Sterile Abscess??

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by punkguitarist, Oct 22, 2010.

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    punkguitarist Junior Member

    I injected 1.75cc of test e into my right quad 5 days ago and I still have a lot of pain in my quad. This is the 8th time I've injected using this vial and never had problems before so I'm pretty sure the gear is sterile.

    However I always seem to get some pretty bad pain when I inject more than 1cc into my quads. But usually the pain goes away by now.

    There is definately a lump under my skin, but it is not red or hot to the touch. I just feels like a lump under my skin and it hurts whenever I flex my quad.

    So you think this is a sterile abscess? What can I do to help it heal? Do I need to go see the doctor?
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    MAYO Member

    I would try a heating pad for 30 min and then high pressure massage and then repeat. May just have a stubborn bolus of oil hangin out. How fast did you inject the 1.75cc?
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    liftermo Banned

    I got plenty of those on my legs and butt, just lumps that came after injecting but were not painful, i always wondered too, should i get them cut out. It seemed to me the oil was stuck in the skin and not disperessed. Mine have lasted 10 years and are just lumps.

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