Step by Step Pellet Tren Conversion

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    Alright Gentlemen this has been done before and surely this recipe is well known and is not mine specifically. I do not claim rights to it. It is a combination of learnings from this great forum. Here is my coversion step by step.

    I did a Component TH w/ Tylan coversion.
    I have used Finaplix before. Both are great, however, the Component TH contains 4000mg of tren Ace per belt where Finaplix contains only 2000mg per cart. So for a 4000mg conversion yeilding 40ml at 100mg/ml you will need 2 carts of Finaplix v. just 1 belt of Component TH.
    On a side note the Component TH is cheaper and it also seems to have less binders/is cleaner.

    I have ordered from both Lambert and Allivet with Allivet being the number 1 choice as Lambert will contact you and have you sign forms and verify address. Allivet did not ask for any further information before shipping the pellets.

    Supplies were gathered from both GPZ Services and MedLab Supply. Do not buy a conversion kit. They are not necessary.

    You Need:

    1 belt of Component TH or 2 carts Finaplix(4000mg trenbolone acetate)

    .8ml-Benzyl Alcohol(2% Overall Volume)

    7.2ml-Benzyl Benzoate

    30ml-Filtered Grapeseed Oil (GSO)

    1- small canning jar

    2- Sterile 50ml vials

    2- 20 ml sterile sealed vials

    2- 5ml syringes with 22g 1" needle's

    2- 21-25g needles or similar to vent vials

    2- .22 Whatman Filters

    2- .45 Whatman Filters

    1- Funnel

    1- Coffee Filter or single serving reusable K-Cup with filter.

    1- paper clip

    Isopropyl Alcohol

    Sterile latex gloves

    Safety Glasses

    Surgical mask

    1-bottle of good scotch to toast your sweet nectar.


    1. Prep Area. Wash surface with warm soap and water. Dry. Scrub with Isopropyl Alcohol. Also wash and sterilize your small canning jar and paperclip with Isopropyl Alcohol. Let dry/evaporate while you take a shower. Don't Homebrew when you just get back from the gym. Lol.

    2. Sterilize hands. Put on latex gloves. Open the Component TH w / Tylan Pellets.
    You will see a blue pellet at the beginning of each row. That is the antibacterial Tylan and is to be thrown away. Using the straightened paperclip push the blue pellet out and then push all tan (Tren pellets) into the small canning jar.

    3. Using a bent spoon or other blunt object that can be sterlized crush the pellets into a fine powder.


    4. Using good serilization technique swab rubber stoppers on BA, BB, and GSO vials.

    5. Add .8ml BA to powder.

    6. Add 7.2ml BB to powder

    7. Add 30ml GSO to powder

    8. Put lid on and swirl gently. To help expedite disolving you may place the solution in a water bath. Put some water in a bowl and microwave for 3 minutes. Place the jar with the lid on tight in the water and let sit. Swirl on ocassion. This will be fine, however, baking or too high temp can degrade and oxidize the tren. I do nothing more than a water bath. Now, let sit overnight. 24 hours.

    To be continued as it will only let me upload 10 pics with this single entry....
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    9. Next day now. Resterilize. Sterilize 1 50 ml vial, funnell, K-cup if you choose to use one. You may use just a regular coffee filter instead to pre-filter.


    10. Use some plain GSO oil to wet the filter so it does not eat the tren oil and hold it. Look at your solution. The binders should be settled at the bottom. That is good. Time to prefilter. Pour as much of the oil as you can into the coffee filter/ Funnel without pouring the binder sludge in. Let filter for awhile and then later when it has drained down pour the rest of the solution and binders into the filter. It will eventually slow to a drip. Let sit overnight.



    11. Now you can see all of the binders left in the filter. This will make it easier to filter through the Whatman filters.
    You can however, take the filter out and try and squeeze those prescious drops of tren out however much that may be. I do not bother. Jusy don't break the filter.

    12. Next day now. Time to come in for a strong finish. Sterilize your other open vial and workspace. Take shower, get on gloves, safety glasses, and surgical mask. Trust me, if you push too hard and blow a Whatman filter the chances of getting Tren in your eyes is significant.

    13. Take 5ml syringe and remove cap. Pull the plunger all the way out. Remove needle. Place .45 whatman onto syringe. Place needle onto .45 whatman. Place needle first into empty 50ml vial.

    15. Now we are going to backfill the syringe. Pour 5ml prefiltered solution into syringe. You will see that the whatman holds about 1ml of oil. This is ok.

    Some people like to preload syringes with plain GSO and use less GSO in the initial solution to flush the filters, however, since we are back loading the syringes, there is air inbetween the plunger and the oil which will be utilized to purge the filter with the air itself.

