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    We are a steroid seller who has his ware tested.
    All prices and products can be found in the shop.
    Orders are only possible via the shop.

    Here we will post current analyzes on products

    Thank you
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    Euroroid MAST 100 Drostanolone Propionate 100mg-1.jpeg Euroroid META 50 Methandienone Injectable 50mg-1.jpeg Euroroid TEST 100 Testosterone Propionate 100mg charge4-1.jpeg Hilma Biocare Metandienone 10mg-1.jpeg Hilma Biocare Nandrolone Decanoate 250mg-1.jpeg Hilma Biocare Oxandrolone 10mg-1.jpeg Hilma Biocare Testosterone Enanthate 250mg-1.jpeg Hilma Biocare Trenbolone Acetate 100mg-1.jpeg
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    Euroroid TEST 250 Testosterone Enanthate 250mg charge4-1.jpeg Euroroid TREN 200 Trenbolone Enanthate 200mg-1.jpeg
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    Neat intro!
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    Ahh, fucking d bol strikes again

    The amount of times i've had bunk d bol... let me tell ya
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    So you Dbol is severely under dosed. Interesting. How did that happen?
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    Too early for this shit.
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    Yay welcome to New Source Friday! Looks like this one seems weak sauce.
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    Thank you for your answer.
    it is not underdosed, we have a mistake when creating the lables, it should be there 50mg, but unfortunately were printed 100mg, in our shop, we point out.

    Attention we have a misprints on the label, there is META 100 Methandienone Injectable 100mg, but it is only 50mg per ml META 50 Methandienone Injectable 50mg
    we apologize

    we also have an error in the label of tren 200, here too we point to errors

    Attention, we have a misprint on the label, it is there trenbolone acetate 200, but it is Trenbolone Enanthate 200mg
    we apologize

  10. These niggas cant even get their labels right but we are supposed to believe they get their brew right??? Smh
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    This is actually pretty scary for a buyer/user to purchase. You understand that something like this can REALLY harm a person, don’t you?
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    Wow, only 11 posts in and this is already a mess.

    “Fuck it, close enough on the labels. Send it in for testing... Oh shit, the results came back bad. Issue a warning in BOLD to make that go away...”

    You probably would have gotten more newb orders if you just posted your website address and didn’t say anything else.
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    Don’t give them any ideas...
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    thanks for your stupid comment.
    that says a lot about them :)

    That's why we're informing you that we will get new labels in the new year, then we will fix this mistake

    Thank you

    that's crap what you write.

    If we kept something secret, we would not post a lab analysis.
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    Think you should not be talking down to members here like that as this is our house and you are a guest. Play ball with us otherwise just pack it up and disappear quietly. Just reminding you of your obligation here.
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    ^^^^ Good advice: you should just make the jump to the “pack it up and disappear quietly” part as that is inevitable based on your short time here already.
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    nice...spent all that money testing and completely bombing the intro, including insulting members. Womp womp womp. Do we even want to see pics of tits with name and meso, might be pre-op tranny tits.
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    Seems the Friday Shitshow has begun! Popcorn has been poppin’
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    Aside from being a steroid seller who has his ware tested (and may or may not be what is printed on the label) what is your hook? Tell me why I should give you my money as opposed to the already established sellers of steroid ware that are already here?

    Do you manufacture or are you a reseller?

    Are you on any other boards with reviews?

    Why MESO? Is it only because it’s free to post here?
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    I was just wondering when a new source was going to pop up here. Been a couple months now.
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