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    I found this article interesting...

    I think most of us have thought, somewhere down the line, about being a dealer or being our own pharmacist. Some are doing so down good for u I just don't have the balls for it with a family. I have anyway but it just ain't worth the time to get busted for it. Sadly it is categorized in the same bracket as some pretty harsh and dangerous drugs.

    Hell the food we eat and water we drink is mostly contaminated with all kinds of bad stuff... especially if you have watched "what the health" documentary. Everything will kill u according to their story.

    Anyway here it is. A good read for the forum I think.
    ______________article below_______________


    Cape Town - A convicted steroid smuggler, at one stage on Interpol's wanted list and previously found guilty in Ireland for selling illicit steroids worldwide, has been shot dead in his Constantia home.

    News24 understands two men got into Brian Wainstein's house shortly before 01:00 on Friday and went into his bedroom where they shot him several times. He was in bed alongside his young child and wife, but they were not wounded.

    It is believed that the gunmen took three cellphones before leaving the house.

    Police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Andre Traut on Friday confirmed a man, 45, was killed in his Constantia home.

    "The motive for the murder is yet to be determined and no one has been arrested as yet," he said.

    Sources with knowledge of what happened say it appears Wainstein, also known as the "steroid king", was the target of a hit.

    Several murders and shootings have recently played out in Cape Town as an underworld battle over the nightclub security industry and illicit drug trade has intensified.

    News24 spotted Wainstein at a popular Cape Town eatery late in 2016. He had been seen with some figures with links to underworld activities.

    Wainstein, who also went by several aliases including Brian Benjamin, was arrested in Cape Town in 2013.

    He reportedly had South African and Israeli citizenship.


    An August 2014 court document on the matter said the US government wanted him extradited on various criminal charges relating to "the illegal importation and marketing of various drugs, including anabolic steroids, in the United States".

    It was not immediately clear what had become of this matter.

    Weinstein was at one stage on Interpol's wanted list. He was wanted in Cyprus for drug-related crimes.

    He however no longer appears to be on it.

    Weinstein also reportedly worked via Canada, shipping steroids there from China.


    In 2007 The Irish Times reported that Weinstein was jailed for an effective four months for illegally selling body building steroids around the world from a south Dublin address.

    It said Wainstein "received orders for the banned drugs by e-mail from customers all over the world, including the US".

    The Irish Times said Wainstein, who used the name "Barry Benjamin" in e-mails, had pleaded guilty in the Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to nine charges relating to the possession, sale and distribution of the substances.

    Source: International 'Steroid King' shot dead in Cape Town home in possible hit
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    Jesus Christ!
    now who's going to pay Meso shills payroll?
    now they'll have to resort to G4P :D

    1 He was about to snitch on moldovan officials with DEA/CIA
    2 Maybe he is snitching now and faked his death
    3 competition takeover
    4 refused to pay more/higher bribes

    Italian journalists uncovered the whole moldovan steroid mafia a couple years ago
    Journalists uncover moldova postal-service corruption

    It seems clear it was hitmen murder and not robbery
    doors slammed like sound? suppressor gunfire? (they don't fully suppress sound especially for larger calibers, despite Hollywood BS
    Alleged international steroid dealer Brian Wainstein killed in his bed

    He was fighting extradition
    thus probably murder to silence
    'Steroid king' to fight the extradition to US in Cape Town court

    Wife and children not shot = professional hitmen, or at least skilled ones
    International 'Steroid King' shot dead in Cape Town home in possible hit

    Wanted by Cyprus (country)?
    Crime and courts: Who is Brian Wainstein and how did he die?

    Uncut diamonds?

    Man Dubbed The International “Steroid King” Murdered In His Constantia Home Last Night — Nigeria Today

    Man killed in Constantia home
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    Watch out for the hitman

    too late
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    His murder/hit likely had nothing to do with his history of steroid trafficking... Probably something to do with this or related business dealings...

    "Last year Cape Town police nabbed Wainstein for alleged possession of uncut diamonds as he cruised around town in a luxury car."

    Source: Alleged international steroid dealer Brian Wainstein killed in his bed
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    Why bother smuggling gear to get $20 profit per vial
    when every rough diamond can mean $2000 and takes up about the same volume?
    makes sense
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    It could not happen to a nicer guy :rolleyes:
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    Am I the only one that finds the "anti-UGL" owner rhetoric that is displayed here at times to be dripping in slimy irony?

    Over the years here, I have seen so many in our community refer to UGL's - very condesendingly - as scumbags, internet drug dealers, wannabe' s, etc.

    So what does that say about us for sending them our money? What does it say about us for funding their enterprise? And who the hell are we to judge them when we are the very reason for their existence?

    It just doesn't make sense to me.
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    There are many variables that could come into place here; the fact that this happened in Cape Town opens the door to endless possibilities IMO.
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    Excellent point-if we only knew how far down the pipeline our $$$ went and more importantly to whom..:rolleyes:
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    Cape Town = South AFRICA
    blood diamonds are from Africa

    OTOH does anyone know if naps was mailing some packages from africa lately?
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    How to steal $1 billion in three days
    Corruption in Moldova - Wikipedia
    Can be something complex as it
    can be something as "simple" as donating funds for the opposition leader campaign

    Pretty sure investigators said
    "enough is enough let's make it easier, who was NOT interested in killing him, and go from there"
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    20 August 2017 - 00:00BY ARON HYMAN AND BOBBY JORDAN

    Brian Wainstein on CCTV entering the Nutrition Rage store in Green Point.
    Image: CCTV

    To those he liked he was a generous soul who once sent a chef to cook his wounded friend a favourite meal.

