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    does anyone have any experience/knowledge with stem cell therapy? it appears promising. its not FDA approved and TBH that doesn't mean anything to me. although the FDA is necessary, i take what they approve with a grain of salt. if this therapy truly works why would they and the pharmaceutical companies want cures?

    anyway, curious on @Michael Scally MD and @Dr JIM opinion.

    i'm so sick of my shoulder injuries that i'm willing to pay the $10k or whatever to have this done provided this really works. i was also looking into small doses of hgh or even sermorelin as a potential 1st option of treatment to try and regenerate this damaged tissue. something like 2iu per day for 6 months.

    idk, i just started doing light chest and shoulders after about 8 months of not doing them at all. felt pretty good but it didn't last. injuries just keep reoccurring.

    i do physical therapy/chiropractic work 3X a week. live on ice packs. and took almost a year off of chest/shoulders and still can't correct this problem. oh and (2) cortisone shots
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    I guess you Panama is a big stem cell travel destination. I just watched this Joe Rogan podcast the other day. It explains a lot, check it out if you have time.
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    [Scams, Cons, Crooks, Snake Oil, ...]

    This is worth the read. It is long, but good.

    In the waiting room of Mark Berman’s Beverly Hills office, the reception counter is crowded with trophies. Mostly made of clear plastic or glass, resembling a row of miniature ice sculptures, they are touchstones of his long career in cosmetic surgery.

    For more than three decades, Berman’s focus was breast augmentations and face-lifts. He invented a pocket-like device that can be implanted into the breast to produce better-looking, safer results from augmentation procedures. He calls it his “Sistine Chapel.”

    But over the past eight years, Berman has reached far past his specialty into a realm of highly sophisticated, still-nascent medicine. He’s become one of the country’s most outspoken and notorious providers of so-called consumer stem cell therapies: using human stem cells to treat a wide variety of ailments despite little or no scientific proof that they work.

    With his business partner, Rancho Mirage (Riverside County) urologist Elliot Lander, Berman has built the largest chain of stem cell clinics in the country. Their Cell Surgical Network has more than a hundred affiliates in 33 states — including 38 clinics in California alone — selling treatments they claim will fix everything from knee pain to symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

    “As a cosmetic surgeon, it’s kind of a joke that I’m at the center of this universe,” Berman said in an interview last fall. “But I’m kind of ground zero.”

    Seven months later, his words became darkly prophetic: In May, Berman and his partner were targeted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The FDA requested an injunction that, if approved by a federal judge, would stop them from selling stem cell therapies.

    The FDA issued a similar request against a separate operation in Florida, U.S. Stem Cell Clinic.

    Their clinics, though, are just some among several hundred that have popped up across the country in recent years. They are renegade outposts operating with little legitimacy and oversight at the frontier of what is otherwise a highly promising field of medicine.

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    The FDA wouldn't want a cure? Why not? From the few people I know that have done the stem cell therapy, it failed to help. Those sham doctors who do it sure dont want a cure either(money) but you'd trust them over the FDA? Its ok to be cynical but I'm more cynical of unproven, unapproved treatments. Sorry about your shoulder(s).
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    No, I don’t believe one more than the other. I just think the FDA is a double edged sword. They have very long tentacles and are a very powerful organization with their own motives.

    Thanks for that. Everything is feeling good and I’m starting to really see some. Ice changes but these nagging injuries are just holding me back. I’m getting desperate.

    I was hoping even conservative doses of gh would help in 4-6 months. Idk.
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    This is a complicated subject and could result in very long winded posts. In short, the federal government should not be involved in these matters. The federal government job is to provide us with a military and defend our borders. Not regulating what cancer or multiple sclerosis patients choose to do.

    Like most things, the negatives were highlighted. So out of 10s of thousands of case they highlighted about 6-7 procedures that went bad. They have over a 80% success rate from this article. I wonder what traditional practice success rates are? Some of these clinics did ridiculous things but you can’t paint with a broad brush.

    I’m very libertarian about these things. The ever growing powerful FDA, DEA, EPA, federal government, etc should not be meddling in what should be state issues. I mean, who the fuck cares what a terminal patient wants to try? Why does it matter if someone has a severely damaged joint or spinal problem and wants to try something that may or may not work? And out of pocket!! Traditional chemotherapy can be 50/50 with ridiculous harsh side effects.

    My point is, it may or may not work. But who is anyone to tell someone they can’t?

    Back to my original point is there’s got to be a bigger reason why these organizations try to block progressive ideas. At least California and Washington allow this
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    Oh Sparky, if only that were true.

    Joe Rogan has a very good podcast on this subject, it's the one with Mel Gibson believe it or not. Worth a listen.
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    Yeah I watched it. And yes, I wish the federal govwould stay in their lane. It was never intended for them to be this powerful.

    Hey Eman, have you heard of the peptide BPC-157? Read an article recently about how weight trainers use it for damage repair and that it works fast with little to no side effects
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    Yes sir, @Seven Dog used it if I'm not mistaken... Maybe he can give you his notes on it. I've never had a need for it, personally. I really don't know a lot about it's MOA since it's never been a big need for me.
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    Ok thank you. I’ll reach out or search it. Seems to be a must try for me
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    @Sparkyp yeah I ran BPC with TB500. I had pretty good experience with both. Used em for the same problem you have...shoulder issue. Ran TB by itself a few months ago and did not have the same good results.

    I had a couple paragraphs typed out but erased em bc when I try to explain things it just sounds confusing. So to the point, give BPC & tb-500 a try.

    BTW you ever heard of Bartolo Colon? He had stem cell therapy done. He's 45yrs old and still pitches in Major League Baseball.

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    Of course I know colon. Yeah, it appears some people have good experiences some not so good. In the medical world there’s always going to be bad surgical stories. But with 10s of thousands of procedures with a handful of negative outcomes I find that promising.

    @Seven Dog do you just inject bpc & tb500 directly in the problematic area? Or IM?

    If your willing to share, what is a good source for this?
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    I pinned both. Was just pinning my shoulder (problem area) but I started to get bruises, and it looked bad. Not really sure why I was bruising. .maybe pushing too hard? Sometimes I don't know my own strength. Lol

    The source I used for both isn't around anymore, idk what happened. I recently used Progen for only TB.
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    when you say shoulder your talking in the delts right? your not going for tendons/ligaments?
    sorry for the questions. theres a lot to this stuff
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    It never ceases to amaze me why some continue to do those exercises that are the source of MS injuries, and expect modern medicine to remedy that which they have broken.

    The point if it hurts DONT DO IT!
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    lol. your right. i gave up the overhead presses which aggravated it. now its all lateral movements which feel good. theres some expectations with modern medicine, sure. when rest and traditional therapy fails to work (over 8 months) its time for plan B and C and D. this type of injury effects all types of things not just shoulder day.

    c'mon @Dr JIM , i saw you replied and i was hoping for an elaborate explanation of stem cell therapy. lol