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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by JohnUSMC35, Dec 22, 2008.

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    JohnUSMC35 Junior Member

    What is a good AAS for endurance sports like long distance running?
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    Mr Wiggly

    Mr Wiggly Junior Member

    None, steroids are for weight lifting.
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    groundNpound Junior Member

    No, AAS help build muscle. That muscle uses oxygen. Therefore the more muscle you have the more oxygen you are using in turn decreasing your V02 max. Thats why high level long distance runners are very skinny and hold a minimum amount of muscle.
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    bigbench Member

    EQ is the only one that CAN help. Doesnt mean it will though. It increases red blood cell count in the body which helps to carry more oxygen throughout. The only two VERY effective methods are EPO and blood doping. Both of which I would never recomend
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    robyflexx Junior Member

    clen or albuterol which aren't roids always help me when doing cardio.
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    DrGonzo Junior Member

    You always take clen or albuterol before cardio? If you do, you don't need cycle clen?
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    robyflexx Junior Member

    I meant when i use it for cutting. It helps with stamina and ease of breathing.
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    Millard Baker

    Millard Baker Member

    Then you would be surprised at the number of skinny elite endurance athletes that fail steroid testing and test positive! It's not that uncommon. It seems like its usually testosterone e.g. Andriol.
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    JohnUSMC35 Junior Member

    Ok great, thanks for the info gentlemen!
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    Millard Baker

    Millard Baker Member

    Elite endurance athletes, especially cyclists, are much more precise about their use of performance enhancing drugs than bodybuilders. Bodybuilders, for all intents and purposes, don't have to worry about drug testing. But most elite endurance athletes are subject to WADA type testing.

    Steroid use among endurance athletes, while it has a role, isn't the source of most of the performance enhancement seen in the sport. I copied this from a cycling forum Roadbikereview (before it was deleted) written by @Realgains ...

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    Aheart Junior Member

    Winstrol and anavar are also good with running, it will make your body tight and you can gain muscles without putting on unnecessary weight.

    Results from a cycle with Anavar + Winstrol

    7 Weeks
    20mg Anavar ED
    20mg Winstrol ED

    Weight at start: 172lb
    BF: 9.6%
    hb: 147

    Weight at end: 174lb
    BF: 6.2%
    hb: 161

    Start Time 6.211 miles: 34.26 min
    End Time 6.211 miles: 32.12 min
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    robyflexx Junior Member

    Great article. :)
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    Millard Baker

    Millard Baker Member

    Something to keep in mind with extreme endurace athletes - this type of training tends to suppress endogenous testosterone levels such that they may have low normal testosterone blood values. So even a therapeutic dose of testosterone could have dramatic performance enhancing effects.
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    groundNpound Junior Member

    Mill, I wouldn't be surprised at all but just haven't heard of any LD runners. I think you may be confusing sprinters with long distance runners. I have not ever seen long distance runners get busted for steroids. I'm not saying they haven't; just haven't heard of any and I don't keep up with it either. On the other hand we've all heard about the countless sprinters get caught. My post was about long distance runners period, not all endurance sports just to clear that up.
    I agree with you on surpressing natural T in which case it would make sense to do it.
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    Millard Baker

    Millard Baker Member

    Floyd Landis was the most high profile endurance athlete alleged to have used steroids (testosterone). Several marathon runners have had testosterone positives, a steeplechaser and 5000m/10000m runners have tested positive for dbol and nandrolone. Very few distance athletes are household names and known only to those who follow the specific sport.

    It is simply a misconception that endurance athletes don't use steroids. They do. (The misconception arises most likely due to the close association between steroids and muscle mass/size and the physiques of endurance athletes represent the complete opposite of the muscular sprinter/bodybuilder type physique).
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    stkg Junior Member

    add hgh so you cant be tested and busted, this product!

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    JohnUSMC35 Junior Member

    Ok, Thanks!
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    Idont Care

    Idont Care Junior Member

    dont be a knuckle dragger!

    EQ boosts RBC production althogh EPO & blood doping work too... neither are recommendable though... id stick to a low dose EQ course - possibly 200-300mg's a week for 12-14 weeks

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