Steroids, Gynecomastia and Gyno Surgery

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    I am creating this sticky as a convenient resource for information about steroids and gynecomastia (aka "gyno", "man-boobs" "bitch tits", etc). It is largely a placeholder at the moment but I hope to include links to more relevant threads in the future. To start, I want to add the first-hand experiences of two veteran members who underwent surgical procedures to remove gyno:

    Thanks to @johnnyBALLZ:

    Thanks to @tileguy123:
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    Tiles gynecomastia Journey.
    Surprisingly enough my gyno History extends much past my AAS History. I was always a wiery boy. Id have to say that in my opionion as a child, and a teen i was more ectomorph than anything, but my genetic is more of Mesomorph, and it shown as I hit adolescence. I started to fill in , my pecs gained definition and size, but as always my nipples were very small. I always had a V waist line, low BF%, and visable abs.
    Somewhere around the age of 12 -13 I was put into residential treatment facilities for troubled teens. Around this time or shortly in the years to come, the facilities such as Califronia Youth Authority, and others, issued me alot of different medications, for depression, rage, violence, etc. Medications that i can recant, are : rispidal, depokote, buspar, wellbutrin, zoloft, zyprexa, seroquil, and ridilin/adarol . This is in the mid to late 1990s, and i have no clue on dosages, or combinations of medications being prescribed to me at that time. Lets say the switch happened at 15 years old. I was approximately 140 pounds, and within 3Months of a certain medication combo, i was lethargic, slower than normal, mentally, and physically, as if there was no more fight in me. I gained 120 pounds of pure fat. 260 Pounds . I remember vividly pounding the shit out of a few people while I had that weight behind my blows. Not to say I didn't wield a punch before , lol. All I can remember is when we discontinued the medications, the weight fell off as fast as it came . I was left with stretch marks on my inner biceps, and on my butt, and hip areas. No loose skin was to be found miraculously, But glandular tissue had developed under my aerolas. My nipples remained forever ''puffy'' .
    It Mentally deflating. It could be seen through looser garmets like a cotton shirt . It ruins ones want to go to the local swimming pool, let alone date to some extent. It would be one thing to be born with something, you grow up accepting, but seeing a change in what you admired, to what becomes a mental tumor is a difficult thing. I felt alone, dont think I ever spoke with anyone regarding the matter. At this time the internet wasn't what it is now, you couldn't just Google an answer up or compare cliff notes. One thing I remember doing, this entire last 17 years of living with Gynecomastia, was pinching my nipples before posing, or taking my shirt off, or swimming, as it will give the immediate effect of a smaller original sized nipple for all of 5 minutes. For what ever reason the skin retracts or contracts irrgardless of whether there is glandular tissue behind it or not. I remember in 2012 reading for the first time a realself experience, or maybe it was idk, but someone else had done the turn your back, and pinch your nipples thing for years too!!!! I remember breathing a sigh of relief, it wasnt just me .
    Im not here to quote the occurance of Gyno in males , puberty induced, or other. Im here to share my experience with mine. There is alot of mystery surrounding causes and whether a case of puffy nipples is indeed gynocomastia, or is it fat? Is it pseudo gynecomastia or real gynecomastia? All these things should be questioned. Is there glandular tissue, and extra fat beyond the perimeter of the areola that needs to be addressed as well? But from what Ive gathered , when there is a puffy nipple that was once not that way, it seemingly is the cause of a hard tissue gland behind it. It made my nipples look more dome shaped. I could squeeze behind them and feel hard material , the size of almonds. There seemed to be more than just one lump under each, it spread to the outside perimeter around the nipple.
    In 2014 I was on AAS 8 months of the year. The difference was pretty non existent. Then I pushed up to 1g of Test Eth per week, and added DBOL into the equation for a short stint. arimidex had worked for me previously, but I was making a switch to using Xstane, and at the time wasnt taking it frequently enough, or enough of a dosage to combat the estrogen that was being created . At that time I remember waking up heavier and heavier every day, and my nipples itched, and were as puffy as Ive ever witnessed. The nipple appeared swollen to the max, and at that point , I had my blood checked, and then re checked again to dial my AI dose in. Once that was figured out they returned to orginal puffy state . Did the lumps grow anymore? Im still not sure, and I dont really care. I had already decided at this point that I had spent 17 years thinking about this. If there was a small chance I could metally forget about this whole ordeal, than I would try. At this time I followed JBs thread on his Gyno tale. It made it real for me, hey a guy I know has this same shit, and he is doing something about it. Oh wow I thought, the thought of them cutting open my shit, and that nasty ass gland, i YouTube'd it, and lipo, and could barely watch. But JB is doing it, I haven't heard him mutter one word of fear or discontent . Fuck that I can do this i thought.
