Steroid Induced histamine intolerance

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    Hello all,
    I am new here, but I am not new to the steroids and bodybuilding. I was training for years and was preparing for the competition.
    I had from my birth some allergies including food allergy to some food but my allergologist told me after years that it is cured. I was juicing for several years before I decided to do Trenbolone. It quickly became my favorite and it was included in most of my blasts. I was doing blast and cruise because of my natural low testosterone.
    During tren cycles I felt amazing for the first few cycles, but I was going hypo very often.
    Then I suddenly became sick. I started to loose muscle. Each time I went to the gym I have lost some of my weight. Nothing seemed to help me. Every doctor told me I am okay. So I slowly stopped going to the gym because it was getting worse. I was going to the gym 2 to 3 times pre week max. My heart had palpitations and my stomach was totally sick. I had hypo and panic attacks regularly. Then one doctor diagnosed me with food allergy, gluten and histamine intolerance and leaky hit with not working thyroid. I can't eat anything except rice, potatoes and blueberries (without chemical treating).
    I don't want to tell it is due to using trenbolone, but use it wisely.
    My before day was:
    1 to 1,5 kg of chicken breasts divided into 6 to 9 portions with at least 200grams of rice or potatoe, some protein shakes, cottage cheese...

    My actual day:
    1 to 1,5 kg of fresh each day killed beef taken half in the morning from the butcher and haly in the evening divided info portions ate every 1,5h with at least 200gram of rice, several beef protein shakes.

    Everything must be fresh without any preservatives. I still can't go to the gym often. After gym I don't feel any pain for few days and then it starts. I am still losing weight as well. To this day I am trying to battle it with high testosterone and nandrolone phenylpropionate. I don't have any histamine problems for few weeks.

    Does anybody have any advice what to do? I want to return to the gym. I am going to try curcumin.

    Thanks for help and if somebody is deciding to try Tren check everything including your child allergy.
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    Pretty sure this is unheard off

    Do you still have panic attacks ?

    Look up the DSM definition and see if it applies to you as this symptom is usually more missused than not