    But to his enemies Brian Wainstein was the “steroid king”, a ruthless businessman who trailed a dark shadow of violence and intimidation.

    Now Wainstein is just another corpse linked to Cape Town’s underworld after he was shot dead at close range while in bed with his wife and two-year-old child early on Friday. The attackers stole only three cellphones, raising suspicions of a well-orchestrated hit.

    Wainstein was fighting an extradition case to the US, where he was accused of flooding the market with R78-million in steroids. He was also being investigated for possession of 12 uncut diamonds in Cape Town and for threatening the owners of a Green Point shop.

    On Friday, police swarmed over Wainstein’s Constantia home in Hohenhort Road, where neighbours said they heard noises in the early hours, followed by three gunshots.

    Sources said Wainstein’s home was highly secure – one said it was “better than Pollsmoor” - and that he never travelled without bodyguards.

    In November last year, Wainstein was arrested in possession of uncut diamonds on the same day he walked into a sports supplement shop and ordered the owners to stock his brand of steroids, Axiolabs. He told them he would “blow up their store” if they did not comply.

    He was released on police bail on the diamond charges but did not arrive for his first appearance at Cape Town Magistrate’s Court.

    Ryan Pretorius, who co-owned Nutrition Rage in Green Point, said Wainstein threatened to kill him and his family. “He walked into our shop and said we won’t sell any other products than the stuff that he sells because (Green Point) is his area, it’s his people, he controls that area,” said Pretorius.

    “He told us if we don’t sell his stuff we won’t see another day and he’ll blow up the place.”

    After a further confrontation with Wainstein at the Arnold Classic Africa body building festival in Sandton, in May, he and his partner closed the shop and fled to Mpumalanga with their families.

    “He was the dirtiest guy in the industry. Everybody knows him, everyone knows how he works, everyone knows he’s a gangster and involved in many illegal things,” said Pretorius.

    Pretorius said he and his partner laid charges including attempted murder “but the case just died”. Police spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel André Traut confirmed that a charge of intimidation had been laid.

    One of Wainstein’s lawyers, Brett Carnegie, said he could not speculate about the motive for the murder. “I’m not involved in that side of his legal affairs, I just do the extradition and some commercial stuff,” he said.

    André Naudé, a friend of Wainstein’s, said: “He was a joyous person. He enjoyed life and he made everyone around him laugh. When I was shot he was there before the doctor even touched me, so that’s the type of person he was. Caring.”

    Naudé, former boss of bouncer company Specialised Protection Services, was shot in a Bellville bar in 2014. “[Wainstein] made sure I had everything I needed. One night he got a chef to come to the hospital to make food for me there,” said Naudé.

    “He knew I liked my chickpeas and fish, he brought a chef specially to make me that.”
    'Steroid king' a loyal friend and feared foe
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    Is this Brian Wainstein's wife?

    Extradition of Irish steroid smuggling suspect is blocked

    By Shane Phelan
    October 26 2018 2:30 AM

    The High Court has refused to extradite an Irish woman to the US over allegations she was at the centre of a major international steroid smuggling ring.

    The request was refused on health grounds after the court found the mother of one was mentally ill and likely to deteriorate significantly if extradited.

    Ms Justice Aileen Donnelly heard the woman had been on suicide watch while in custody over the past three-and-a-half years.

    US officials alleged the suspect, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was central to the smuggling operation with almost €1m in wire-transfers being sent to two Austrian bank accounts in her name.

    Assistant US Attorney Brent Hannafan alleged the woman and her former husband, who is currently subject to extradition proceedings in South Africa, operated an international internet-based drug-trafficking business from 2004 to 2009.

    He alleged the smuggling ring imported a variety of anabolic steroids, human growth hormone and misbranded prescription pills into the US from China and Moldova. These were repackaged, to give the impression they came from a legitimate laboratory, and sold via websites used by weightlifters and bodybuilders.

    Authorities began investigating the ring after a package containing 100 vials of human growth hormone was seized by customs officials at John F Kennedy Airport in New York in March 2008. This ultimately led to the further seizures of large quantities of drugs in a variety of locations.

    Most of the drugs found were anabolic steroids or drugs associated with the taking of anabolic steroids.

    However, other misbranded drugs were also found, including two used to treat breast cancer. It was claimed these were used by bodybuilders to counteract the build-up of oestrogen in the body.

    Seven members of the criminal organisation subsequently co-operated with the inquiry, but the woman and her former husband remained at large.

    She was arrested in the UK in September 2012 and had been due to be extradited from there to the US.

    However, she failed to surrender herself and skipped the country while out on bail of £250,000 (€282,000), put up by her brother and sister-in-law.

    She was arrested in Ireland in July 2015 and has remained in custody since then.

    Fresh extradition proceedings initiated after her arrest were delayed on a number of occasions for health and procedural reasons.

    In a judgment delivered this week, Ms Justice Donnelly said the woman's daughter had stopped visiting her in prison, although she was maintaining telephone contact.

    Since then, the woman had restricted her food intake and was diagnosed with an eating disorder.

    The judge said the woman's daughter was damaged by events and would undoubtedly suffer should her mother be extradited.

    She said there were powerful, persuasive family and personal factors which had to be weighed against the public interest in extraditing the woman.

    Extradition would have particularly injurious circumstances for the mentally ill mother and her young daughter, the judge concluded.

    Irish Independent
    Extradition of Irish steroid smuggling suspect is blocked - Independent.ie