stan efferding take on hgh

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  1. Sparkyp

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    seems like it makes sense. does anyone agree with this?

  2. Jankauskas

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    Deca made my dick bigger once, I ran it with test and no AI, got so much bloat it looked like a fucking sledgehammer handle.
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  3. Sparkyp

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    lol. not referring to your dick getting bigger but HGH working as well as everyone says it does for size and strength. thats the question.
    a lot of interesting info in this clip on gh. i think the dick thing was to get people to watch the video.
  4. MindlessWork

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    Would not be surprised at that, lol.
  5. Rockclimber

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    Good rant, I agreed with almost everything. Use gh for soft tissue repair At lower doses. Great for older people on TRT. However his views on insulin sensitivity could be wrong. Many studies I've read suggest that insulin sensitivity at the beginning is decreased but following adipose removal from being on growth hormone insulin sensitivity is actually increased.
  6. Sparkyp

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    If almost everything he said is correct then why even go on gh? Even if he was half correct why go on gh?
    I’m only asking for personal knowledge. Idk anything about aas
  7. Rockclimber

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    Soft tissue repair. As he said, he tried everything to fix his knees, nothing worked except igf-1 ,