Stationary bike hiit workout

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by SidneyPascal, Jun 10, 2019.

  1. SidneyPascal

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    I just started my new cycle consisting of 80mg tren A and 40mg TEST A eod.
    My objective is to cut, so I want to incorporate some cardio to lean up better and also keep heart healthy.
    I just bought a stationary bike for the purpose and I'd like to do hiit to get it done quickly and efficiently.
    Anyone can recommend a good program? I plan to do something like 15 mins 3 times a week.

    Thank you guys!
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  2. Eman

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    There are a lot of different options for this.

    1) Cycle on off for intervals.
    a) Cycle 30 seconds, rest for 30 seconds.
    b) Cycle 1min, rest for 1min.
    c) Cycle for 1min, rest for 20 seconds.

    2) Tempos
    a) Cycle for 30-45sec then 10-20 pushups
    b) Cycle for 30-45, 10-20 KB swings.
    c) Cycle for 30-45, 10-20 crunches.

    The important thing with the Tempos is that you rest after the second movement. Basically you wait until your heartbeat is low enough that you could talk normally. You don't want to go too hard with these but you want to time it out and go hard enough that you are ready to go again in about 20sec. You can also alternate the second movement if you want... IE do pushups first then do abs, etc.

    The first interval example can be a combination of whatever times you really want. You can also go at a slower pace during the rest period instead of stopping completely. Depends on fitness level and also overall preference. I prefer medium intervals, 30sec hard and fast then 30sec light and easy. You can download interval timers on your phone that are really handy.

    Good for you in doing the cardio bike... I really think a lot of guys overlook it but the health benefits can't be ignored.
  3. SidneyPascal

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    Thanks man!

    Yea I'm in for the long run so I'm really trying to do it as healthy as possible, clean food, cardio, low dose short cycles and not more than 1 or 2 times a year.
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    I have a stationary bike in my garage gym. If its pouring rain, I'll do hiit on it. I just blast music and go for it. The nice thing is that most have a timer right in front of you!
  5. mp46

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    15-30s sprints followed by 1 minute of rest.