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    So I had to use LifeExtension which basically orders a script that you bring to an outpatient blood draw and they take it there and send it to a lab on your behalf.

    For my hormone pallet this has always been fine.

    Was looking at the IFG and Serum test for a hGH run and they said for that one they don't do the testing they actually send it off to LabCorp. Seems ass backwards to me.

    But anyway has anyone else from a state that doesn't allow online blood works got this done or had anything similar? Is there any other method for me to do this?
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    I have never needed this due to where I live, but I have heard from people in states that dont allow online ordering of bloodwork that this site works for these states. Discount Blood Work – Cratus Medical
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    Actually really good, their hormone panel test is high, but I can get that elsewhere. I called about the IGF and Serum test and they told me buy it, if LabCorp doesn't accept it in my state they will refund me.

    Thanks brother.
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    I drive to the closest state to me that allows it. It's about an hour and change drive, but since it's only a few times a year i dont mind it.

    You have to order a gift card, because they wont accept credit card if it's from a banned state.

    I order the gift card, then use it to order the blood work. I use a random address in the state of bloodwork, it's a McDonalds. I usually bring my passport just in case they ask, since it doesnt have an address. But they've never asked for it. I think they would only ask if there was a drug test involved.
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    No problem I hope it works for you. I have heard of others using it.
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    Just ordered the IGF test today, will try to get there before 11am on Saturday for my baseline if not I'll go Monday and let you know if it works.
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    so does that website work for new York? its so hard to get a doctor to do the bloodwork especially more than I would like to
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    As far as I know it works in NY, I dont live there, but i have heard from others it works.