Steps to assure your privacy and anonymity

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    Protecting you privacy and anonymity on the internet is all about security. And security is all about layers! Security however comes at a cost and that cost is convenience. So, what do you want? The convenience of browsing the web and constantly being tracked? Of some inconvenience but the peace of mind that you are protecting your privacy? For me, it is the latter and I think that should be what everyone wants.

    So, what setups can you take to protect yourself from prying eyes?

    1) Use a VPN services. I use PureVPN which is one of the best services out there. But any that offer you anonymity, and by anonymity I mean does not track you is worth using. DO NOT relay solely on Tor for example. Remember, put up walls by adding layers to your security!

    2) Manager your Operating Systems firewall. For example, on a windows PC you can manage the firewall either by the built in management features or by a 3rd party management software. I use Windows Firewall Control. It is overall easy to use and does an awesome job. You can use the firewall that comes with your anti-virus suite, but in most cases it is cumbersome and buggy. Why not use the built-in firewall that has been in place and trusted for years?

    The key thing here is to setup your rules properly and assure you networks are being identified properly. How I do it is I force any services / apps I want to go through the VPN to only access the "Public Network, and other services / apps to go through the Private / Domain networks. This results in apps like Tor going through the VPN and apps like Windows Updates going through the standard internet connection. In essence, split tunneling. Again, using a firewall with your VPN is a MUST! Otherwise, you don't know what applications are doing what. You have to take control over your devices if you want privacy. It's that simple.

    3) Use the Tor Browser. Not only can you use this to get to .onion websites, you can use it to browse the internet in general. Take advantage of it's NoScript plugin and assure sites are not tracking you. You can also route other apps through Tor. I route my Thunderbird email that has my anonymous accounts through Tor. Slows things down some, but it's a small price to pay to assure I am protected.

    4) Use a truly anonymous email services. I use AnonyEmails, which didn't require any personal info and doesn't keep logs. They also have a ClearNet and Onion site and host off shores from the US. Better then that is their IMAPs support. I use Thunderbird with the Enigma Plugin. Keeps my PGP local so I don't have to work about a server having access to my keys. The catch is, they are a referral only services and charge for their services. It's only $12.00 per year through and they only accept BitCoin which was great for me. I can refer you if you want an account, just PM me.

    5) Encrypt everything you can!!! From your local hard drives to email messages. Kleopatra is an excellent app for this. Get it setup, get in the habit of using encryption and digital signatures. And enjoy the assurance that your communications are protected.

    6) Use portable apps, is a good choice. All my apps are portable. So I can connect an external USB or hard-drive to any PC and have access to what I need. There are so many benefits to this, but the biggest is having all I need being independent of the PC. Just make sure you have backups and are encryption everything! Also any time you delete a file make sure it is a secure delete. Easer is a good app for that!

    This is by no means a complete guide. However, if you take this setups you will greatly enhance your security and privacy, hence your anonymity. If you have any questions or need help, feel free to ask. I'm even open to remoting in an helping you get your PC setup.. for a nominal fee of course :)
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    so tor isn't illegal. hiding your ip address isnt illegal. it's the things people do on them that is. also, doesnt the nsa and fbi look for people using tor? so if one were to buy steroids using tor browser wouldn't they have a better chance at getting caught?
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    I find it ironic that you make a thread about security and then at the end you offer to remote connect for a fee. First post, nobody knows you and then an offer to remote. There are many articles here explaining the process for being secure for anyone to read. There are also longer standing members for people to ask help from. Your offer to remote connect annoys me and you shouldn't be trusted by anyone here. None of these security measures requires a direct connect.
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    First, I am not advocating anything illegal. (Just saying)

    The NSA is gathering as much, if not all internet usage data. To call their data storage "Big Data" is an gross understatement. Still, that doesn't mean they or anyone else has the right to infringe on ones privacy.

    Utilizing a VPN that has had 1000's if not 100,000's of users behind a signal NAT'd IP address creates a lot of noise, making it extremely difficult to teli the difference between any one user. Adding layers (Tor) increases the difficulty. Exspecial if our on surfing .onion sites as this traffic doesn't leave the Tor Network, which utilizes end-to-end encryption. This is way DarkNet Markets are so popular.