    And that was that. I started calling around , researching , doing my OCD thing. I use the power of Google to search out just about anything. I read tons of articles on it, doctor testominials , different forum etc. They all indicated mostly the same thing. If your very low bf% , and its just puffy nipples, than its mostly just gland probably. Now let me state , If i were loaded, i would seek out the best names in the buisness. Would you have brain surgery in Bismark North Dakota, or At a Major hopspital in Seattle? I know which I would prefer. The rule stands here, that a major metropolitan are , is most likely going to have more specialized fields of interest, and therefore a superior plastic surgeon. However I didnt have the means. I found a board certified plastic surgeon 3 hours one way from me, that had a decent portfolio of boob jobs, and seemed to say he was well versed in gyno. He was also the county's on call OR surgeon for immediate emergency traumas at the Hospital relating to plastic surgery, so that made me feel slightly better. Either way finding info on health grades, and or independently researching him was a pain in the ass, and I got nowhere. I sent pictures of my condition in, and they quoted me @ 2,000.00 US for glandular excision under local anesthesia , with oral sedation, ie hydrocodone, and Valium.
    We booked a date, and things were set. I prepared. Bought a few things id need like 20 Gatorades, and some easy meals around the house. Cleared my schedule. Got my friend to drive me to and from . For about 2 weeks prior I was very very nervous. Am I making the right decision? Hell most people cant even see it, so why should I care anymore. .. all these things. Then id catch myself looking in the mirror at these damn puffy fucking things!! fuck it whats the worst that could happen?? I was nervous about the local more than anything.
    Day of surgery. Doc comes in , I'm sleep deprived ,nervous and could barely sleep the night before. He calms me down , draws some marks around my nipples takes pics, and gives me some pills. 30 minutes latter they bring me into another room. I'm walking and talking but def more tired than usual and slurred. I lay back they drape me up, so my face is looking right at a curtain. Its bright but i don't seem to care. The doctor gives me local through a serious of shots with a 30g syringe into my pecs , and to my relief I don't feel a thing. Hardly a sting of the needle. In fact I feel great. What a relief i think to myself, and I carry on slight conversation with the doc, and nurse as it proceeds. Its over as fast as it started, and my friend helps me into my truck . They wrapped each nip in gauze taped it up, and then ace bandage compressed it over me. The stitches were steri strips. I was to leave it alone for 48hrs, then remove and shower, and re gauze and compress. by 36 hrs i didn't need the gauze,and dropped to the compress. The process was virtually pain free. Id get a twinge here and there, and still 5 days post as I write this I'm not pushing it, but not in pain. I want to flex my chest but I refuse too lol .
    The ace bandage compress is no good, its constantly slips down the nipples and actually does the opposite of its intension. I found it better to wear a compress UA shirt , then wrap over that if additional compress is needed. I found the best was actually a UA shirt ''compress ''cut , and one size to small to be the best. Right now Im still healing, and my biggest concern is the nipple returning to its original size. They are still bigger than they should be , i cant tell if its shrunk at all yet. There are two of those steri strip stitches on each nipple basically criss cross at a 45 degree angle, so I'm not sure if there making the top of my nipple kind of jut out, or if swelling just needs to go down, and for the nipple to get used to all the room it has now. Anyways I'm nervous and hopeful.
    I hope this experience may help someone make an rational decision in dealing with their individual case. I will report back as I heal and supply pictures along the way. The first two pictures are the glands excised. The next is a natural pre op side shot, of the puffiness of the right nipple. The following is pre op when the nipple is pinched and contracts to smaller more normal size, more concurrent with what it used to be . The last pic is 48 hrs post op . Next pics will be at 2 weeks and 4 post . 03032015 096 (1).JPG 03032015 097.JPG 004.JPG 007.JPG image.jpg
  3. Great journal of your gyno experience , and how your beating it . Subbed ;)
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    Thank You for taking us along on your journey. This along with JB's detail of his experience will help many others needing surgery or fearful of doing it. Believe it or not your most current post op pic looks good, I am hoping you are really impressed with the results once the swelling has completely subsided..

