Steel tube diameter and wall thickness to do chinups?

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by master.on, Mar 19, 2020.

  1. master.on

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    It must be a 7.5 feet long tube.
    I know it has a broad span, which increases bending forces, but it must be so its properly anchored in my house pillars.

    Is 2" tubing better than 1"?
    Is 2" harder to grip?

    What about the wall thickness, considering its wide span to anchor points?
  2. Gbro

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    You need an engineer... Google load span weight rating.

    As far as diameter, 2" would be a handful. The diameter of your dick is probably ideal. You've been grabbing it your whole life.
  3. little

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  4. master.on

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    I bought 1.5" tube and that was like too thick.
    I realized the 1.5" is internal diameter, so it's more on the outside.
    I already have sore hands from grabbing it so hard.

    Shoulda have listened to @Gbro and measure my dick first. lol
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  5. master.on

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    I dumped the 1.5" tube and bought a 0.75" new one.
    The big one was just too big and hard to grab. I got sore fingers from it.

    Next time I stroke my dick while you measure it, kay?
  6. TideGear

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    .125" should be plenty. Any diameter with which you feel comfortable. A500 tubing is pretty strong stuff. It has a minimum tensile strength of 58000 psi. They also make it round, not just square and rectangle.
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  7. Gbro

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    Anything for your, bro.
  8. Worf

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    27mm is the dia. Of a deadlift bar, 28.5 is the dia. Of a power bar. 32mm is the dia. Of a squat bar. Somewhere in that general size would be what I choose for pull ups/chins
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