sterility/use of different hcg products: ovitrelle, pregnyl amps

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    due to price/scarcity I've been looking at alternatives to the usual 5000/10000iu flakons (pregnyl, choriomon etc) offered by sources:

    1. pregnyl comes in 3 x 1500iu amps; as 1500iu is not usual dosage, can they be reconstituted with bac. water & preloaded into pins of i.e. 500iu and stored for ~10 days without risk of losing sterility/decomposing the syringe stopper?

    2. ovitrelle comes in a single 6500iu pen and the instruction manual states it's for singular injection only, can they be used safely for up to 8 weeks? and as the needle can't be switched, is dulling not an issue?
  2. All hcg is typically meant to be injected all at once for female fertility. You should always have a separate vial to store the hCG.
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    And the multi dose storage vial should be refrigerated to decrease the probability of bacterial reproduction.

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    Hi guys I want to split ovitrelle in 6 doses. How can I do this