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  1. Hello All,

    I am Stanford Pharmaceuticals. I am a private source looking to open my doors to a few select peoples. I have a dilemma that i think we can both capitalize on. At this moment i am out of stock on tren E, but i have quite a bit of Tren A. I would like to sell some Tren A at a sale price to a select few that use only bitcoin and are looking for a good domestic source. My proposal is, i will be remaining a private source, but will be accepting 10 or so customers that would be willing to buy a 5 pack of Tren A at $35 a vial ($175) and that are bitcoin using customers. I don't want to be out of Tren E very long. I feel bad for my existing customers that are wanting the Tren E. I would also like to add a few items such as Primo E and 1-test-cyp hopefully in the next few weeks.

    About me
    i've been a source for about 15 years. 10 years local and about 5 years nationwide domestic. i've always had the goal to be the best. I have a policy in which i guarantee my products to my services to your down right satisfaction of your cycle. It is my goal to leave a customer with a smile on their face no matter what it takes. SP has been around for a bit and i have yet to see a negative review. Private or not i guarantee you if someone was unhappy they would post it up.

    Most of the time you get your pack in 2 to 3 days. Holidays maybe 4 days, but if your looking at a week for delivery (which has only happened a couple times) you are compensated for my lack of service and those guys are left feeling they are the lucky ones.

    Lab Equipment
    All lab glassware are cleaned using a glassware detergent then thoroughly rinsed with alcohol and distilled water. Then the glassware is Sterilized using temps of 500f for a few hours. Stoppers cleaned with alcohol and distilled water and heated at 335f for a few hours. Products are vacuum pumped through whatman .2um filters. Room is Cleaned with a bleach solution and no fans or air running while products are being synthesized.

    I've always guaranteed my services and my products. Kind of a no lose situation for the customer. I've never second guessed my customers. If they weren't happy for whatever reason they were taken care of to the point where they were more than satisfied.

    Personal Info
    All personal info is erased after every transaction. You just contact me telling me you received everything you ordered and i erase all emails. Sometime customers email me back using the same email from previous order and it brings back up all our transaction from before, but i erase on my end.


    I don't want to mention customers. Obviously not my place to discuss them and i don't expect anyone to mention they are SP customers if they wish not to. My policy has always been that folks are free to discuss SP in the open, but (for better or worse) i just expect them to be honest and i also hope they don't give out the email address.

    Here is list to know what your getting into plus a couple pics of products.
    Also, i do customize stuff from time to time. it just boils down to if i have the time and product (raws). i can also custom dose your orals if 2 packs of 50 capsules are bought.

    >>>>>>>>>> -------------------------
    >>>>>>>>>> *** BITCOIN ACCEPTED ***
    >>>>>>>>>> SP...
    >>>>>>>>>> $15 shipping
    >>Liquid oral albuterol. 60ml at 10mg per ml.... $30
    >>Injectable albuterol with lipo-b, b12 and b6.... 10ml.. $30
    Very powerful stuff. 1 dose is just 1 tick on a slin pin. Sub q.
    >>Major Tom's. 25mg cialis and 50mg viagra combined.... $1.80 per capsule or 50 pack for $65
    >>>>>>>>>> Test no ester/Tren no ester combo. 60mg each.... $35
    >>>>>>>>>> Test no ester..80mg... $25
    >>>>>>>>>> Test prop 100mg... $25
    >>>>>>>>>> Test enth 300mg... $35
    >>>>>>>>>> sustanon 300mg.... $40
    >>>>>>>>>> NPP 125mg.........$30
    >>>>>>>>>> EQ 300mg..........$35
    >>>>>>>>>> Deca 200mg........ $40
    >>>>>>>>>> Mast prop 100mg..... $40
    >>>>>>>>>> Mast e 200mg......$50
    >>>>>>>>>> Tren e 200mg......$50... OUT OF STOCK
    >>>>>>>>>> Tren ace 100mg....$45
    >>>>>>>>>> Orals 50 caps @ 50mg per
    >>>>>>>>>> Dbol and Anavar also sold in 60ml suspension at 30mg per ml same price.
    >>>>>>>>>> Dbol.... $50
    >>>>>>>>>> Winnie.. $50
    >>>>>>>>>> Anavar.. $65....
    >>>>>>>>>> Anadrol..$50
    >>>>>>>>>> Winavar 50mg winnie/50mg anavar... $85...
    >>>>>>>>>> Cialis 60ml at 20mg/ml... $45
    >>>>>>>>>>super pct 20mg nolva/50mg clomid combined....30 capsules...$35
    >>>>> exemestane 20mg/ml oral suspension 60ml bottle.... $40

    102317 627.jpg 102317 950.jpg
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    Hey bro just quick heads up after 15 minutes you can never edit this post again\
    so you might want to take out your retarded ramblings about your sale on tren before that's your intro forever
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  3. as retarded as it may sound it's the truth, it's why i'm here so i forever remain retarded, lol.
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    A "select few"? Are you on the right board. This is meso. Membership fills the New Yankee Stadium.
    A few would have you posting up on domesticmuscle type board where they average 5 posts a day. There were 5 posts made after I finished the first sentence of this post.
    Yes, you were private. I was told by a member here who used you exclusively that he was looking for another lab after some shitty bloodwork or bad mass spec results, or both.
    I'll wake him up and bring him over. In the meantime, care to change your story sir as to why your in need of customers?
  5. TorroXL

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    Hey SP. Good to see you. You been nothing but good to me for quite a few years now.
    You have helped me out while I was in a pinch countless amounts of times. I won’t go into specifics however, what you have done for me speaks volumes about your character.
    Again, good to see you SP

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  6. i would love for you to bring them over. wouldn't you think if someone mass spec'd my product or had bad enough numbers to call my product bad they would have posted it or emailed me?
  7. Thank you. Brother. Always a pleasure.
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  8. TorroXL

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    Not a problem. Again, you have helped me out countless times over the years. I got nothing bad to say about you.
  9. penche

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    Been doing business with SP for some time now. Roughly 15 months off and on. Never an issue with his products or parcels landing. Keep up the good work brotha you will more likely get very busy. I'm not a rep just posting my experience fellas
  10. thank you, brother.
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  11. Ryno1980

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    I've used this labs oIL exclusively for a little over a year and have never had an issue. I've posted blood work twice.
    I'm not in the mood to suck dicks today so I'll leave it at that.
    As far as I've seen in the time I've used him, he's been nothing but solid.
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  12. Ryno1980

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    I am also not a rep... lmao... I do use other labs orals.. I use sp orals, but when it comes to my wife I like tabs vs caps.. just me.. his prices are good
  13. lol, well let me know when you're in the mood, haha.
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  14. TorroXL

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    I don’t suck Cox n Dix. And I’m not a rep... Just sayn

    The Bull
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    Been running sp for days always good to me. Pretty much the only thing I fuck with these days good luck sp
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    I retract my statemen if this is the case. I was referring to you, @Ryno1980...just spoke to Frank and was hitting you up next.
    I wouldn't post your handle in the open w/out letting you know first.
    I was about positive you told me you were looking for another and I know you were using these guys.
    @StanfordPharma....seems i was mistaken. My apologies.
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  17. than you, sir. good to see you.
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  18. Ryno1980

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    No sir, without throwing out any personal info, I was actually offering u a new source.. lol..
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  19. thank you sir. you had me very worried, lol. seems you are a very respected member here.
  20. Ryno1980

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    U and I spoke about some shipping issues.. I think I mentioned this source as an option
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