Steroid storage conditions - again and again

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    A lot of moron's ask that question already and the internet is full of these topics but all I red was non sense.

    I am aiming the environmental condition of "high" temperatures.

    The most products recommend to be stored below 25°C / 30°C I guess it is not a big difference if 25 or 30..

    My question is now at which temperature the testosterone enantathe and NPP lose it's function?

    Is there a study been done to that topic? I just found something but this was in blood serum.

    I mean I cannot imagine that gear starts to degrade at 30C because at least the body is roughly at 37C.

    Has the possible degradation of testosterone enantathe something to do with the melting point of it? For enantathe it is roughly 34C.
    Can somebody explain me what the melting point means in regards to the temperature stability?
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    testosterone enanthate will remain inside your body for a few weeks. Enviroment storage could be years we're talking about. Degradation will occur if humidity, oxidation, light and heat are present. It's nearly impossible to get rid of all them completely on Earth.

    What I try doing is getting rid as much as possible of these 4 elements. Appreciate any more inputs on this subject.
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