Steroids manufacturers busted in Greece and France

Discussion in 'Steroid News Forum' started by pharmasource, Dec 20, 2019.

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    if all this will continue.. situation w chinese and this news and others.. very soon will be big deficit on all markets
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  3. Omegistosalex

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    Knowing greek law, they will get a slap on the wrist
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    if yes it will be perfect but wll see.. not sure.. they all fighting w pharma etc etc.
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    Well if they had connections witch they do from.what i hear 1-2 years max.
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    Sometimes I wonder what their life is like
    I mean, making high 6 to 7 figures with no skills in a beach country full of tanned and cheap European girls (Euro girls are way sluttier and cheaper than American girls).

    In some towns you'll be the king of the hill if you can afford to buy and keep a $100k used exotic car.
    So maybe 1-2 years isn't that bad after all?
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    It is absolutely worth it tbh, they will most likely pay the right people and do parole, not even spend a night in jail
  8. How is Moldovan gear? Also do you speak Romanian/Moldovan and Russian?
  9. Den84

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    The most of Moldovan people speak Romanian and Russian. Don’t exist the Moldovan language. actually the first language in Moldova is the Romanian language. My wife is from Moldova, and I go there every year and I know the situation.

    Regarding China drama, Balkan sp will continue without any problems and without increasing price
  10. Have you looked into buying Balkan Pharma products while you're visiting and shipping em back? Probably be dirt cheap. You're a lucky man, all those balkan countries have beautiful women. Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Bosnia, Albania. All GTG!
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    Most Moldovan UGLs and "pharma" labs buy chinese raws.
    They could well source their raws elsewhere, if needed although I don't see any chinese supply crunch to worry about.
  12. CrazyMoldovan

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    all big factory who have license have no problem at all.
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    True, some do not have that though.