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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by donnie99, Nov 9, 2009.

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    donnie99 Junior Member

    Gday guys ive been lifting seriously for over 2.5 years my stats are 21yo 5'10" 200lbs bf <10% Anyway im beggining my first cycle of any kind of steriod. my friends said to do test prop 2ml a week split in two 1ml shots going on for 6 weeks then taking nolvadex pct. I have looked around and realised it is a very high dosage so what can I expect in terms of side effects/health risks. Ive taken my first injection for this week so haste would be appreciated in your replies so I can work out my gameplan. oh and price is not an issue as im getting 12ml very cheaply.

    Thank you
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    scamp Junior Member

    how many mg/ml is your test prop???its probably 100mg/ml and if it is then thats not a high dose at all, you will gain from it but you would be better off doing a shot every other day, that would come out to 350mg per week, thats a good dose of prop per week its not to high and its not to low
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    peanutbutter Banned Spammer

    for prop.minimum 400-500mg week is ok if you do only propionate cycle! 200-300mg week is waist!
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    Big_paul Member Supporter

    your test is most likely 100mg/ ml. 2ml is not enough. 400mg test prop a week is good. 100mg eod.use test e or test cyp next time.front load and use test p to finnish to make pct easrier to gauge.
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    chriswhat Junior Member

    Stop giving out false advice. This is his first cycle. I made great gains on my first cycle at 250-300 mg a week of test cypionate. Prop is a bit more potent of course. I would split my injections up to eod though, two times a week will have your test levels fluctuating a lot. It will work either way though as long as you have good test.
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    donnie99 Junior Member

    thanks for the replies guys, ill find out the mg/ml today and most likely step it up to 3 pricks of 1ml per week. any more things I should take for post cycle therapy other than nolvadex ? im taking milk thistle at the moment too.
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    chriswhat Junior Member

    I think you will do fine with nolvadex. I prefer toremifene myself though.
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    Rick Junior Member

    You me start with the obvious you should not be doing this, you are too young and you do not know what you are doing. Now, since there is -0- % chance to change your mind. You need to do prop eod, if you do not like all the shots do cyp or test e. If prop 100mg (most likely 100ml) eod is PLENTY for your first cycle. Also, armidex at .5mg eod or e3d is nice to have while on particlularly since you do not know how you body will handle estrogen conversion. Also hcg at 250-500ius per week while on would be nice too, to protect the boys. nolva is then fine for pct.
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    donnie99 Junior Member

    ok its actually test-e and its 250mg / ml so im on 500mg a week cut in 2 jabs. My friend is getting his hands on some clomid to take after the cycle. Should I take clomid as well as nolvadex?
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    chriswhat Junior Member

    You can if you want to, but I would definitely get an AI for on cycle.
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    dennis Member

    Specify diet and exercise program.What is the goal of the cycle?I think you are several years away from needing to run test.

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