    However, VPN and Tor along is not enough. Websites can get the real ip, username, etc... via scripts, hence why it is important to use the NoScript plugin that comes with Tor faithfully. You also need to assure no DNS leakage, so you ISP DNS server does not get the DNS request. PureVPN protects against this. Then there is the matter of whatever else you have on your PC. You have to assure you are protected from Virus, Malware, Keyloggers, etc. BitDefender does an excellent job at protecting against this. Assuming you customize your IDS settings, etc. Then the firewall is to assure you know what it allowed to communicate where.

    There is nothing that is 100% but adding layers greatly improves your privacy.
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    I understand your concerns and they are valid. I am only trying to help and it is as simple as that. That is my first post because I want my post to contribute, not be fluff. The offer to remote is simply because I am an IT professional and understand that the vast majority of internet users want privacy but get lost in the technology and give up. Forget the remote idea, if you want my help, just ask on the forum / PM and I will do what I can via that.

    Again, you are 100% right on your concerns and I should have taken that into consideration given I am new to the forum. As it is with this things, only time build reputation and I have no problem putting in the time.
  6. Next time introduce yourself first and say Hi ! ....then you can proceed with your "hidden agenda".... Spammers :rolleyes:
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    The only agenda I have is prompting privacy. The fact is our rights and privacy are being taken away every day. It will only get worst if the vast majority continue with the :I'm not doing anything wrong so who cares who monitors me". I am not a spammer, just made a mistake in forum etiquette and being stupid when offering to remote in. That offer is here by rescinded, so if anyone is consider asking me, don't. I will however help where ever I can within the confines of this forum. Any go intro myself.
  8. Boom.
    This guy screams LE...proceed with caution members.
    I just made a similar post in his intro where he states his primary objectives here. None of which are fitness or PED related.
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    Ok, I am not going to continue to defend myself on this post. Drug safety has just as much to do with fitness as everything else. Trust needs to be earned, this I understand and also understand that I messed up, of which I have apologized for. Anyhow, believe what you want, I cannot change that.
  10. just answer the question.

    Do you currently or have you ever used performance enhancing drugs, including but not limited to anabolic steroids???
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    I answered it in the into post. Please excuse my ignorance, what is LE?
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    Law Enforcement...
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    This smells funny. No one needs to be following offbeat app recommendations, clicking links, and absolutely do not allow remote access to any devices until this guy has proven himself a lot further. And you shouldn't be allowing remote access to anyone on an anonymous drug forum, no matter how trusted you think they are.

    All other strange circumstances aside, you've heard the term LE if you are a recreational drug user who allegedly is this involved with security. Don't go dropping references to DNMs and expect us to believe you've never seen the most basic slang terms in this world.

    I agree there's just something off about it. Careful now.
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    So you were sitting around one day and decided to randomly join THIS forum in order to help us because youre so worried about our privacy and anonymity?
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    Duh... I was racking my brain for all the acrimonious but the easiest freaking now. Derrrr. No, not any part of LE or any other agency, etc.
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    Take the advise or leave it. Whatever... It was what I have built and use to protect myself, thought it may be useful to others. That's it. I know one thing. I have learned how not to communicate in forums like this. For that, thanks!
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    That's why you use a VPN first to down load tor. They keep a list of IP that down load tor. Also you can use a VPN to cover your band with of tor they know when you are on tor because of the bandwidth. IMO raspberry pi all the way no hard drive justna SD card that can be destroyed easy.
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    Nice article by the way
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    Thank you!

    I agree with raspberry pi. It would also be a great why of separating work from play. Tails Live CD would be another way to assure data is not written the hard drive... assuming there is nothing "in it" that is tracking you. I find it hard to trust any software, but we have to so I try to stay with open source when ever possible.
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    All of this shit seems like a royal pain in the ass. Not everyone on here is Steve fucking Jobs.. secure email..send me a price payment... Done deal.. Am I wrong vets? I mean WTF? All of this " Jump into a pool of hot lava with your finger in your ass and your dick in your hand" shit. Gtfo.. I could be wrong... All of this ninja bullshit just to score makes it not even worth it. How do you recommend all of this security shit if you don't even know what "LE" is..Shit...
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