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    The "Steroid Underground" forum is intended for members only to share good and bad experiences ordering anabolic steroids on the internet black market, to provide steroid source reviews, to share links and ask questions about third party websites selling steroids, to talk about underground labs (UGLs) and to report steroid scammers.

    You have my promise that no one will be protected from the truth.

    Opinions and experiences - good and bad - regarding steroid sources and underground labs (UGLs) will not be censored at all.

    Discussion is limited only to performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs).

    Members will not be banned for anything that is said about sources. This rule applies only to this sub-forum.

    The forum will be largely uncensored and unmoderated.

    Rules are subject to change.

    (1) Solicitations by spammers will be prohibited. (People who register and post the same spam message on multiple threads will be banned.) This includes solicitations via PM.

    (2) All links to third-party websites must be coded. Active "clickable" hyperlinks will also be prohibited. Posts that violate rule #2 are subject to deletion.

    For example:

    (3) Absolutely no unauthorized posting of identifying information about any MESO-Rx member e.g. no phone numbers, no names, no addresses, etc.

    (4) Engaging in conduct that is illegal or tortious is prohibited.

    (5) Engaging in deceptive activities, including misrepresentation of affiliation, impersonation, and fraud is prohibited.

    (6) Members must disclose any affiliation with vendors discussed in the "Steroid Underground" for which they receive, or expect to receive, compensation.

    (7) Threats of physical violence, including threats of sexual violence, against members and/or their family members are prohibited.

    (8) Threats of cyber-attack are prohibited.

    (9) Creating multiple user accounts for the primary purpose of covertly promoting the sale of AAS is prohibited.

    (10) Internet forum trolling is prohibited whereas trolling is defined as the disruption of forum discussion with unprovoked personal attacks on members and/or repeatedly posting of off-topic messages/images/porn/etc in numerous threads.

    The possession and/or distribution of anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS) is illegal in the United States without a valid medical prescription. It is illegal in many other countries as well. Do not buy and/or sell anabolic steroids if it is illegal in your jurisdiction.

    The legality of using such drugs varies from country to country. The use and/or importation of such drugs into your country or locality may or may not be disallowed or illegal. We recommend that you contact your local FDA and/or customs office regarding the regulations and restrictions of your country.

    MESO-Rx assumes no responsibility or liability for violation (or consequences thereof) of the respective rules and regulations in your particular jurisdiction. Any attempt to circumvent your country's importation laws is strongly discouraged. Any attempt to do so is done at your sole risk and as such under no circumstances is MESO-Rx liable for any damages, financial, legal or otherwise that result from such actions.
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