shows that the heifers that were implanted with 300mg of tren acetates t4 was greatly suppressed. I guess you can take it for what it’s worth. My experience is that with tren supplementation of atleast 25mcgs of t3 preferably 50mcg if running higher amount will help do away with the lethargy you experience. Hope this helps

    Also if there is any doubt about tren effecting thyroid just have bloods drawn while on tren. I just did and it showed a suppression of t4 and free 4 and I have only been running ace for 12wks at 350wk, however I did decide just bump it up for the last 2. Gotta love tren.
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  18. 88GENERAL88

    88GENERAL88 Member

    Yeah i like to toss in the t3 or t4 go do fasted cardio, even if it’s a brisk walk, comeback and it really does make all the difference taking it on an empty stomach and waiting. Glad you mentioned that, that’s a huge factor that I think tend to be over looked by a lot of people. Cheers
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  19. Monstar

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    Was not aware of this. Longer term cycle this summer so will def factor in.
  20. 88GENERAL88

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    I will save the space on the thread but googling trenbolone and thyroid should reveal the study from Clemson I was talking about. I think Cambridge has one too. Cheers.

    Like I mentioned before, I wasn't 100 percent convinced until my recent blood work came back. Proofs in the pudding.