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Is 21 to young for T?

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  1. Jay Sanda

    Jay Sanda Member

    I've made the decision to hop on gear, will my T levels go back to normal once I come off cycle numero uno? & I'm 21 195 lbs 6ft a little bulky right now.. should I cut first? is anavar a better option? I want to do one cycle for now, more later down the road but I want to go about this safe. Before signing up I was reading around and it seems like you guys really look out for each other from making sure scams dont fall through the cracks etc. So I signed up lol to get this knowledge and understanding

    Also sides, its not guaranteed that sides will happen but from your guys experience did you go through some of that shit? balding, voice drop, hair growth etc etc
  2. Melly Mel from hell

    Melly Mel from hell Member Supporter

    Why do you have two identical threads?
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  3. CdnGuy

    CdnGuy Member

    Stop spamming
  4. Jay Sanda

    Jay Sanda Member

    My fault I thought I posted in the wrong forum the 1st time
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  5. guyzcool

    guyzcool Member

    I always say if you're old enough to make adult decisions you're old enough to do something illegal and understand the negatives. Don't do an Anavar only cycle it's a waste of money and time
  6. Burrr

    Burrr Member Supporter

    probably, but not a sure thing. roll the dice
  7. guyzcool

    guyzcool Member

    On my first test cycle, saw a major increase in facial, chest and stomach hair growth. Voice was already deep so that didn't change.
    Your recovery is up to you! You want to use pharmaceutical grade pct and Ai meds. Don't leave that shit to chance. Unless you want to spend your life without another boner
  8. Milk Man

    Milk Man Member

    Or just wait until your a bit older, you can make good gains now at 22. And its a pretty safe option:)
  9. iMONSTERoid

    iMONSTERoid Member

    You're 21 there is plenty of room to grow without AS. It may be as simple as hard work dedicated training diet and sleep for several years. This isn't a magic oil nor a pill. You're playing around with your health and even can land into jail if ever get caught with possession.

    You should listen to the vets here they would tell you the same thing.
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  10. Dublin man

    Dublin man Member

    Your right anavar is a very mild drug but it also shuts off your nature hpta so why not add test as a compound?? Your dick will be fucked on Anavar only and your liver depending on how much you take, is injecting your worrying about? If so don't bother with AAS
  11. NeedleNectar

    NeedleNectar Junior Member

    you could get hit by a bus tomorrow .. personally i say go for it . BUT youd better do everything right . Research for an hour or 2 a night for several months at least.
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  12. Jay Sanda

    Jay Sanda Member

    yeah I really studied up last night, but I'm not making any jumps until I got this down from a to z
  13. Jay Sanda

    Jay Sanda Member

    Yeah I'll be on test E 10-12 wk cycle, taking hcg during, arimadex as the ai, novaldex or clomid as pct still not sure, gonna get my test and e2 levels checked before I get started. Anavar was just something I did a half ass research on before really diving into the specifics and I thought it was safer for my age but mind change on that. But if you guys used hcg before, did you use during or after?
  14. Dublin man

    Dublin man Member

    So e people take hcg off and some on, And my friend just ended a test e 500ml a week with 30mg anavar a day(10mg) and got great results good luck bro
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  15. sin

    sin Member

    How long have you trained? If less than 4 years then yes too youn. You say youre bulky well how bulky are you ( i assume by bulky yoi mean not lean)? Do you have plans to be a competitive bber and or fitness model? If not, then all the more reason to wait and grow naturally a bit longer. You'd be surprised how big and still decently lean you can get with 8-10 years of consistent natty training. If you want to compete, how bad do you want it? Cause if being an Olympia winner isn't your dream of dreams then again I wouldn't start as of now. Gear will always be there and who knows 3-4 years from now it could be legal which would make the process that much easier and safer ( tho its not super likely it will be legal unfortunately). Basically, 21 is to young for the casual user just wanting to be bigger than the average Joe and look good naked. You'll still be able to be bigger than most and leaner than most natty at your age.
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  16. Dublin man

    Dublin man Member

    Couldn't agree more.
  17. Comfortable

    Comfortable Member

    Your age 750mg test week and 500mg tren a week add a little mast and hgh then you have a cycle to fuck your endocrine system up. Don't just barely raise t levels for some bullshit cycle. Get some gains and quit being a little bitch. Or just use your high test you have to your advantage.
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  18. Jay Sanda

    Jay Sanda Member

    I've trained about 4 years, I'm pretty solid on this decision. I'm gonna start the cycle once I cut down 15 more lbs
  19. wedorecover

    wedorecover Member Supporter

    I thought I seen this already
  20. sin

    sin Member

    If you're already decided idk why yoi bothered asking if we think 21 is too young.. But good luck I guess
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