    Place plunger back into syringe carefully, and push down slowly. You should be able to get a steady stream but if you push too hard you might blow the filter and have tren go flying everywhere. Once at bottom go ahead and push the plunger all the way down and watch as you see the air purging the filter. Hold it down tight until it stops dripping.


    16. Leaving the needle and Whatman dangling in the vial go ahead and unscrew the syringe from the whatman. Pull the plunger all the way out and then place the syringe body back onto the whatman. This is to prevent any damage to the filter when pulling the plunger out to reload. Now pour another 5ml into syringe and repeat.

    17. Once you have filtered 20ml through the .45 whatman it is recomended to change filters, however, if it is still filtering smoothly it may not be necessary. Now you have 40 ml tren filtered through a .45

    More to follow....
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    18. Get your 2 20ml vials and swab the tops with alcohol. Take a 21-25g needle and insert into rubber stopper to bring the inside of the vial to atmospheric pressure and allow you to push solution into it.

    19. Now setup using a .22 whatman filter just like you did with the .45.


    20. Filtering through a .22 at this point shoule be relatively easy but will still require some pressure on the plunger. Be patient and do not blow that whatman. I can usually get a steady stream at this stage but if it is dripping pretty good just wait it out. If it slows to a drip every few seconds or more go ahead and change the filter. If you carefully pay attention at loading the syringe to 5ml you will have an accurate 20 ml in the first vial.

    All Done.


    Should be a nice golden color.


    Ready to pin and get crazy!!! Lol

    Lets look at the math:

    7.2 BB
    .8 BA
    30ml GSO
    2ml worth of tren Powder(don't forget)

    Total: 40ml at 100mg/ml


    Inevitably you will loose some in the process. Realistically I yielded about 39ml this time. My first time was about 36ml. Lol.


    You know what you have and how steril it is plus I think anyone that has ran both pellet tren and UGL Tren will tell you Pellet is best.
  4. Man, this was awesome, appreciate the effort you out into this. The pics are excellent illustration.
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    Damn. Well done sir. Thanks for your time!
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    Thanks fella's. Good community here!
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    Good job brotha.
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    Nothin better!
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    Awesome bro
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    So how much did end up paying for all that. Cause I get 10-10ml vials for 200 dollars. Is it cheaper.

    So 100 ml of 100 mg tren.
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    Component TH (4000mg): $75 (Allivet)
    GSO-50 ml: $10
    Benzyl Benzoate-50ml: $4
    Benzyl Alcohol- 50ml: $4
    Vials needed: $10
    Syringes and filters: $10

    Purchased from Medlab Supply and GPZ services.

    Say $125 total for 40ml at 100mg/ml
    But you can still use some of the items purchased later.

    The main thing for me is that I prefer pellet Tren. I have run UGL and to be honest It seems like I can run almost twice as much than I can the pellet to get the same results. I don't know what it is but it just seems stronger and more potent. Does anyone else have this same
    And on the other hand you know exactly what you have in your vial because you made it, plus there is that certain pride in making your own brew. Its fun. Lol.

    Best Regards
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    I agree.... It doesn't make any sense. Pellet tren is def stronger, but fina pellets are stronger than Comp.
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    I purchased a bitchen coffee grinder to micronize most of my raws, it would work very well for pellets! Makes a world of a difference brotha, def try it out if your willing.
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    Excellent idea, may just have to try that.
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    I don't brew personally but what a nice job you did putting this thread together. Finished product looks very nice. Thanks for sharing.
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    You mention grinding down the raws in alot of your posts, it must make a big difference. I have never brewed yet but I will definitely be purchasing a coffee grinder prior. Thanks for the tip Bury, and for the thread @8654
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    I'll use a Nalgene filter with vacuum pump. Do I need to prefilter with the filter coffee anyway?! Because last time I lost a lot of juice prefiltering.
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    Thank you so much for this. My sealed solution now sits in warm water for 24 hrs. I'm using this same recipe to convert Component E-H (test prop). Last year, my first time went okay (easy bodyfat loss), but I wasn't instructed to follow up with the .22 whatman, which will provide much more sterilization. I do have tren mixture that that could possibly be fixed and made sterile. When I made it, I didn't have instructions for the .22 (just .45). The color turned out clear gold, so there may be some hope. The 2 together combined would be nice.
    If I may add 1 minor suggestion that I just thought of while making. Instead of a metal paper clip, I pulled out the ink straw of a regular Bic pen. The butt fits perfectly through the pellet holder against the blue and doesn't break apart any of the tylosin. I just took the cotton off an end of a Q tip and it seems to slides well too. I know it's not a huge deal, but in the past, I do recall small crumbs of blue that I didn't want. Thanks again, I'll let you know the results.
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    Any pip to that Propionate? Just curious. Unless you used 18% BB then it would regardless if it was Propionate or not.