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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by djhatzis06, Mar 26, 2008.

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    djhatzis06 Junior Member

    Hey guys
    Im about to start my cycle on stanazol (winstrol/stanazolol)
    Its my first ever cycle, and i want it to be the only cycle i do. ill be doing it over 6-7 weeks at about 3mls a week.
    I have read alot on it and people have said you gain alot of muscle, while others have concluded that its strips body fat (on a proper diet ofcourse)?????????

    Im hoping it cuts body fat more, could people please re-assure me what stanazol does?!!?(and the possible overall effects from one cycle only)
    Also IS it possible to just rip one ever cycle, without developing bitch titties or ball shrinkage or other side effects overtime???
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    dennis Member really need to research more before you do this.I have run a stano only cycle was stupid on my part.3 mls per week will do nothing but shut you might gain a few pounds if you really eat your homework..If you are only going to run one cycle then do it right.......;)
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    LifeSize Junior Member

    Listen to dennis, you have better options.

    1) diet is everything.

    2) diet is everything else.

    3) steroids do not "burn fat". something like trenebolone will make it so that you can't really gain fat due to the receptors it activates. that's a breif, not so definite answer...if you research you will learn more.

    in my personal opinion, and im an opinionated bastard....I don't think if you want to cycle, and never do it again you're really prepared.. You shouldn't even worry about the next time until you get through the first.

    I wanted to lose fat before I start to focus on a slow steady bulk... My goal is to stay in the low two digits in bf%, still grow, and hopefully compete in my early 30s (I'd like to be in the mid 200's). I was going to run a low test/tren cycle..along with my diet would have given me great results.. I decided to tighten up my diet, supplement wiser, and train smarter - more in tune to what my body is showing me. I've probably shed 5-6% bodyfat in the last 5 weeks and I haven't dropped a pound.. my muscles look full for someone who takes in 100-150g of carbs a day and does 1hr cardio +1.5hr resistance training 5 days a week.. my body is a furnace right now..

    the longer I do this the more i feel like when I do cycle my results are going to be as good as it gets.. keep at it bro, take the time to read!
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    MrBman Junior Member

    great way of puttin it bro ... so many people are so dillusional in regards to number 3
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    dennis Member

    OHHH MR mean I cannot just simply run eq for 12 weeks and get shredded beyond belief !!??? Darn it:mad:Now I will have to exercise and eat right????Never mind..I just will have to stay fat and lazy ![:eek:)]
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    LifeSize Junior Member

    Sadly that's the road most opt for.. :\ In the end the drugs have nothing to do with it.
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    Prsident Junior Member

    One month now with a low dose of test e(300mg ew) ,nolva 20 mg ,eca, supps, and a very very strict diet and lost 10 pounds of fat. One cheat day a week. Nothing beats a good old lean proteins/veggies diet under the 1500-2000 calories with a 5-6 days of workin your ass off . That's the hardest part my friend.
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    maxorlov1976 Junior Member

    There Is Only First Cycle... But There Is Never Last Cycle.... Not As Long As You Are Still Alive And Working Out....
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    ironmanlives79 Junior Member

    are you planning oral or depot?? for starters dont ever do depot..its too much hassle ... go for oral.... but you should have at least read up for 3 months on aas before you even begin to consider it.... and you should be 25 (even though i think 30 should be the safe zone) as far as age is concerned... you will be asking for trouble if you are young.... id throw some test 500 mg in there man... and dont even begin to consider aas if you dont have your post cycle first.... its the MOST important part. my 2 cents...
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    89cherokee Junior Member

    dont skimp on test

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