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    Here is sale. Was going to be a few specific products, but I've decided to place everything on list on sale. There are a few items I've lowered the prices on top of sale as well.

    Add total to order and i will take the 20% off in reply email with bitcoin addy.

    Minimum is $200 until sale is over. At that point it will lower to $150. No exceptions

    IMPORTANT... Emailing for orders will be as follows.
    For orders put order in the heading. Place order add total and request bitcoin addy "ONLY BITCOIN ACCEPTED". I will send bitcoin addy. Please do not order if your not ready to pay.

    For payment please put "Payment" in the new header. Just erase old header and put payment. Same email chain, please. I'll need to be able to see your products ordered, your total, when you paid, etc. Also, in the payment email, please put shipping info. Please do not get creative and give fake names or use address of somewhere you don't live, etc. That's how people get in trouble.

    Please, no questions through email, don't ask for other products, no chit chat, etc. Just order and be direct. Not trying to be a jerk. Hopefully you can understand, i will be so very busy



    >>>>>>>>>>> -------------------------

    >>>>>>>>>>> *** ONLY BITCOIN ACCEPTED ***

    >>>>>>>>>>> $15 shipping

    >>>Liquid oral albuterol. 60ml at 10mg per ml.... $30

    >>>>>DRAGONS BLOOD...Injectable albuterol with lipo-b and b12 .... 20ml.. $30

    >>>Major Tom's. 25mg cialis and 50mg viagra combined.... 10 pack $15

    >>>>>>>>>>> Test prop 100mg... $20
    >>>>>>>>>>> Test Cyp. 250mg... $30
    >>>>>>>>>>> Test enth 300mg... $35
    >>>>>>>>>>> sustanon 300mg.... $40
    >>>>>>>>>>> NPP 125mg.........$30
    >>>>>>>>>>> EQ 300mg..........$35
    >>>>>>>>>>> Deca 300mg........ $40
    >>>>>>>>>>> Mast prop 100mg..... $40..... out of stock
    >>>>>>>>>>> Mast e 200mg......$50
    >>>>>>>>>>> tren e 200mg......$50
    >>>>>>>>>>> Tren ace 100mg....$40
    >>>>>>>>>>> Primo E 150mg.....$60

    >>>>>>>>>>> Orals 50 caps @ 50mg per
    >>>>>>>>>>> 60ml suspension at 30mg per ml same price also available upon request

    >>>>>>>>>>> Dbol.... $50
    >>>>>>>>>>> Winnie.. $50
    >>>>>>>>>>> Anavar.. $60
    >>>>>>>>>>> Anadrol..$50
    >>>>>>>>>>> Cialis...$35 ...20mg caps
    >>>>>>>>>>> Winavar 50mg winnie/50mg anavar... $80

    >>>>>>>>super pct 20mg nolva/50mg clomid combined...30 capsules...$35

    >>>>>> exemestane 20mg/ml oral suspension 60ml bottle.... $35

    Email addys
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    Disregard I am at work tired
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  3. Taking orders now, but shipping will resume Wednesday or Thursday. Please ask any questions in thread not in email.
  4. Had me looking around for what i missed, lol.
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    Stanford, would you rather everyone use the new email Addy's or your private list email Addy for your regular private customers?
  6. Either or. I will be monitering all emails. Just keep the private ones private. No reason, just who knows.
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    Of course no problem, Stanny.
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    Shits gonna blow up big. I better get in quick!

  9. So... Can we do CIM for this sale? The instructions weren't all that clear. Hit up my Hotmail inbox if we can. :D
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    I never trust a source that accepts cum in mouth for payment. Usually you have to pay for CIM not the other way around.
  11. As for the Dragons Blood. In case you live under a rock, lol, and haven't seen me post on it. Here is a quick run down.

    It is iniectable albuterol. Albuterol is a stimulant and you can do too much of it. Be very careful. The new recipe, which is the only one available from this day forward, is a 20ml vial. About 1/4 a ml may be kind of on the low side as far as sides go. I did 1/4 a ml (injected sub q) and barely felt it. It will give you an immediate boost of energy which may last up to 4 hours. Imo, great for injecting upon waking and jumping straight on the treadmill for a cardio. Kicks in before you hit the start button.

    This product also has vitamin b12 and a product called lipo-b which is made up of 3 amino acids. Google lipo-b and read up on it for further information.

    Be careful with this producf. You can do to much of a stimulant and it can be dangerous. The 20ml vials and the 10ml vials are very different in potency. This writeup is only for the 20ml vials 9f Dragons Blood.
  12. You will be surprised how many emails i will get asking if i take xxxxx. Even now. LoL.
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    I wish you also shipped overseas :( good deals though!
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    Wish I knew how to do bitcoin and had it setup :(
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  15. There are some good people on here that can help. Personally, i don't know how to buy. Never really have that problem, but sometimes you can find people on craigslist selling. The buying and selling is tbe hard part. Finding where to buy or sell. The rest is real easy.
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    Anyone care to help me figure it out? Always did WU or CIM so bitcoin is a whole new animal for me
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    no superdrol?
  18. Yes sir. Shoot. Forgot that on the list.
  19. Forgot to put superdrol and 10mg Anavar on the list.
    50 pack

    Superdrol 10mg...... $40
    Anavar 10mg...... $20
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    No Halo anymore?