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    I've finally come to the realisation that genetics are not working in my favour, but by tinkering around with endocrinology a lot of corrections can take place.

    I'm 39 with narrow shoulders and wide hips that feels that it's never too late to fix a problem. Granted, my physique currently displays my love of learning and stamp collecting, but to counter that I've always been an ok athlete and martial artist.

    I purchased anabolics by Llewellyn (7 bucks on Kindle seemed like a bargain) and I plan to spend the next few months reading and learning before getting my first pip.

    Initially I'll be using bromocriptine to help trim down some stubborn bf, and then after summer I shall plan my first bulk. I hope to document and do lots of pictures along the way.

    Two years ago I was 105 kg (not in a good way probably close to 35% bf or above). Through ketogenic dieting I got down to 66 after 12 months and now I'm hovering around 70-74.

    I plan on doing Bryan haycock ' s hst whilst continuing and I'm about to commence my 1st uninterrupted 8 weeks of training.

    I look forward to browsing further and interacting with you guys to learn from all your experience. Obviously anyone else that's started this journey late in life would be very welcome to share their advice and tips with me.

    Thanks again.
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    Bromocriptine for fat loss? Thats new to me.
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    I highly recommend lyle McDonald's book on the subject.

    In a nutshell it helps the body continue to utilise fat stores without slowing metabolism. Undoubtedly there are better agents detailed here that can do similar, but I'm yet to get that far in the research.

    In the book he also mentions that it can be a good during cycle adjunct and pct adjunct also.
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  5. Welcome to Meso.

    You've got me intrigued regarding Bromo and fat loss.

    Will have to make a note to look into that further.
  6. Did a little digging and found a .pdf for a study published in the European Journal of Endocrinology, regarding Bromocriptine and weight loss.

    For anyone interested, here it is.

    Actually, here's the link, browser doesn't like to play friendly with uploads, for whatever reason.

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    I finally felt educated enough to run a cycle, and I'll detail some of the amusing results when I get a chance. Only took about nine months of research and indecision to finally do it!
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    Welcome.. just my opinion but don’t start your cycle till 12-15% bf is reaches. Keep reading on MESO so much help here
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    Hey there Discodon, I got down to 14% and started my cycle. Took me almost another year after this post til I figured I'd dialled in everything correctly. Still, I'm having a bit of post pct trouble, numbers not back where they should be, but that's due to the inability to get frequent bloods done. I have to wait until I'm out of the country (I live in a rather oppressive anti AAS country that I shan't disclose) to get bloods done and it's difficult to manage.
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    That’s good keep up the hard work
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    Thanks gentlemen!