Steroid Dealer Philip Archibald Encouraged Vigilante Activity and Guerilla Warfare

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    This guy is a complete nut job.
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    Philip Archibald was apparently a middleman / reseller.
    He purchased steroids from at least three domestic sources (UGLs?) located around the country. So his arrest has likely resulted in the investigations and/or busts of a few other domestic sources.

    Viva Naturals, Wichita KS:


    Chris Bigg, San Diego CA:


    Chris Bartlett, East Meadow, NY:
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    You think so? I think he seems pretty rational in our current situation, aside from the whole drug dealer thing. But advocating to open his state back up, wanting to overthrow the government if they make anymore incompetent decisions like another shutdown, count me in.
  4. Kingsmountain

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    Yes. That is why I stated he is a nut job. That should have been simple enough to comprehend for anyone who read the statement.

    Yes, it's very rational to openly start groups that threaten to overthrow government and encourage harming individuals all the while slinging illegal schedule 3 substances.

    Advocating is not defined as encouraging and or inciting others to engage in illegal activities that involve physically harming others

    If I had a nickel every time I have heard that type of comment , I would be ludicrous rich. My point being, if you agree with him and support his actions ... why are you waiting "until the next time"?

    You're just the average internet shit talker who isn't going to do anything. Much like the guy who watches his buddy get punched in the face and then after the incident tells his buddy .... "I wish that guy would have punched me like that, why I would have done this and that and yadda , yadda , yadda".
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    If anyone is ever wondering why the US is leading the world in COVID deaths by a huge margin -- this is why.
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    Jesus that’s just outrageous