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    Why inspiring OP.

    I have slightly puffy nips but no lumps or any sort, I've always wondered why it is considering they go down to a small size the minute I'm in the cold or working out or a breeze hits them. I dunno what to do about them, I'm personally self conscious about them, but most of the time their small and not noticeable... It's those hot days that they sometimes peak and get puffy
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    Great post. I had gyno surgery when I was 19 (due to puberty, not aas), and ya, it was definitely worth it. I used to pinch my nipples too whenever I had to take my shirt off for football or basketball scrimmages (shirts vs skins) lol. I used to always volunteer to be on the "shirts" team! Anyway, after my surgery I had noticeable indentations behind my nipples, so whereas before my nipples were puffy and stuck out, after the surgery they were sunken in, so then I was self-conscious about that. Doctor told me that he removed a little extra tissue, and that the "divots" would fill in over time. They did fill in eventually, but it took several years until my chest looked flat and I felt comfortable with my shirt off. My question is, is it possible to get gyno after gyno surgery? Like, do men have glands that become enlarged due to gyno that are removed in surgery, so in effect I would now be gyno-proof?
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    Good read brother.
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    Believe to be "gyno-proof" you need to have the entire gland removed. I have had 2 surgeries now for gyno, I requested to have the gland removed and 2 plastic surgeons advise against it with me as with my structure could indent/concave. Was not willing to take that risk to just had the tissue removed. None of my gyno has been AAS induced, all being pubescent. I don't think they took enough tissue out the 1st time as I was NEVER happy with the results.
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    Good read man and hope you have a speedy recovery. I've had pubertal gyno puffy nips since around the age of 15 and know exactly how it feels
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    tdiddy it would be super helpful if u would go over orginal onset of ur gynecomastia journey , and then list procedures and revision . It's really helpful - as ur story shows how delicate finding the right surgeon is . There are many revisions done and one must way whether the original surgery is worth the risk vs reward . Cratering is a major issue also known and contour irregularities - and I personally wasn't aware of this risk until I witnessed it myself on myself .
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    @tileguy123 I started a log in this forum section. Has my entire background.
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    Yeah I saw that right after I posted above . Ur log is Very thorough - you should place the link in this sticky so once buried it's easily seen here . It's a great addition . Minus pre op / post op pics
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    These are great posts guys! Thank you for sharing!
    Can you guys that went through the nipple area post a up close of how your nipples look afterward? Like do you see the stitches? I just paid 2x the amount to go from the underarm instead and everything was going perfect but I ended up having internal bleeding after the surgery. Doctor didn't take picture of my the lumps that was cut out.

    My insurance had approved a subcutaneous mastectomy (which they told me it was gyno removal) but the method this doctor did ended up not getting approved somehow so I'm now battling the insurance.
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    Damn good entries by everyone, might as well give my story so far.
    Played with Msten before using some real gear, AMD ended up getting estro rebound endused gyno from using much too strong of pct. Since that time I've had a small soft marble size lump in my left nipple, and half a peanut size lump in my right. Both are unnoticeable to anyone besides me, and they puffy effect goes away easily with things simple as PES erase suprisingly. Not going to ever get surgery unless it somehow gets worse, but I plan on keeping it under control. Never used letro personally, so that would be interesting to see the reduction it could cause. From what I've heard, the sides of letro are worse than the gyno reducing effects so will see...
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    Thanks for sharing this TG I took some if those meds myself when I was younger. I put in around 40lbs of fat. You lose that kind of weight and you never want to go there again.
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    Ur welcome
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    No. Once the glands are removed, you will not get gyno. Lucky lol, save a bunch of money on "research chems". Yes, you are gyno-proof. :)
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    No. I'd be careful saying such things as you could get someone that doesn't know any better in a rough situation.

    My doc said the same thing when I had gyno surgery, couple that with limited research and reading some bro posts like your's saying the same thing and I was sold. Had a gyno flare up and an olive size lump last cycle, thankfully pharm ralox and nolva reduced it to a pea sized lump.
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    thanks it makes me feel better if these lumps ever get bigger I will do the surgery. at least they don't cut you're chest muscle off I would kill the staff